Trepang on honey: what is it and how to take it correctly, useful properties and harm, contraindications

Trepang on honey: what is it and how to take it correctly, useful properties and harm, contraindications

Trepang on honey is called a universal healing tincture that helps to eliminate many pathologies. In Eastern countries, even in ancient times, it was believed that this nectar helps to cure people suffering from fatal diseases. Chinese emperors took the drug to achieve eternal life and stay young. This remedy is still used today.

What is this

Useful properties of trepang sea cucumber have been known since ancient times. This tool was used to treat complex diseases. To prepare the potion in China and Japan, they caught a special invertebrate animal that lives only in the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea.

The resulting product was cut in a special way and filled with bee honey. As a result, it was possible to obtain a tasty and fragrant tincture, which made it possible to cure many dangerous pathologies. Today, a ready-made canned product is on sale, which serves as an excellent alternative to many tablets and syrups.

Useful properties of sea cucumber on honey

Since ancient times, trepang extract has been used to fully restore strength. Its medicinal properties are associated with a unique composition. The product includes fats, acids, protein components. It contains B vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iodine and many other ingredients.

Traditional healers advise taking the tincture correctly - only in this case it will show its healing properties. Using trepang on honey allows you to get the following effects:

  1. Improve the state of the immune system and increase the tone of the body.
  2. Get rid of general weakness and eliminate the symptoms of intoxication.
  3. Prevent the development of malignant tumors. This is due to the antioxidant effect of the product on the body.
  4. Repair the pancreas and improve digestive functions.
  5. Repair and rejuvenate tissues.
  6. Make blood vessels more elastic, improve the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, stabilize blood pressure.
  7. Reduce cholesterol and glucose in the blood, get rid of atherosclerotic plaques.
  8. Improve colds and lung diseases.
  9. Normalize thyroid function.
  • Improve the functioning of the organ of vision. The remedy is useful for hyperopia, astigmatism, myopia.
  • Normalize the functions of the nervous system, get rid of depression, restore sleep.
  • Improve cognitive processes.

For men

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of the product for men. The use of trepang on honey helps to achieve the following effects:

  • get rid of impotence;
  • treat urinary tract infections and restore normal urination;
  • strengthen libido and get rid of sexual dysfunction;
  • restore muscle tissue after intense physical exertion;
  • to remove toxins from the body;
  • increase resistance to poisons;
  • prevent the development of pathologies of the cardiovascular system.

For women

Sea cucumber is also very useful for women. The tool has pronounced disinfecting properties, because it successfully copes with gynecological pathologies. With the help of this substance, it is possible to restore normal microflora, get rid of fungi and inflammation.

In addition, trepang honey tincture improves metabolism. It helps to lose weight and eliminate wrinkles. With the application of the product, the skin begins to literally glow from the inside.

For kids

You can also drink honey tincture of trepang for teenagers. This tool helps to cure existing pathologies and prevent the development of new ones. At the same time, the product is strictly prohibited for use under 16 years of age. The fact is that a valuable tincture is prepared with alcohol, and therefore it can harm the child's body. In addition, the combination of seafood with honey often provokes severe allergic reactions.

When used

Composition can be taken in such cases:

  • pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • thyroid disorders;
  • peptic ulcer, gastritis and other pathologies of the digestive system;
  • flu and SARS;
  • Immune problems;
  • pathology of the respiratory organs;
  • diseases of the genital organs.

How to make a mixture at home

In order for trepang honey tincture to give an effect, it is important to use it correctly. It is also important to follow the recommendations for the preparation of the product. Today, several effective recipes are known.

To make trepang with alcohol and honey, you need to take 100 grams of dried sea cucumber or 1.5-2 kilograms of fresh sea cucumber and put it in a container. The product must be poured with cold boiled water so that it is completely covered. Leave the mass to soak for a day, then drain the liquid and chop the seafood.

Add 40% alcohol to the finished trepang.For 100 grams of seafood, 1 liter of the substance should be used. Leave the product in a cool and dark place. After 15-20 days, the extract can be used. It is important to follow the instructions for use. The mass can be kept in a cool place for 1 year.

You can also cook sea cucumber with honey. Moreover, this can be done in different ways, using live or dried sea cucumbers. To get a valuable product, you need to take gutted carcasses, rinse and place in a glass container. Then fill it with honey. Infuse the solution for 2-2.5 months. This must be done in a cool and dark place.

After the specified period, the extract must be filtered and poured into a smaller dish. Ready composition to take 1 small spoon before bedtime. It is recommended to do this in courses.

You can also make a honey tincture of trepang on vodka. To do this, take fresh marine animals and cut into thin rings.Place the raw materials in a glass container and pour vodka in a ratio of 1: 2. Close the container and leave for 3 weeks in a dark and cool place. Every day the tincture needs to be shaken. After 3 weeks, it is recommended to add 1 kilogram of honey to the extract and mix thoroughly.

Features of use

In order for the trepang extract to have an effect, it must be used correctly. When buying a tincture or capsules in a pharmacy, an instruction is attached to the product. It indicates how the composition can be used for external or internal use. The indicated dosage must be observed in order not to face negative consequences.

For the treatment of pathologies of the digestive organs, adult patients are usually recommended to use 15 milliliters of the substance per day. Men may need 25 milliliters to combat impotence.

For women, to combat erosions and fibroids, it is recommended to mix trepang tincture with sea buckthorn oil and water.In the resulting product, it is required to moisten the tampons and insert them into the vagina overnight. This should be done within 10 days. You can repeat the procedure after a month.

To cope with insomnia, it is recommended to use the tincture for 1 month. In this case, it is worth using 20-40 milliliters of the product 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening. The composition should be taken a quarter of an hour before meals.

Tincture of sea cucumber helps to improve hair growth and get rid of gray hair. To do this, the product must be rubbed into the scalp.

Restrictions and contraindications

Funds based on Far Eastern trepang have certain limitations. However, they are forbidden to be used in such situations:

  • allergic reactions to bee products and seafood;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • under 16;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • individual intolerance;
  • hypotension.

Terms and conditions of storage

In order for the product to give the desired effect, it is important to strictly adhere to the rules for its storage. It is recommended to keep the medicine in a cool place. In this case, it is necessary to maintain the temperature from -6 to +6 degrees. It is important that the product is in an airtight container. In this case, its shelf life reaches 1 year. After opening the package, the composition should be used within 5-6 days.

Trepang honey tincture is a unique product that contains many valuable ingredients. In order for the tool to give the desired results, it is important to strictly adhere to the rules for its use and storage. Also, be sure to take into account contraindications to taking the substance.

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