Zucchini and zucchini: how are they different and is there a difference between vegetables, comparison

Not every person knows exactly how zucchini and zucchini differ. In fact, the fruits of these plants have a different appearance, composition and beneficial properties.

How to distinguish seedlings of zucchini from pumpkin: what is the difference between sprouts

Not every novice gardener knows how to distinguish seedlings of zucchini from pumpkin. These plants differ in appearance of seeds, seedlings and fruits.

Yellow rust: description and symptoms of cereal disease, methods of control and prevention

Description of yellow rust of cereals, methods of infection, how to recognize visually. What harm happens from a fungal disease, how to deal with it, preventive measures.

Spring wheat Aquilon: description and characteristics of the variety, planting and care

Aquilon spring wheat variety: description and characteristics. Sowing dates and soil preparation for cereal crops. Methods for processing and planting grain. Fight against diseases and pests.

Barley Explorer: variety description and characteristics, planting and care rules

Detailed description and characteristics of the spring barley variety Explorer, rules for the care and cultivation of cereals, protection against diseases and pests, harvesting and storage of crops.

Fertilizers for spring barley: the better to feed, timing and methods of application

Information about fertilizers for spring barley, their types and purpose. Features of crop rotation of spring barley, timing and methods of applying mineral fertilizers.

Barley varieties: 36 best and existing varieties, characteristics, yield and ripening time

Today there are a large number of varieties of barley. They differ in terms of ripening, yield parameters, content of useful components and many other parameters.

Despina barley: variety description and characteristics, seeding rate and cultivation

Description and characteristics of Despina m alted barley. Its main advantages and disadvantages. Norm and scheme of sowing culture. Care, rules for cleaning and storage of cereals.

Prairie barley: characteristics and description of the variety, seeding rate and care rules

Cultivation of Prairie spring barley, description and characteristics of cereals. Features and conditions of sowing and further care. Harvest dates and storage methods.

Nur barley: variety characteristics and description, planting and growing rules

Barley Nur: description and characteristics of the variety. Norms and rules for sowing cereals in open ground. Sowing dates, harvesting and storage of crops. Purpose of cereal culture.

Spring wheat Buzzard: characteristics and description of the variety, planting and care

Spring wheat Buzzard: variety description and characteristics. Choice of location and timing of sowing spring crops. Further care of the plant and the rules of agricultural technology. Collection and storage of crops.

Barley Margaret: variety description and characteristics, planting and care rules

Margaret barley: description and characteristics. Growing conditions and care of cereals. Planting and harvesting dates. Further use of grain crops.

Spring wheat: cultivation technology and seeding rates, biological features and varieties

Spring varieties of wheat are very popular with farmers. They have a high yield, but are quite demanding on growing conditions.

Winter wheat: development phases and cultivation technologies, biological features

Today, farmers grow many varieties of winter wheat, each with specific characteristics. For the process to be successful, it is important to take into account many nuances.

Sprouted oats: how to plant and grow at home, benefits

Eating sprouted oats helps to achieve a range of positive effects. This product improves the functioning of the body and helps to strengthen the immune system.

How to germinate wheat: how to do it right at home and how much to use

Sprouted wheat is considered a very valuable product that contains many useful components. Therefore, many people are interested in how to properly germinate wheat.

Torridon spring wheat: variety description and characteristics, planting and care

Description and characteristics of Torridon spring wheat, the available pros and cons of the variety, planting and care, protecting the plant from diseases and pests, harvesting and storing the crop.

Rye for sprouting: benefits and harms, how to do at home

Using rye for sprouting allows you to get a very useful product. It contains many valuable components and helps to significantly improve he alth.

Durum wheat: what is durum, characteristics and varieties, cultivation features

Description of durum wheat, its composition and classification. Spheres of application, regions of growth of durum, features of cultivation, harvesting and storage of crops.

Wheat sowing rate per 1 ha in kg: seeding depth and what factors influence

Approximate norms for calculating wheat seeding per 1 ha in kg. Disadvantages of thickened and sparse sowing of grains. What factors are taken into account in the process of sowing.

Oats Skakun: description and characteristics of the variety, planting and care rules

Skakun oats: description and characteristics, pros and cons. Rules and features of cultivation, pest and disease control. Recommendations for the collection and storage of crops.

Wheat groats: a list of types and names, how they are made and in what other products they are used

What cereals are usually made from wheat. Description and features of each of them. What is the use of such cereals. Manufacturing rules. What else is made from wheat and how this cereal is used.

Wheat Bezostaya 100: characteristics and description of the winter variety, planting and care

Characteristics of wheat Bezostaya 100, productivity, recommended regions of cultivation. Features of cultivation and care, rules and terms of harvesting, storage of grain.

Brewing barley: description of the top 13 varieties and cultivation rules

M alting barley is not considered a separate crop. It is a form of cultivation of a plant that allows you to obtain grains with the desired properties.

Winter wheat varieties: description and characteristics of the top 10, pros and cons

Types of winter wheat varieties: soft and hard, the best frost-resistant and the most popular varieties, indicating the positive and negative features of each variety.

Types of wheat classification: where it grows, what family it belongs to, description and meaning

Features of wheat classification, types, plant and ear structure. History of cultivation, meaning. What characteristics and properties does wheat have, varieties and varieties where it grows.

Sprouted wheat flour: what is it called, benefits and harms, application

Composition, calorie content and benefits of flour made from germinated wheat. Contraindications and possible harm to the product, features of its use in cooking.

When to sow rye in spring: terms and norms, technology and methods

When and how to sow rye in spring. Features of spring planting, soil preparation, terms and norms of sowing seeds. Technology and methods of sowing grain crops.

Wheat Iren: description and characteristics of the spring variety, planting and care rules

Description and characteristics of wheat Iren, advantages and disadvantages, features of cultivation and care. How to protect plants from pests and diseases, how to harvest and store crops.

Is it possible to sow winter wheat in spring: reasons for not tillering and how to deal with it

We figure out whether winter wheat can be sown in spring, why it does not bush when sown in autumn, how to deal with it, how winter and spring varieties of cereals differ.