How much honey is in one frame: weight in kilograms and what determines the amount

How much honey is in one frame: weight in kilograms and what determines the amount

People who are breeding bees are often interested in how much honey is contained in one frame. However, it is impossible to give a clear answer to this question. The honey productivity of insects is influenced by a large number of factors. These include the climatic features of the region, the breed of bees, the state of the family. It is also important to consider the location of the apiary and the presence of honey plants nearby.

How much honey is in the frame?

The type of construction primarily affects the volume of honey. At the same time, beekeepers use different options.

Dadanov frame

Dadan frames are used to remove honey, which thrifty bees have prepared for themselves for the winter. The thickness of such stocks is 15 centimeters. Dadant hives can include 8-12 frames - it depends on the layout. The standard size is 435x300 millimeters. At the same time, the dimensions of the half-frames are 435x145 millimeters.

It is best to use products made from pine. They should include stretched stainless steel and brass bushings. This helps to optimize the collection of honey products. The design of Dadan is able to accommodate 4.5 kilograms of bee nectar. The empty structure weighs only 500 grams.

Frame Ruta

Root polymer frames are very popular with beekeepers. They are suitable for multiple use. When installing foundation in such structures, it is not required to stretch the wire. Because the structures are easy to use.

Root structures are widespread all over the world. In size, they are somewhat different from the Dadan structures. Root frames have a size of 435x230 centimeters. Thanks to this, it is possible to build beehives up to 7 floors and get 250 kilograms of a valuable product. The weight of such a frame with honey is about 3 kilograms.


Such structures make 5 centimeters smaller than ordinary ones. Manufacturers claim that this makes it easier to remove nectar from the hive. The size of the semi-frames is 435x145 millimeters. They contain approximately 1.5 kilograms of bee nectar.

How much honey does one hive produce per season

Bees always give a different amount of nectar, but it is quite possible to calculate the average parameters - for example, for the season. To determine this indicator, it is important to know the number of frames in the hive. Each of them gives 1-1.5 kilograms of product.

With 12 standard frames in the hive, the beekeeper will be able to get 12-18 kilograms of nectar. However, in practice, this volume is usually 11-15 kilograms, which is considered a variant of the norm. It is impossible to completely clean the cells. In addition, not all frames are filled entirely. This is especially true of the outer structures.

The maximum and minimum amount of honey cannot be determined in advance. Experienced beekeepers collect 60-80 kilograms of honey from 1 hive during the summer. At the same time, the average parameters are at the level of 30-40 kilograms per season.

The amount of honey a beekeeper receives from a hive depends on many factors:

  1. The climate of the region. The productivity of bees depends on temperature, type of spring and weather in winter.
  2. Weather features. In dry weather or during periods of heavy rainfall, honey plants bloom worse. Therefore, the honey productivity of bees is significantly reduced.
  3. The condition of the bees. Their activity depends on the he alth of insects.
  4. Breed of insects. Most honey is brought by Carpathian, Krajina, Ukrainian steppe breeds of bees.
  5. Choosing the location of the apiary. The amount of honey is favorably affected by the presence of a good honey base and reservoirs.

The amount of honey in the hive depends on various factors. This indicator is influenced by the state of the bee colony, climatic and weather conditions, the location of the apiary and other features.

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