Flower honey: description and composition, useful properties and contraindications

Flower honey: description and composition, useful properties and contraindications

The taste of flower honey is known to all people, but not everyone knows its properties and types. A natural product is used not only in culinary practice or in cosmetology. It is often used to treat various pathologies. Useful properties of the product are due to its unique composition. At the same time, it is important to use it correctly, strictly following the instructions and dosage.

Description, composition and types

Bees collect flower honey from herbs. It contains pollen from the best honey plants. At the same time, the product looks different - it all depends on the raw materials that were used for its manufacture. All flower honey is divided into 2 varieties:

  1. Monofloral - this word refers to a product in which the pollen content of one plant exceeds 60%. Such nectar is extremely rare, since the bees are not limited in their choice and are not tied to a specific territory.
  2. Polyfloral is a mixture of different varieties of honey. Insects collect it from many different crops.

Depending on the variety of honey plants that are part of the bee nectar, there are the following varieties:

  1. Meadow - is considered the most common variety. It has a mild sweet taste. This product contains sage, dandelion, chamomile, thyme.
  2. Forest - in this case, the bees collect nectar from linden, raspberry, hawthorn. The product has a rich bright yellow color and strawberry flavor.
  3. Northern - has a liquid texture and a slight sour taste. The composition is dominated by pollen of wild northern plants - in particular, fireweed.
  4. Bashkir - is a mass of golden or dark brown color. To get this product, bees collect nectar from honey plants common in Bashkiria. These include heather, oregano, geranium. Raw materials give the finished product a very rich taste.
  5. Steppe - made from rapeseed and buckwheat. The composition also includes wild plants - thistle, cornflower, wild turnip.
  6. Mountain - it is collected in the foothill regions of the Caucasus. At the same time, pollen of hawthorn, acacia, blackthorn predominates in the composition of the product.

Usually this honey has a rich taste and aroma. The color of the product varies from light yellow to dark brown. Before crystallization, the mass has a transparent consistency, and then becomes more cloudy and brightens.

The calorie content of flower honey is approximately 324 kilocalories. It contains sugar, water and pollen. The product also includes many valuable components:

  1. Ascorbic acid - this component helps to build immunity, strengthen bones and muscle tissue.
  2. Vitamins of group B - have an extensive effect. They have a positive effect on the nervous system, improve the condition of the mucous membranes, accelerate hair growth, and help maintain he althy teeth.
  3. Folic acid - recommended for all people, but the substance is of particular importance for pregnant and lactating women.
  4. Vitamin K - is considered a rare substance that is not found in every product. This component is very important for he alth, as it ensures good blood clotting.
  5. Carotene - a substance increases visual acuity.

Also, this honey contains all kinds of enzymes and organic acids. In addition, it contains many auxiliary substances - saponins, tannins, glycosides, essential oils. In addition, the product includes cholines and phytohormones.

How flower honey is made

Bees make flower honey from nectar. They process the substance collected from melliferous plants and convert it into honey. Even a product collected from the flowers of shrubs and trees is called floral.

Human benefits

Flower honey brings great benefits to the human body. With its moderate use, the following results can be achieved:

  1. Strengthen the immune system.
  2. Stop inflammation and stimulate tissue repair.
  3. Cope with neurological disorders and get rid of insomnia.
  4. Strengthen the nervous system and increase body tone.
  5. Cleanse the body of toxins and toxins.
  6. Get an antiseptic effect. Flower honey creates an excellent barrier against pathogens entering the body.
  7. Control free radicals in the blood.
  8. Speed up the absorption of calcium.

In addition, the systematic use of nectar makes a person more resistant to stress and increases overall performance.

For men

The beneficial properties of this type of honey for men can hardly be overestimated. This product has a positive effect on potency and helps to get rid of inflammation. To make bee nectar more effective, it is recommended to combine it with ginger, walnuts, bee bread.

For women

Masks based on honey help to make the skin more youthful and beautiful. They allow you to get rid of acne, eczema and wrinkles. The use of a substance for massage treatments allows you to get rid of stretch marks, scars and cellulite.

Also, the product helps to eliminate gynecological pathologies. The tool is characterized by anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, which favorably affects the genital area. Also, some varieties of flower honey increase libido.

For kids

Children have a weak immune system, so they often get sick. However, not all drugs can be used to treat babies. Natural flower honey is a natural antibiotic and antiseptic. It will help to cope with a variety of pathologies - colds, dermatitis or SARS.

However, the use of bee nectar for children is not always allowed. Many babies are allergic to bee products. In addition, the composition is forbidden to be used for the treatment of infants.

Use in traditional medicine

Most often, bee nectar is used in folk medicine to combat lung damage, colds, bronchitis and colds. After operations, the composition helps to restore the protective functions of the body and provides a strengthening effect. The substance is beneficial for burns, dermatological pathologies, frostbite.

Women can use flower honey for hormonal imbalances, disruption of the reproductive organs and infertility. For men, the product helps restore sexual function, eliminates prostatitis and hormonal disorders.

The systematic use of flower honey reduces the likelihood of stomach and intestinal ulcers, stops inflammation and copes with dysbacteriosis. In the elderly, the product reduces the likelihood of pathologies of the heart and blood vessels.

Use in cosmetology

This type of honey is often used in cosmetics. To improve the appearance of hair, you can make nourishing masks based on it. In combination with egg yolk, burdock oil and kefir, this product helps to improve the condition of the scalp, stop hair loss and get rid of hair breakage.

In addition, flower nectar has a positive effect on the skin condition. At the same time, it is recommended to mix it with avocado, oatmeal and lemon. Such combinations contribute to smoothing wrinkles, cleansing pores, healing cicatricial defects. In addition, valuable masks successfully cope with unhe althy skin tone and contribute to its oxygenation.

Contraindications and harm

The main contraindication to the use of flower varieties of honey is individual intolerance to bee products. In addition, negative consequences are possible with excessive use of bee nectar. In addition, there are other restrictions:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • problems with the digestive organs;
  • pregnancy;
  • Children under 2 years old.

How to distinguish from a fake?

Quite often, floral varieties of honey are faked. To buy a natural product, it is important to consider the following:

  1. A quality product should not have foam on the surface.
  2. It is important that honey has a pronounced taste and aroma.
  3. The product should have a dense and viscous texture. If the stream of honey spreads over the plate and does not form a hill, it is better to refuse such a purchase.
  4. Natural honey completely dissolves in water. This prevents flakes and sediment from forming.

To identify counterfeit, you can add a drop of honey to a solution of water with iodine. If the mass acquires a bluish tint, this indicates the presence of impurities - primarily starch.

Flower honey is a very useful product that has a beneficial effect on the body. This is due to the high content of valuable components in this type of nectar.

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