Carrot varieties: the best, description, characteristics and cultivation features

Carrot varieties: the best, description, characteristics and cultivation features

Yellow carrot, or white, or any other variety, which one to choose? This is a very important question for both experienced gardeners and beginners. After all, the best varieties of carrots will provide vegetables of excellent taste and quality for the whole winter.

On the modern seed market there are a variety of types of carrots. But how to choose the best varieties, and how not to get lost in all the variety of species and varieties of such a healing vegetable?

From early childhood, we all know that carrots are a very useful and even healing root crop. It saturates the body with vitamins, fights anemia, improves eyesight, and brings great benefits to the human body as a whole.

The popularity and demand for carrots has led breeders to create and continue to create a huge number of varieties of carrots, but which ones are better for eating, and how to distinguish them from fodder varieties? Let's figure it out.

Short description

So, what is a carrot? This is a root crop, well known to every hostess and every gardener, it is simply indispensable in the kitchen. According to the terms of maturation, it can be early, medium and late. Carrots are loved not only by people, but also by animals, so there are also fodder varieties.

If earlier we were used to such a fruit of an exceptionally bright orange color, now the carrot is red, maybe yellow, there is a white root crop, and even black.

A good variety of carrot does not depend on its color. The best variety is determined not by color, but by taste, yield, and whether it keeps well.

Now let's sort out in order the abundance of the best varieties. The best varieties of carrots are present on our market with a huge variety of species.

Variety varieties

The best varieties of carrots have one thing in common: they all belong to the Shantane type.

Red Cored Carrot is one of the most famous and sought after varieties. This is a sowing carrot, in terms of ripening it belongs to early varieties. This is the most high-yielding beauty, bright orange color. Root crops are short, cone-shaped, very uniform, neat, grow up to 10-16 cm in length. The core is the same color as the whole vegetable. Harvest can be harvested 70-80 days after planting. The fruits are endowed with excellent taste, they are sweet, fragrant and juicy. This variety is not suitable for long-term storage and wintering, this feature distinguishes it from the fruits of late ripening. The vegetable must be consumed and processed during the summer-autumn period.

Carrot Boltex also belongs to the Shantane type. This is an innovative improved variety, in terms of ripening it refers to the average ripening of a vegetable. This is a small and neat root crop, grows up to 10-16 cm in length. The fruits are uniform, saturated bright orange hue, the middle is the same color as the whole fruit. Such a valuable vegetable is very sweet, juicy and fragrant. It can be consumed raw, or it can be successfully processed. The ripening period becomes 115-120 days, the weight of one fruit becomes approximately 130 grams. This variety has quite a high yield.

Carrot Samson. This is also a sowing carrot, which has earned the love and respect of summer residents and hostesses due to its unpretentious care and high taste standards. This variety type was invented by Dutch breeders. Mid-season, perfectly withstands the entire winter - spring season. Ripening occurs in 110-120 days, it is recommended to eat both fresh and fried, boiled, stewed.

Such a beauty can be called a giant, the longest fruits can grow up to 30 cm and weigh 200 grams. Very high yielding variety.

Karini Carrot belongs to the mid-late Shantane cultivar. Root crops of the bright color of the setting sun, small and neat in size, weighs about 150 gr. A very decent yield and unpretentious care make such an orange beauty a favorite of gardeners. Well kept. It has a pronounced sweet taste, juicy, perfectly preserved throughout the winter-spring season. It is a delicious treat fresh, as well as in the form of juices and all kinds of stews and fried dishes.

Vita Longa carrots are also a favorite of gardeners. The mid-season variety gives quite acceptable yields on any type of soil, is extremely unpretentious in care, and tolerates drought very well. It tastes very sweet and fragrant, does not crack, the flesh is dense and juicy, it is well stored throughout the winter and spring.Fruits of medium size, conical shape.

Moskovskaya Winter Carrot belongs to the varieties of medium ripening, it has worthily recommended itself in the Russian market. The motley beauty of orange blossom reaches a small size, uniform and dense, conical in shape, does not require special intricacies in care, drought-resistant, gives a decent yield.

