Honey spoon: what is it called and its use, why such a shape

Honey spoon: what is it called and its use, why such a shape

Using a special honey spoon has many advantages. A distinctive feature of this device is the shape that looks like a spindle. This allows the viscous mass to drain evenly and gently. It is important to consider that such products differ in appearance and material of manufacture. In order for the device to give the desired effect, it is important to learn how to choose and use it correctly.

Why do you need a spoon for honey

A honey spoon is a special stick that has an egg-shaped thickening on one side. At the same time, it is cut several times across in the form of sinuses arranged in a circle. This product is also called a mace or spindle.

The product has been used for many years. It allows you to solve such problems:

  1. Attracts attention with an unusual appearance and serves as an interior decoration.
  2. Keeps the jar clean. The use of such a product helps to prevent the formation of streaks, since the spindle does not need to be wiped on the edge of the can.
  3. Does not stain tablecloths. Thanks to the special shape, it is possible to transfer the product from the jar to the serving dish. In this case, honey will not drip onto the table.
  4. Saves honey. When using the product, there is no need to wipe off the remaining nectar and throw it away.
  5. Solves the problem of souring. Such a product does not need to be wiped on bread, as is often done with ordinary spoons.
  6. Helps to evaluate the quality of the product. With the help of a special spoon it is possible to determine the viscosity of the product. If it flows slowly from the slots, and after the jet leaves a noticeable wavy mark on the surface, this indicates the naturalness of the product.If the honey quickly spreads and there are no traces of the jet on its surface, this indicates that the product is fake.

This spoon can be used as a gift. It is often sold complete with beautiful glass or ceramic jars. This item will appeal to aesthetes who prefer special fruit knives or fish forks.

Types of special spoons with their features

In European countries, a spoon of this shape is called honey dipper. This word is translated "honey ladle". At the same time, the name "spindle" has taken root more in Russia. This is due to the visual resemblance to this household item.

Honey spoons are usually made from hardwood - oak or larch. At the same time, there are other types of products:

  • juniper - can be considered medicinal, since this plant brings great benefits to the body;
  • maple and alder - considered very high quality;
  • walnut, cherry, apple - are real works of art;
  • bamboo - resistant to moisture and mold.

Selection criteria

When choosing a spoon for home use, it is recommended to pay attention to a number of parameters. First of all, the length of the handle, design, diameter of the scoop, material of manufacture matter.

The length of the handle and the overall dimensions depend on the dishes that you plan to use to store honey. If the product is in a small jar, there is no need to use a large spoon. When buying honey in large quantities, it is worth buying several products of different sizes.

Despite its beauty and environmental friendliness, wood is considered less practical than metal and modern hard plastics. A good option are stainless steel products with a silicone working part. These spoons are easy to clean and disinfect.

If honey crystallizes quickly, metal spoons should be used. The fact is that plastic and wooden models in this case quickly break. The spindle-shaped head is only suitable for liquid types of honey. Hard grades should be applied with a product in the form of a spiral. It is also acceptable to use a pointed, curved spoon in this case.

In the case of purchasing wooden models, it is worth considering the quality of wood processing. The surface of the product must be smooth and well sanded. Dyes or decorative elements can only be present on the handle.

The most practical option are special sets that include jars and spoons. Usually a special hole is made in the lid for a spoon. This option is very convenient because it is easy to store. The working part is always located inside, so it does not need to be washed every time and a valuable product is wasted.

Terms of Use

It is important to use the slotted honey spoon correctly. To do this, it is recommended to do the following:

  1. Open a jar of honey.
  2. Lower the capacity of the spoon.
  3. Slowly scroll the product around the axis. This will push the sweet nectar deep into the slots and stay locked there as long as the axis is vertical.
  4. Pull out the spindle and carefully transfer it to the container into which you plan to transfer the honey. In this case, the spoon should be held vertically and twisted a little.
  5. Move the spoon to a horizontal position, stopping the rotation. In this case, honey will begin to flow in a small stream.
  6. After draining the desired portion, return the spoon to a vertical position and place in a jar.

Wooden spoon care

Wooden spoons need proper care. In order for the kitchen appliance to retain its appearance and properties longer, it must be kept separate from other utensils. This can be done in a special rack or a beautiful transparent jar. Thanks to this, the product can serve as a decoration for the kitchen.

Don't wash the spoon in the dishwasher. Residues of the product can be easily washed off with warm water. In this case, dirt can be removed with soapy water or dishwashing detergent. The spoon must be thoroughly dried after each wash.

Quite often such products are treated with oils. This helps to make the material more water resistant and avoid cracking. If the product has not been subjected to such processing, it can be carried out independently. For this purpose, you should use sea buckthorn or linseed oil.

A special spoon for honey is considered quite a convenient device. It facilitates the transfer of sweet nectar to other dishes and helps to avoid its loss. It is important to choose the right product and learn how to use it.

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