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Ayanskaya Spruce: a description of what the cones look like, planting and tree care

Ayanskaya Spruce: a description of what the cones look like, planting and tree care

Ayan spruce is a large evergreen plant, which in natural conditions reaches 60 meters. When grown in parks, it usually does not exceed 35 meters. This culture comes from the mountain ranges of Japan. However, during its existence, it has become widespread in different countries of the world. For a crop to be successful, it needs to be properly cared for.

Description of the tree

In appearance, this type of spruce is similar to ordinary or Sitka. It is a tall, slender tree that can reach an impressive size.At a young age, the culture is characterized by slow growth, but subsequently develops moderately. The plant has a regular conical or pyramidal shape and whorled branching.

Culture has thin and stiff branches and dark gray bark. In young plants, it is quite smooth. With aging, the bark peels off in the form of rounded plates. Shoots have a yellowish-green or brown color.

The needles are flat and reach 2 centimeters in length. The needles are arranged on the branches in a spiral. From above they are dark green, and below - gray. Needles can stay on trees for 10 years.

Ayan spruce cones have a light brown color and an oval-cylindrical shape. Their length is 3.5-8 centimeters. From above, the fruits are covered with leathery scales. Inside are seeds 2.5-3 mm in size.

Ayan spruce is listed in the Red Book and is on the verge of extinction. Depending on the distribution, the following subspecies of culture are distinguished:

  • Picea jezoensis jezoensis - spread throughout the range;
  • Picea jezoensis hondoensis - grows exclusively in high mountain ranges in the center of Honshu.

Distribution area

Ayan spruce has become widespread in the Far East and Japan. In Russia, the culture is found in Kamchatka, on Sakhalin and in the south of the Kuril Islands. It is also available on the western coast of the Sea of Okhotsk.

Planting and care

An open eastern or southern slope is suitable for planting Ayan spruce. In the absence of such a site, it is worth choosing the most illuminated place that does not have a shadow. It is recommended to buy seedlings of the culture only in specialized nurseries.

The plant is considered undemanding to the composition of the soil. However, the presence of drainage is of great importance when growing a crop. Planting work should be carried out from late April to early May.

In this case, you should do the following:

  1. Dig a hole. It should be 1.5 times the size of the rhizome.
  2. Place a drainage layer of expanded clay or crushed brick on the bottom. Its thickness should be 20 centimeters.
  3. Top 20 centimeters of soil mixed with leafy soil, turf, sand and peat. Additional components should be taken in a ratio of 2:2:1:1.
  4. In the central part of the recess, make a mound.
  5. Place the plant in the hole and spread the roots gently.
  6. Fill voids with soil.
  7. Pour 20 liters of water into the tree trunk.
  8. Cover the trunk circle with a mulch layer of sawdust or bark. Its size should be 5 centimeters.

When organizing the care of Ayan spruce, regular watering is required. It is important to keep the soil constantly moist. For 1 plant, it is recommended to use 10 liters of water. Subsequently, the soil is moistened as it dries.

To increase the flow of oxygen to the roots and avoid various pathologies, loosening should be carried out after each watering and rainfall. After that, it is recommended to add mulch to the trunk circle.

Also, the plant requires fertilization. In the spring, Pocon or Greenworld is recommended. In autumn it is permissible to use wood ash and superphosphate.


It is recommended to propagate the culture by cuttings or seed method. In the first case, it is worth giving preference to the strongest lower branches, which are cut near the trunk itself. They need to be soaked in a growth stimulator, and then planted in a substrate of sand, peat and turf. To collect seeds, it is worth using cones from trees over 25 years old.


According to the description, Ayan spruce is most often used in landscape design. The culture is distinguished by high decorative properties, which are associated with the bluish-gray color of the needles.

This spruce is often used to create forested areas. It is also used for contrasting compositions. The plant looks great against the background of conifers with dark needles. It can also be combined with birches and other deciduous crops.

Ayan spruce is a wonderful ornamental plant that fits well into a variety of compositions. In order for a culture to develop normally and retain its attractiveness for as long as possible, it needs to provide full and high-quality care.

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