Pelargonium Deniz: variety description, cultivation and care, reproduction

Description of the Deniz pelargonium variety, its cultivation and care are of interest to many flower growers. This culture has excellent decorative properties and does not require complex care.

Grass regan (raikhon): description, properties and use, contraindications

Description of the herb regan (raikhon), its properties and application are of interest to many. This herb is better known as basil and has many he alth benefits.

When to transplant phloxes: in spring or autumn to another place, rules

Many beginner gardeners are interested in when it is better to transplant phloxes, in spring or autumn, to another place. This can be done in different seasons, given a number of features.

Blue hydrangea: description, planting and care, the best varieties and how to propagate

Description of the blue hydrangea, planting and caring for the plant are of interest to many gardeners. The plant has excellent decorative properties and is used to decorate plots.

Perennial flowers on the grave: a list of the 35 best ones that can be planted in the cemetery

Many people often have a question: perennial flowers for the grave - what can be planted in the cemetery. Experts advise giving preference to unpretentious crops.

Geranium and pelargonium: what is the difference and are there any differences, comparison of plants

Not every person knows what is the difference between geranium and pelargonium. These flowers belong to the same family, but have significant differences in appearance.

Oregano (oregano) and thyme (thyme): plant differences and which is better to choose

The differences between oregano (oregano) and thyme (thyme) are not known to all people. However, the difference between these common spices affects taste, composition, and application.

Cilantro and parsley: differences and which is better, description of plants and key difference

When growing cilantro and parsley, you need to understand the differences and what is better to use for he alth. These herbs are similar in appearance, but differ significantly in properties.

Ampelous and cascading petunia: differences and description of plants, what is better to plant

The differences between cascading and ampelous petunias are of interest to many gardeners. These plants differ in the appearance of shoots, leaves, flowers and other features.

Flowers similar to peonies: the name of similar plants and photos

The names of flowers similar to peonies are of interest to many beginner flower growers. This allows you to choose the most suitable option for growing in your garden.

Tobacco cultivation: planting scheme and home care rules

When growing tobacco, it is important to follow a number of recommendations. To do this, you need to properly carry out planting work, ensure high-quality watering and top dressing.

Tobacco fermentation: 9 ways at home and how to cook with your own hands

Methods of fermentation of smoking tobacco, for which varieties it is needed, conditions for the activation of tobacco enzymes, preparation, home methods, in a fermentation cabinet, aging.

How to store tobacco at home: rules and features, expiration date

Tobacco grown on your own is superior to the purchased product in terms of taste and aroma. However, many people have a question about how to properly store tobacco at home.

Tobacco varieties: the best and strongest types, how much is grown on the planet

Today there are many varieties of tobacco. They differ in their characteristics and can be used in different ways - for pipes, cigarettes, cigarettes, hookahs.

Tobacco diseases: how to identify infection and pests, what to do

Today, quite a lot of tobacco diseases are known that can cause great damage to plantings. To get rid of the problem, it is important to establish the causes of its occurrence in a timely manner.

Tobacco watering in the open field: rules and frequency, main features

Features of watering tobacco in the open field and greenhouse. How to properly schedule the watering of tobacco bushes. Rules for irrigation of seedlings and seedlings after planting in the ground.

Tobacco varieties that do not require fermentation: a description of the top 4 for Russia

Tobacco fermentation is an important process that changes the taste and aroma of raw materials. However, there are a number of varieties of tobacco that do not require fermentation.

Virginia tobacco: a description of the smoking variety 202, how to plant and a scheme for growing at home

Virginia tobacco is a common crop found in almost every pipe blend. At the same time, it is quite possible to grow it yourself.

How to dive small tobacco plants: how many days it sprouts and holding at home

We figure out how to properly dive small tobacco plants, what is a dive and why it is carried out, how much tobacco sprouts after sowing, how to dive smoking tobacco.

How to feed tobacco after planting in the ground: the best fertilizers at home

How can you feed smoking tobacco after planting in the ground, a budget option, top dressing after picking and in the open field, possible problems when growing.

What can be planted next to tobacco: the best neighbors and predecessor plants

What can be planted next to a tobacco bush without damaging the plants. The best predecessors for tobacco plantings and desirable neighbors. What plants do tobacco bushes not get along with.

Shag and tobacco: differences and description, what is the difference, what is better to choose

The main differences between tobacco and shag. Description of the characteristics of plants with a mention of their areas of application. Consideration of a comparative table and the question of which is better - tobacco or shag.

Growing tobacco at home: the best varieties and plant care rules

Growing smoking varieties of tobacco at home: features and main rules. Seeding rules and recommendations for plant care. suitable varieties. Necessary soil and fertilizers.

Tobacco seedlings: rules and specifics of growing at home

Growing seedlings of tobacco has a number of features. To achieve the desired results, it is important to carry out planting work correctly and provide the plant with quality care.

How to dry tobacco correctly and quickly at home, collection

To use tobacco for smoking, it must be properly harvested and fermented. It is also important to know how the tobacco needs to be dried in order to obtain the desired product.

Field bindweed: medicinal properties and benefits, methods of preparation and use

The healing properties of field bindweed can successfully eliminate many diseases. That is why this plant is actively used in folk medicine.

The best onion varieties for 2022: a list, pros and cons and how to choose

Cultivation of onions has many features. Today, there are many best onion varieties according to various criteria, which allows each gardener to choose the best option for 2022.

The best varieties of pepper for 2022: a list, pros and cons and how to choose

Advantages and disadvantages of the best varieties of pepper for 2022. The best peppers for the greenhouse. Harvest varieties for 2022. Variety selection by region. The best hot pepper.

Potentilla: varieties and best varieties, description and features

About popular types and varieties of cinquefoil. About varieties with yellow, pink, red, cream buds. Ivory varieties. About terry, large-flowered and undersized species.

Feverfew: planting and care, varieties and cultivation rules

Planting and caring for feverfew in the garden. General description and characteristics. Advantages and disadvantages of a flower. breeding methods. Application in landscape design.