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What is the difference between a spruce tree and a Christmas tree: what is the difference between trees, comparison

What is the difference between a spruce tree and a Christmas tree: what is the difference between trees, comparison

Spruce and Christmas tree are not always the same thing. In fact, the Christmas tree is a collective term that is used to refer to artificial products and real forest trees. Also Christmas trees are called festive events. This word is often used to refer to a coniferous tree that is dressed up for the New Year. At the same time, not every person understands how exactly a spruce tree differs from a Christmas tree.

Can a spruce be called a Christmas tree

The difference between plants lies in terminology. The Christmas tree is most often called the common spruce or European spruce.Spruce is a more complete collective term. It is used to refer to trees that belong to the Pine family. It has approximately 40 plant species.

Main differences

So how exactly do the concepts under consideration differ? A Christmas tree is usually called an ordinary spruce. Such crops grow in northern Europe. They are localized on the slopes of the Carpathians, the Balkans, the Alps.

Such plants are evergreen trees, which are distinguished by an underdeveloped and not too resistant root system. They can reach 50 meters in height. The crown has a conical shape. The branches are drooping and are attached to the trunk in a whorled and ring-shaped manner.

The trunk is covered with gray bark. The needles are characterized by a spiral fastening. It has a tetrahedral shape and small size. In favorable conditions, needles remain on trees for 6 years.

Spruce is a monoecious plant that pollinates in May. The tree produces seeds 4 times a year. The culture is characterized by small seeds measuring only 4 millimeters, which are located in the axils of the cones.

The Christmas tree is considered a shade-tolerant and undemanding culture to the composition of the soil. It is a forest-forming species. The relative softness of wood makes the plant a sought-after building material. From fir cones, tannins and essential oils are obtained. A tincture is prepared from the buds of the plant, which has pronounced antimicrobial properties.

Spruce as a genus includes 40 varieties of plants. The most common include Siberian, white, oriental, Canadian, Ayan species. Such crops are mainly found in temperate climatic zones. Trees can be seen in many regions of Eurasia and North America.

These plants live for about 300 years. However, there is a tree in Sweden that is believed to be the oldest creature on the planet. Its age is 9550 years. The wood of these crops is used to make paper, rosin, and turpentine. They are also used for the production of pulp and musical instruments. A decoction of spruce needles has long been considered an effective remedy for scurvy. Today, the material is used to make vitamin flour, which is given to pets.

What is the difference with other conifers

The plant has significant differences from other coniferous crops. The most significant features are shown in the table:

It is characterized by a slow growth rate. The average tree height is 30 meters.It has an average growth rate. The height of the trees is 40 meters.It has a normal growth rate and reaches a height of 80 meters.
Distinguished by large reddish-brown buds. Has medium-sized yellow-brown buds.Distinguished by brown buds that are characterized by an elongated shape.
The needles crumble gradually. At the same time, it takes 8-12 years to completely update it. Needles are up to 3 centimeters long. The needles grow up to 6 centimeters.The needles crumble gradually. It takes 4 years to update it. The average needle size is 5 centimeters.

Spruce and Christmas tree have a lot in common. These plants differ to a greater extent in the context of the use of concepts. Spruce is considered a broader term, while a certain type of crop is called a Christmas tree.

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