Horses with a long mane: 16 best breeds with descriptions and characteristics

Today there are many breeds of horses with a long mane, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. These animals look majestic and beautiful, and therefore are very popular.

Eimeterm for rabbits: instructions for use and composition, dosage and analogues

How to use "Eimeterm" for the treatment of rabbits. Release form of the drug, indications for use, recommendations for use. Side effects. Popular analogues.

Tori breed of horses: description and characteristics, rules of keeping

Description and characteristics of the Torian breed of horses. Features of maintenance, care and nutrition. Breeding rules. Pros and cons of Tori horses.

The piglet's ears turned blue: what to do and causes, disease prevention

What to do if a pig or pig's ears turn blue. What diseases are characterized by a symptom of blue ears in animals. Measures to prevent infection in pets.

The gray color of the horse: what color is it, history of origin and connection with character

We understand what gray-colored horses look like, learn about the history of their origin, color variations, character traits, genetic predispositions of gray animals.

Ratoks: instructions for use in veterinary medicine, dosage and analogues

Composition and purpose of "Ratox", how to properly apply insectoacaricide. Dosages and consumption of the product, safety precautions when working with the product. How to store and what can be replaced.

How to feed a ferret at home: a list of products and how many times a day to give

What can and cannot be fed to a ferret at home. Natural food, prepared food. Features of the diet of young animals, pregnant and molting. Drinking mode.

Cage for a ferret: how to make it yourself, dimensions and drawings, which one is needed and how much it costs

Do-it-yourself cage for a ferret is within the power of every breeder. There are a lot of interesting options, original in appearance and internal arrangement.

Hammock for a ferret: types and 6 ways to create a house with your own hands

Making a hammock for a ferret with your own hands does not require much effort and time. You can make it from improvised materials by choosing the appropriate option and adhering to simple technology.

Vetosporin Zh: instructions for use and composition, dosage and analogues

Instructions for the use of Vetosporin Zh bioadditives will show the way to reduce the incidence, increase immunity and growth rate, and refuse antibiotics when raising animals.

Is it possible to give rabbits snow instead of water in winter: features of watering in the cold

The cold season poses difficult challenges for livestock breeders to ensure the survival of their pets. Is it possible to give rabbits loose snow or icicles instead of water in winter?

S alt for horses: benefits and harms, how to give a lick and which one to choose

The need for s alt for horses. Positive and negative qualities of s alt. How to choose a "s alty" product and determine the rate of consumption by animals.

How many rabbits can be kept in one cage: the optimal number and problems

From the solution of the question: how many rabbits can be safely kept in one cage, the weight gain of animals and their he alth depends. Can males not fight? Are females always calm?

Is it possible to give piglets apples: the benefits and harms and how to feed them properly

If the owner of a plot of land or a pig farmer has an orchard, he will definitely face the question of whether it is possible to give fresh or boiled apples to piglets.

Pig and boar: differences in appearance and behavior of animals

Domestic pigs and wild boars are related. What did breeders change in the nature of animals when they began to use them on the farm to obtain meat and other useful products?

Feeding for horses: what minerals and vitamins and how to give

We figure out what supplements are needed for horses, when and how to give them to animals, what vitamins and minerals are needed for the normal well-being of pets.

Rabbit litter: do's and don'ts for the toilet

We figure out which hygienic litter is suitable for rabbits, which one is better to choose, types of litter for rabbit trays, what should not be used for pets.

How many horses are in the herd: the number of individuals and the specifics of the content

How many horses can be in a herd. Hierarchical structure, specific content of the herd. Optimal breeds. The main differences between herds of wild horses.

Oats for horses: how much to eat per day, what can and cannot be fed, benefits

The benefits and harms of oats for horses. How and how much to give grain to animals. Which horses should not be fed this grain. Can grain be in manure? Rules for storage and feeding.

Weaning piglets: when to wean and how long to keep near the sow

Optimal age for weaning piglets. How to wean weaned piglets. Preparing and conducting weaning. Animal care after the procedure, their behavior.

Breeding decorative rabbits at home for beginners

Rules for keeping and breeding decorative rabbits. suitable breeds. Feeding and care. Diseases and vaccination. Approximate income from breeding rabbits.

Why does a pig cough: causes of the disease and how to treat it, prevention

Many beginner farmers are wondering why a pig is coughing. The cause of problems can be infectious pathologies, gastrointestinal diseases, helminthic invasions.

Diklakoks Forte: instructions for use for rabbits and composition, dosage

The development of coccidiosis in rabbits is considered a rather dangerous condition. Diclakoks Forte helps to cope with it, the instructions for use of which for rabbits must be followed.

Piroplasmosis of horses: causes and symptoms, treatment and prevention

The development of piroplasmosis in horses is considered quite a serious problem. Pathology is caused by infection with parasites and leads to negative he alth consequences.

Rabbit minor: description and characteristics of the breed, the pros and cons of the content

The minor rabbit is considered a dwarf animal that has a friendly character. In order to succeed in raising an animal, you need to properly care for it.

Is it possible to give corn to piglets: what is useful in the diet of pigs and how to feed it

We figure out whether it is possible to give corn to piglets, how to properly feed animals. How to distinguish edible varieties from fodder. We find out the benefits and harms of the product for pigs.

Piebald horse color: what color is it and description of the 3 best breeds, problems

Pinto horses are quite rare. These animals are characterized by a very unusual color that attracts many horse breeders and ordinary people.

Conjunctivitis in rabbits: causes and symptoms, how to treat at home

Causes and symptoms of conjunctivitis in rabbits. Methods of treatment of acute and purulent forms of the disease with drugs and folk methods. What are the complications. Preventive measures.

Clydesdale horse breed: description of Scottish heavy trucks and their content

Breeding Clydesdale horses. Lifestyle in nature. Description and characteristics. Pros and cons of the breed. Maintenance, nutrition and reproduction. characteristic diseases.

Do-it-yourself electric shepherd for cows: the simplest diagram and instructions

How to make an electric shepherd for cows with your own hands: what is called an electronic shepherd and why is it needed. Device diagram, materials, self-installation.