Black rooster (Indonesian): description and characteristics of the breed, pros and cons

The black Indonesian rooster is considered a representative of the famous Ayam Tsemani breed. These birds look very exotic and are characterized by a number of distinctive features.

Drinking bowl for geese: types and how to do it yourself

Drinker for domestic geese: basic requirements for them, tools and materials, optimal dimensions. Do-it-yourself manufacturing. Varieties of drinkers and which one is better to choose.

Do ducks need water at night: is it worth putting drinkers and their placement

Arrangement of drinking bowls for ducks and ducklings, the rate of water consumption by birds. Do adult ducks and ducklings need water at night. Types of drinkers, advantages and disadvantages of different models.

Can ducks be given baking soda: how to drink properly and are there any contraindications

Finding out whether baking soda can be given to ducks, for what diseases baking soda is used. How sodium bicarbonate is given to poultry, does baking soda have contraindications.

Duck breeding: at home for beginners without loss

Breeding and keeping ducks: how to choose a breed. Breeding with a mother hen and an incubator, feeding the chicks. Duckling care. The main problems in breeding birds.

Keeping quails in the country: care and breeding, detailed for beginners

Keeping and breeding quails in the country: profitability, choice of breed and location for the house. Necessary conditions, feeding and hygiene basics. breeding nuances.

Guinea fowl: breeding at home, detailed for beginners

Breeding guinea fowl at home is not a difficult and profitable occupation. The main thing is to choose a breed, young animals and provide them with comfortable conditions.

Quail breeding: rules for keeping at home for beginners

Breeding and caring for quails: pros and cons, popular breeds, content requirements. Feeding adult birds and chicks, breeding rules. Preparation for slaughter.

Conditions for growing turkeys at home: care in detail for beginners

Conditions for growing and feeding turkeys at home: features of the bird, requirements for the poultry house, diet of different age groups. Reproduction and diseases of birds. Profitability.

After how many days will wheezing in pigeons pass: why it happens and how to treat

After how many days wheezing in pigeons can pass, signs and development of diseases. A set of preventive measures to prevent infection of pets at home.

DIY Sparrowhawk: requirements, drawings and dimensions of the house

Do-it-yourself Sparrowhawk: product requirements, choice of location. Ventilation in the poultry house, lighting and temperature, humidity. Arrangement of walking and hygiene.

How to drink ducklings in the first days of life at home: antibiotics for prevention

How can you drink ducklings in the first days of life at home. Types of antibiotics, dosage and time of use. Rules and schemes for soldering.

Chubate pigeon: description and characteristics of the Nikolaev breed, content

Description and characteristics of the Nikolaev forelock pigeons. Pros and cons of the breed. Requirements for maintenance, care and nutrition. breeding features. Frequent illnesses.

Groovy dove: description of the breed and habitat, role in human life

Groovy doves are considered to be a very common species of birds that have certain characteristics. They have a wide habitat and are found in squares and parks.

How to feed broiler ducks: a diet for growing at home

Many beginner farmers are wondering what is the best way to feed broiler ducks. In order to achieve success in growing birds, it is important to take into account their age when compiling a diet.

Drinkers for turkeys: types and how to do it yourself, step by step instructions

When choosing a drinker for turkeys, you need to focus on the material and functionality of the model. If desired, it can be made with your own hands from improvised means.

Apple cider vinegar for pigeons: dosage and instructions for use, benefits

Appointment and dosage of apple cider vinegar for pigeons, the benefits of the remedy. Preparation and application of solution and tincture. How to give vinegar to birds for prevention.

Enrostine for ducklings: how to breed and instructions for use, dosage

How to properly breed "Enrostin" for the treatment of ducklings. The active substance of the drug, release form. Rules for the use of antibiotics, dosage. Popular analogues.

Do-it-yourself duckling drinker: how to make it from scrap materials at home

Do-it-yourself drinker for ducklings: requirements for drinkers, types of designs, materials and tools. Manufacturing methods. Hygiene drinkers, tips for choosing.

Caring for day old chicks: keeping rules and how to raise them from the first days

Features of caring for day-old chicks, selection of he althy offspring, diet of day-old chicks, features of heating and lighting during cultivation, preparation of their maintenance and its nuances.

Quail has swollen eyes: causes of conjunctivitis and the best way to treat the disease

Causes of conjunctivitis in quails, what to do if the quail has swollen eyes, symptoms of the disease, diagnostic rules, methods and rules of treatment, prevention of eye inflammation.

Trap for pigeons: how to do it yourself and where to look for a flying bird

Different types of traps for pigeons: features of the bird, methods of catching. How to make a trap with your own hands. How to take a pigeon and where to look for birds that have flown away.

Fosprenil for pigeons: instructions for use and composition, consumption rates

The use of "Fosprenil" for pigeons helps to cope with infectious pathologies. It is important to strictly adhere to the dosage and follow the safety rules.

Goose feeder: varieties and drawings, how to do it yourself

When choosing a feeder for geese, you need to focus on the number of heads on the farm and the type of feed. You can make it with your own hands from improvised materials, quickly and easily.

DIY duck feeder: how to make at home and drawings

Making do-it-yourself duck feeders: types of feeders and basic requirements for them. Construction drawings, dimensions, tools and materials. Step by step manufacturing.

Metronidazole for pigeons: dosage with water and instructions for use

When using "Metronidazole" for pigeons, it is important to observe the dosage by mixing it with water. This drug helps to cope with a number of anaerobic microorganisms.

Indochki: growing at home, feeding, in detail for beginners

Growing and feeding indoutok at home: description, varieties, advantages and disadvantages. Rules for care, maintenance and slaughter. Fundamentals of breeding and disease.

How to pluck a goose: 7 quick and easy ways at home and how to properly clean

How to pluck a goose correctly: preparing a carcass for the procedure, popular methods and techniques, singeing hairs after plucking. Collecting feathers from a live goose.

Names for pigeons: how to choose nicknames for girls and boys, examples

How to choose names for tame pigeons. The most common nicknames for females. What male names are popular. Features of choosing a nickname for a feathered pet.

A quail's paws are parting: what to do and a description of diseases

A quail's paws are parting, although it has just hatched from an egg, what should I do? Why do quails fall to their feet at a young age? How can they be treated?