Is it possible to heat honey: why not and what happens, at what temperature it loses its properties

Is it possible to heat honey: why not and what happens, at what temperature it loses its properties

Honey is a natural product that bees extract from flower nectar. The substance is characterized by a rich chemical composition. 95% of the product consists of carbohydrates, which are perfectly absorbed by the body and do not require special energy expenditure. The product contains many valuable amino acids, vitamins, trace elements. At the same time, people often wonder if it is possible to heat bee honey.

Optimal heating temperature

After crystallization, honey takes on a solid consistency, making it difficult to use.In this case, there is often a need to heat the bee product. So that the composition does not lose its useful components, it must be heated correctly. To do this, use the following options:

  • water bath;
  • oven with thermostat that can be set to +40 degrees;
  • heating battery in winter;
  • balcony in summer - in this case, the mass should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

All of the above methods help to heat the product gradually. In order to prevent the destruction of valuable compounds in its composition, it is impossible to exceed a temperature of +40 degrees. It is strictly forbidden to bring the composition to a boil. After this procedure, nothing useful will remain in it.

It is important to consider that with prolonged exposure to temperature, the following components completely disappear from honey:

  • flavonoids;
  • vitamins;
  • natural antioxidants;
  • substances that give the mass a pleasant sweet smell.

In fact, after heating, only sugars remain in the composition - fructose and glucose. At the same time, honey can hardly be called a medicine or a natural antibiotic. The substance will turn into a sweet liquid with a poor composition and lose its unique aroma. Therefore, experts do not advise keeping the product near batteries, in the sun or in a very warm room. The storage temperature should not exceed +25 degrees.

It is also not recommended to use a refrigerator. Under the influence of low temperatures, many useful components disappear and the structure of the product is destroyed.

What happens when overheating

It is impossible to heat natural honey to a temperature of more than +60 degrees. This will turn a valuable product into a useless syrup. Moreover, temperatures above +40 degrees are already considered an undesirable threshold.

Lost use

Adding honey to hot tea provokes the loss of its beneficial characteristics. In this case, the destruction of vitamins and valuable enzymes, which are responsible for the unique healing properties, is observed.

It is pointless to use a hot mass for the treatment and prevention of colds. It will not help to cope with other problems. At the same time, eating a teaspoon of fresh composition before breakfast will help to significantly strengthen the immune system and prepare for the change of seasons.

Taste spoils

Fans of the taste of the product will immediately see the difference. In ordinary honey there is a slight bitterness. It also has floral, herbaceous, coniferous notes. After heating, the mass loses these tastes.

Allergy risk jumps

Bee products are distinguished by pronounced allergenic properties. If the composition is heated to a temperature of more than + 45-60 degrees, it is impossible to use it for allergy sufferers. This will greatly increase the risk of adverse reactions.

Using overheated product

Despite the fact that the overheated composition loses its usefulness, it can still be used in cooking. Most often, the following is made from such honey:

  • hot and cold drinks;
  • confectionery;
  • marinades and sauces in which you can bake fish and meat;
  • icing for vegetables and fruits;
  • soups;
  • hot snacks.

Superheated composition is allowed to be added to pastries instead of ordinary sugar. It helps to give the finished product a unique taste, aroma and color. It is important to consider that during the baking process, honey loses the properties of a living product.

However, there is still some benefit. The fact is that honey is considered a sweetener and allows you to use easily digestible carbohydrates, natural flavors and dyes instead of sucrose.

How can I heat?

There are different methods used to heat honey. At the same time, experts advise using the most gentle options that allow you to monitor the temperature.


Microwave helps to heat honey quickly and easily. When using this device, it is imperative to monitor the temperature to which honey can be heated. A dangerous mark is +40 degrees.

After heating the medicinal nectar in the microwave, there is a risk of losing its beneficial properties. Most often, heating occurs unevenly. As a result, the composition turns into a regular mixture based on glucose and fructose.

If there is no other way to heat the product, you should use the "defrost" mode. In this case, it is recommended to start with 30 seconds. This method may take a long time, but it will allow you to save the maximum amount of valuable enzymes in the product.

The warm-up interval should be 15-30 seconds. At the same time, honey must be vigorously stirred in between. The procedure should be carried out until the substance acquires a liquid consistency.

Water bath

It is best to heat the honey with a water bath. This method is considered simple and completely safe for the bee product. It is important to take a wide container and fill it with water. Place a cloth on the bottom. After that, place a container with honey in the container. It is important that it is covered by a third of the liquid.

After that, it is recommended to put the structure on the stove and bring the water to a temperature of +40 degrees. Then, over low heat, it is worth warming up the product, stirring it occasionally. Thus, it will be possible to achieve uniform and safe heating of the mass. Beekeepers advise using a cooking thermometer during the process. With it, you can control the degree of heating.

Distinguishing a quality product from fakes

Unscrupulous beekeepers often fake honey. To do this, they mix a fresh product with a crystallized one and heat it up. In order not to run into the tricks of scammers, honey must be checked before buying. In this case, you should adhere to these recommendations:

  1. The fresh product has a sweet smell and taste. The old reheated composition has a faint aroma.
  2. The fresh mass is characterized by a uniform consistency. The substance has a liquid, but viscous texture. Reheated food is watery.
  3. Before buying, it is recommended to try a spoonful of honey. At the same time, it should be kept on the tongue. A fresh product will have sweet or tart notes, and a pleasant warmth will appear in the throat. The old and heated composition does not have any unusual facets - it just has a sweet taste.
  4. It is worth paying attention to the color of the mass. Old heated honey is darker in color than fresh honey.

Honey is considered a very useful product of beekeeping, which contains a large number of valuable components. In order for the composition to bring only benefit, it is important to ensure that it is properly stored. If necessary, the mass can be heated, but at the same time it is necessary to observe the optimal temperature regime.

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