Sunflower honey: useful properties and contraindications, what it looks like

Sunflower honey: useful properties and contraindications, what it looks like

Honey made from sunflower is considered the most common and affordable variety. It is not valued so highly on the market, since there is high competition between sellers. However, this does not diminish the usefulness of the product. The main feature of this variety is considered to be fast crystallization. But this does not reduce the content of useful substances in the product. Therefore, it can be safely used for the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

Description and difference of sunflower honey

Sunflower honey bees extract from bright yellow flowers.They cultivate flowering fields throughout the summer, and by mid-September, beekeepers receive a valuable product. To purchase a natural composition, you need to know how it looks. Sunflower honey is characterized by the following features:

  1. Shade. This product has sunny shades - from bright yellow to rich mustard. After crystallization, honey acquires a duller shade. It becomes lighter.
  2. Taste qualities. This variety has a sweet taste with light fruity and floral notes. After crystallization, the product acquires a more tart taste.
  3. Crystallization. This dessert belongs to those varieties that are quickly candied. However, under proper storage conditions, the product may remain liquid for up to 3 weeks. At the same time, crystallization does not affect the useful properties of the product. Even in this form, it retains its usefulness and quality. Sometimes the composition is covered with a small light coating, which is associated with the glucose content in the product.
  4. Fragrance. Sunflower honey has a subtle odor. It has a light floral aroma with a slight apricot sourness. After crystallization, the smell becomes less pronounced.

Composition and calorie content

Sunflower product includes many vitamins and minerals. Experts count about 300 compounds in the product. They are easily digested and have a positive effect on the work of the body. The most valuable substances include the following:

  • beta-carotene and vitamins C, H, K;
  • protein compounds;
  • amino acids;
  • minerals.

The plant includes such useful components as betaine, choline, solantic acid. All these substances are transferred to honey made from sunflower. Another advantage of the product is the high concentration of organic acids.

The calorie content of a product is affected by the glucose content in it. On average, 100 grams of sunflower honey contains 310-320 kilocalories.

Useful properties for the human body

Constant use of this variety of bee nectar favorably affects the immune system and improves well-being. Thanks to the use of the substance, it is possible to achieve the following results:

  1. Restore the functioning of the liver and digestive organs.
  2. Strengthen immunity, get rid of flu and colds.
  3. Avoid the development of arthritis and arthrosis.
  4. Cope with urinary problems.
  5. Avoid and eliminate cardiovascular disease.

Sunflower honey should be used as part of complex therapy for various pathologies. The high content of glucose allows the successful use of bee nectar in the treatment of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Also, the product is an effective cleanser that helps to remove toxins from the body. The systematic use of this substance reduces the content of cholesterol in the blood.

Doctors note the positive effect of the product on the digestive system. Its use promotes the regeneration of their cells. This makes it possible to use the composition for the treatment of colitis, gastritis, peptic ulcer. Also, the composition has pronounced diuretic properties. This makes it suitable for use as part of combination therapy for renal disease.

For men

An important benefit of sunflower honey for men is its ability to strengthen the heart and blood vessels. This helps to reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks. In addition, the product successfully strengthens muscle tissue and increases vitality. It can be safely used to enhance sexual desire and improve the quality of seminal fluid.

For women

The product helps women maintain youth and beauty. With the systematic use of the product, it is possible to improve the appearance of the skin of the face, get rid of acne and wrinkles, and slow down the aging process of the dermis. Sunflower honey also benefits hair. It helps to strengthen them and stops the processes of loss. The use of bee nectar makes the strands smooth and manageable.

Such honey successfully copes with the influence of stress factors and depressive conditions. Consuming 50 grams of the product per day helps maintain a good mood and successfully cope with increased anxiety and nervousness.

At the same time, it is better not to use honey during pregnancy. It has pronounced allergenic properties and can harm the woman and the fetus. Do not eat the product during lactation. Newborns often have intolerance to bee products.

For kids

Sweet nectar helps to strengthen the child's memory and concentration, improve his immune system and protect against viral infections. However, sunflower honey can be given to children no earlier than 2 years. Bee delicacy often provokes allergy symptoms. Young children are much more likely to have them.

Introducing honey from sunflower into the children's diet is extremely careful. It is recommended to start with half a small spoon of a sweet product. If after a day the child does not develop rashes, itching or diarrhea, the treat can be left on his menu.

Use in traditional medicine

The product is often used in traditional medicine. At the same time, it is important to use it correctly, strictly following the recommendations of experts:

  1. In diseases of the digestive system, it is recommended to take 2 small spoons of honey in 1.5 cups of water. Take half an hour before meals 2-3 times a day. This must be done within a month. The maximum dosage is 100 milliliters.
  2. When anemia is recommended to eat 100 grams of honey per day for a month. It is better to drink it with sour milk or kefir.
  3. With stomatitis and periodontal disease, it is recommended to take half a teaspoon of nectar in 1.5 cups of water. The resulting solution should be rinsed in the mouth every day after brushing your teeth.
  4. With hemorrhoids, enemas and lotions can be used. To do this, mix 2 tablespoons of honey and 1.5 cups of warm water. Enemas are required to be done every day. Lotions should be applied to problem areas for half an hour.
  5. When cracks appear on the heels, it is worth using a mixture based on 80 grams of honey, 20 grams of fat, 3 grams of Xeroform. After applying the composition, problem areas should be covered with a gauze bandage. The procedure is recommended to be carried out within 2-3 days before going to bed.

Use in cosmetology

Sunflower honey can be used for skin and hair care. In this case, it is permissible to use the following recipes:

  1. To make a hair mask, you need to mix honey with sunflower oil in equal parts. Also, egg yolk, onion juice and shampoo should be added to the composition. Ready to process hair. After a couple of hours, it should be washed off with warm water.
  2. To get rid of skin rashes, you should make a mask of 1 small spoonful of honey, 5 milliliters of water and 5 aspirin tablets. The finished composition should be applied to the skin and left until a slight burning sensation appears. Then the product must be washed off and moisturized.

How to distinguish from a fake

To purchase natural honey, you can use the following methods:

  1. Rub the drop between your fingers. When a lump or water appears, we can talk about a fake. If the product is natural, the fingers will stick together.
  2. Apply some liquid honey on paper. It is important that the mass does not spread.
  3. Mix product with water. Particles will be released from the fake mass and settle to the bottom.

Harm and contraindications

Sunflower honey will be harmful if you do not take into account contraindications to its use. The main restrictions include:

  • allergy;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation.


To keep honey as useful as possible, consider the following:

  • keep the composition in a dark place;
  • keep the temperature at 0…+20 degrees;
  • protect the composition from moisture;
  • don't keep honey around strong smelling foods.

Sunflower honey is a very valuable product that brings great he alth benefits. In order for the composition to retain its properties for as long as possible, it is important to provide it with suitable conditions.

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