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How to distinguish honey mushrooms from false mushrooms: what is the difference between a real mushroom and an inedible one

How to distinguish honey mushrooms from false mushrooms: what is the difference between a real mushroom and an inedible one

Mushrooms are considered quite popular mushrooms, which are distinguished by excellent taste. They can be eaten s alted, fried or pickled. In addition, such mushrooms are profitable to collect. If you are lucky to find a large family, you will be able to get a full basket. However, it is important to know the main signs of how honey mushrooms can be distinguished from false mushrooms.

Main differences

Although false mushrooms look about the same as edible ones, they have characteristic differences. The difference is:

  1. Edible varieties do not have rich hues, while false varieties are brick red or orange. There are also honey brown tones.
  2. Edible mushrooms have a special skirt on the leg. It is not found in false varieties. In fact, such a skirt is a ring on the leg. Moreover, this element is present in young and old mushrooms. This is the main feature of identification.
  3. Edible mushrooms have cream, white or slightly yellowish plates under the cap. In poisonous varieties, they are brown, green or yellow - it all depends on age.

Another significant feature of edible varieties is the presence of scales on the hat. False varieties do not have this feature. It is important to bear in mind that with aging, such scales disappear. Therefore, it is better to collect young specimens that match the listed characteristics.

Species that can be eaten

Today there are many edible varieties of mushrooms, each of which has certain characteristics.


This type of mushroom is characterized by its versatility and pleasant taste. Many mushroom pickers refuse to use such mushrooms due to the excessive roughness of the legs. The meadow variety is well suited for making pickles and marinating. You can also dry the fruits to get a quality seasoning. Meadow mushrooms grow exclusively in groups. The size of their hat is a maximum of 6 centimeters.


Such mushrooms cause controversy among mushroom pickers. Some note their excellent taste, others are sure that the product is quite insipid. This type of mushroom is edible. But before use, they need to be boiled or fried. Such mushrooms have a compact size.The height of the leg is 12 centimeters, and the diameter is 7 centimeters. Dark mushrooms form groups.


This species is considered one of the most common. Before a product is eaten, it must be boiled or fried. The duration of the heat treatment must be at least 20 minutes. Fresh mushrooms should not be consumed, as they have a bitter taste. Such specimens are quite large. The hat can be up to 10 centimeters in diameter.


The fruiting of these edible mushrooms begins in August. Harvested until September or October - it all depends on the region. This species is characterized by a high leg, which can grow up to 12 centimeters. The upper part is thin and has a light brown color. From top to bottom, the fungus expands and gets a rich brown tint. The skirt of autumn mushrooms has a yellowish color.

Grey lamellar

This variety is also called poppy. The hat has the correct shape and can reach 7 centimeters in diameter. Mature fruiting bodies have a convex cap. If this variety is found in regions with high humidity parameters, it has a light brown hat. In areas with an arid climate, the fruiting bodies are light yellow in color.

The pulp is light in color and has a damp smell. The leg reaches 10 centimeters in height. The shape varies.


This type of mushroom has a rich taste. Mushroom pickers prefer to marinate, s alt or dry such specimens. Such mushrooms are small in size. The height of the stem does not exceed 20 centimeters, and the hat reaches a diameter of 8-10.


This type of mushroom is very popular in Europe. Farmers grow these mushrooms for sale.They can be used in any form. However, the best taste characteristics are observed after pickling. Such mushrooms are compact in size and form large groups. The height of the legs does not exceed 15 centimeters, and the diameter of the cap is 7.


This is the most common variety of real mushrooms. They are found on log cabins and tree trunks in deciduous forests. Mushrooms are compact in size, and the height of the stem is no more than 6 centimeters. From above, such mushrooms are smooth, and below they contain few scales of this color. The skirt of the summer variety is present only in young varieties. It is worth collecting such specimens from April to November.


The difference between these mushrooms is that they begin to bear fruit in October. Harvesting can be done until the beginning of spring. Such mushrooms are predominantly found in deciduous forests.Winter mushrooms have a small leg no more than 6 centimeters high. From above, they have a light chocolate color. This variety is characterized by the absence of a skirt.

What not to eat

There are several varieties of inedible mushrooms. In order not to accidentally collect dangerous specimens, it is important to know what features are characteristic of them.


Many mushroom pickers are sure that such mushrooms are forbidden. However, in fact, there is no reliable information about their nutritional qualities. To avoid problems, it is better to stop using minted mushrooms. These mushrooms are small. Their hat is no more than 6 centimeters in diameter.


These mushrooms have a rusty-olive color. On the surface there are scales resembling coffee beans in color. Inside is yellow pulp.


Groups of such mushrooms are usually present on the stumps of deciduous trees or near the roots. The first fruit bodies appear in April or May. Fruiting is observed until September.

This variety can be distinguished by the shape of the cap, which resembles a bell. Then it begins to open, and a tubercle appears on top. There is a light fringe along the edges of the hat. In diameter, it reaches 5-7 centimeters. Fruit bodies are white or pale brown.

Brick Red

This dangerous mushroom can easily be confused with an edible one. Young specimens are characterized by neat rounded hats, which, as they grow, turn into half-spread. The shade of the pulp of the false foam can be different - from red-brown to brick. Inside is yellow pulp.

Sulphur yellow

This is a poisonous variety and should not be placed in a basket.Its size depends on age and can be 2-7 centimeters. In young plants, the shape of the cap resembles a bell, and as it grows older, it straightens. The color of the cap is gray-yellow or yellow-brown. At the same time, the color in the central part is much darker than on the sides. Mushrooms of this variety grow in groups.

Mushrooms are fairly common mushrooms that are very popular with people. To distinguish their edible varieties from false ones, it is worth considering a number of features. If there is no clear confidence that the mushroom is safe, you should not take it.

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