Moscow Winter Carrot is very sweet and fragrant, thanks to these qualities it confidently holds a leading position in the sales market.

Carrot Cascade is an overseas beauty that came to us from Holland and immediately fell in love with both our consumers and producers. Its ripening period is average, 120 days pass from planting seeds in the ground to harvesting. Reviews about this variety are all positive: gardeners note its excellent taste, good storage, and unpretentiousness in care and cultivation.

Carrot Red Giant came to us from Germany and took root perfectly in our latitudes. This is a late-ripening variety that is not even afraid of frost. The vegetable is quite large in size, bright orange in color. According to consumer reviews, everyone is very satisfied with such carrots.

It is this vegetable that makes it possible to enjoy a juicy and sweet root crop directly from the garden (previously washed) after the first frost. It has a long shelf life and is suitable for eating raw and processed.

The best varieties of carrots also include Emperor carrots. This is a sowing carrot of rather impressive size (it reaches 25 cm in length). The ripening period of such carrots is only 100 days, but its distinguishing feature is that at early ripening periods it has excellent preservation abilities. The vegetable ripens early and is stored for a long time, and throughout the year pleases with its sweet taste and aroma. Fruits are saturated orange with a red tint, cylindrical in shape, rather large in size. The pulp is elastic, juicy and sweet, quite unpretentious in cultivation.

Carrot Lakomka, like all varieties of this vegetable, is propagated by seeds.This is a mid-early variety that has long and confidently occupied a leading position in the market. Differs in high productivity, excellent tastes. This vegetable has a high content of carotene.

This variety is successfully used on an industrial scale for the preparation of baby food and juices. The vegetable is incredibly sweet and fragrant, well transported.

Another very unusual and unique variety is the Coreless Carrot. Its main feature is the absence of a core. It also has excellent taste, has a rich orange color. But with cultivation, care and land, everything is not so simple here. Unlike other varieties, planting seeds of this variety must be carried out in well-fertilized soil. If the soil is not fertilized, then the seed may simply not produce any shoots.

Carrot "Mo" is a late-ripening variety that is dug up in autumn after the first frost.A feature of this type is high productivity and good preservation in winter and spring. The taste qualities of this type of medicinal vegetable are also excellent, the root crop is sweet and juicy. Great for eating raw and processed.

All of the above carrot seeds are the best outdoor varieties.

Useful properties

Regardless of the timing of ripening, all of the above varieties of tasty and he althy vegetables are the best of existing varieties. From them you can cook all kinds of salads, vegetable stews, soups, borscht. This is an excellent side dish for meat and mushroom dishes. Freshly squeezed juice from this beautiful root crop will bring you and your loved ones great benefits.

Carrot is an important component in the diet menu. The high sugar content makes it a he althy sweet that can be consumed even with diabetes.Carotene, which is present in all varieties of this vegetable without exception, improves vision. And the excellent vitamin composition makes the root crop an indispensable drug during the period of spring beriberi, or some other type of depletion of the body. The high fiber content makes the vegetable indispensable in the prevention of various digestive disorders. Even small children can benefit from simply nibbling on a carrot to stimulate tooth growth.

We reviewed the best varieties of carrots to eat. But there is also fodder carrots, because animals are not averse to pampering themselves with such a delicacy. Farmers actively use fodder carrots to raise he althy livestock. Unusual to our eyes, white carrots are just a fodder variety of this vegetable. And it has a white color due to the lack of carotene, because it is he who saturates the fruits with a bright orange color.

White carrots are successfully fed to animals. White carrots, like yellow ones, serve as excellent feed for livestock. Yellow color indicates low carotene content.

But there are cultivars of yellow carrots on the market that can be eaten and processed by humans. The amount of carotene in it is somewhat lower than in bright orange fruits, but it contains such a useful substance for humans as lutein.

Discover your favorite varieties of this miracle vegetable, then you and your loved ones will always be he althy.

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