Gramming in spoons: tables of correspondence of tea, cutlery and dessert utensils

How to measure the grams of food with spoons. Weight of popular products in a tablespoon. Weight table of substances in a dessert spoon. How to measure ingredients with a teaspoon.

Harvesting fennel for the winter: cooking recipes and expiration dates

Fennel can be used for harvesting for the winter in a variety of ways. Recipes for fennel blanks for the winter delight lovers of tasty and fragrant herbs.

How to pickle duck: top 9 delicious recipes and how to cook it right

How delicious to pickle a duck. Benefits of meat. Selection and preparation of the main ingredient. Marinade preparation instructions. The best marinade recipes for duck.

Eggplant with chili ketchup for the winter: a delicious recipe and how to cook

Cooking eggplant for the winter with vegetables, in chili ketchup is worthy of respect. Because no one will refuse such a spicy snack. We study the recipe and start canning.

Zucchini jam with canned pineapple: top 3 recipes for the winter

Methods for making zucchini jam with the addition of canned pineapples, preparation of the main ingredients, storage rules and product expiration date.

Do I need to sterilize jars for compote: how to cook and roll up for the winter

Proper sterilization and twisting of jars for compote, is it necessary to do this. Causes of mold and how to solve the problem. Explosion of cans due and solutions.

Recipe for lecho with honey for the winter: 2 delicious ways to cook and store

The recipe for spicy lecho with liquid honey for the winter will not leave anyone indifferent. An unusual combination of vegetables and honey will make preservation a worthy snack even for a festive table.

Eggplant with prunes: a recipe for the winter, ingredients and storage of blanks

Eggplant with prunes and red sweet peppers - an original recipe for harvesting for the winter. How to choose ingredients for canning. Features of storage of blanks.

Ratunda for the winter: recipes and top 3 ways to prepare blanks, storage

The best recipes for making ratunda for the winter. Lots of options. In tomato, honey, oil. You will get a tasty and he althy preparation. And there will be something to decorate the table, to surprise guests.

Gooseberry jam 5-minute for the winter: top 8 instant recipes

Gooseberry jam called “5-minute” is a delicious dessert for the winter, which is prepared in just five minutes. The main ingredients of such a preparation are berries and granulated sugar.

Spicy eggplant for the winter: 5 best canned recipes

There are many recipes for spicy eggplant for the winter that housewives like. To get a tasty and he althy snack, you should choose the right products and stick to the recipe.

Canned peeled tomatoes: 2 delicious recipes in tomato juice for the winter

Cooking canned peeled tomatoes. Features of cooking tomatoes in their own juice for the winter with and without vinegar. Storage periods.

Cucumbers with garlic for the winter: the best pickling recipes and preservation storage

Preparing preservation for the winter of cucumbers with chives will be an exciting experience. In addition, it will be beneficial: many will want to enjoy a crispy cucumber.

Marinated squash with cucumbers: a delicious recipe for making pickles for the winter

To cook squash marinated with cucumbers, you will need to follow the rules and nuances of preparation, canning, and storage of snacks.

Jam from pitted poles: top 5 recipes for cooking for the winter

Preparing seedless pole jam has many features. To get good results, it is important to choose the right recipe and strictly follow the proportions.

Apple jam with cinnamon: top 6 recipes for winter cooking and storage

Cinnamon apple jam has many features and recipes. To get a good result, it is recommended to strictly follow the rules for preparing the mixture.

Goat milk butter: benefits and harms, how to cook at home

Distinctive qualities of butter made from goat's milk. Product benefits. How to use oil to diversify your diet and take care of your skin at home.

Goat milk sour cream: homemade recipes

Features of the preparation of sour cream from goat's milk, the benefits and harms of the product, the rules for choosing ingredients, the specifics of fermentation at home.

What can be made from goat milk: top 7 recipes and how to cook

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Goat Meat Dishes: Top 8 Homemade Recipes

By preparing delicious dishes from goat meat, you will surely earn the admiration of your friends, raise your prestige as a home cook. The meat itself is tender, dietary, and even he althy.

When birch sap is harvested in 2022: rules and terms of extraction, storage

Many people wonder when birch sap is harvested. The timing depends on the climatic conditions of the region, and the process itself requires compliance with a number of recommendations.

Green adjika for the winter: 13 delicious recipes for preparing blanks

Green adjika prepared for the winter is an addition to many dishes. Spicy preparation will be a great snack for alcoholic drinks on the festive table.

Blueberry Lemon Jam: A Simple Step-by-Step Recipe for Winter Cooking

Blueberry jam with lemon is a fragrant, tasty, he althy dessert. After all, the fruits that make up its composition contain many vitamins, trace elements that are beneficial to he alth.

Bolognese sauce for the winter: 7 best recipes for cooking blanks for the winter

The history of bolognese sauce and recipes for preparing it for the winter. What side dishes are served with gravy. How to properly store food.

Dried peppers at home for the winter: 4 best cooking recipes

Cooking dried peppers for the winter at home: recommendations for choosing products, features of heat treatment in the oven, electric dryer, microwave.

Zucchini ketchup for the winter: recipes and 6 cooking methods, storage

Recommendations for making ketchup from zucchini and tomatoes for the winter, delicious recipes. Features and taste qualities of spices, conditions and terms of storage.

S alting cucumbers with sunflower oil: 4 best cooking recipes

Methods of pickling cucumbers with sunflower oil in jars. A variety of options for preparing delicious blanks for the winter will be useful to novice housewives.

Marinated Tomatoes Ladyfingers: 3 Simple Step-by-Step Recipes for the Winter

Recipe for pickled tomatoes Ladyfingers. pickling features. Selection and preparation of ingredients and containers. The best recipes. storage features.

Sauerkraut with beets: 7 quick recipes, storage for the winter

Cooking sauerkraut with beets has its own characteristics, depending on the recipe. Pay attention to the preparation of ingredients and the preparation of containers.

Green tomatoes in adjika: 11 best recipes for cooking for the winter, storage

Green tomatoes cooked in adjika are spicy and fragrant. They are suitable for family dinners and festive tables. Any adjika can be used.