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Mountain pine Pumilio: description, planting and care, application in landscape design

Mountain pine Pumilio: description, planting and care, application in landscape design

The Pumilio mountain pine is a popular dwarf crop often used in private gardens. It has excellent decorative properties and is characterized by undemanding care. But in order for the plant to grow and develop normally, it is still necessary to follow some rules. It is important to follow the planting and care instructions.

Appearance variety

According to the botanical description, the Pumilio pine is a dwarf subspecies of the mountain variety. Its main difference is the bushy dwarf form.An adult tree reaches a maximum of 1.5 meters in height. At the same time, in 1 year it grows by 2-5 centimeters. The needles have a rich green color and increase by 5 centimeters in length.

Cone-shaped cones appear on trees older than 7 years. A characteristic feature of the plant is the shape of the crown. Young growth is directed vertically upwards. As the tree develops, the branches under their own weight acquire a horizontal position. The diameter of the crown can be 3 meters.

The plant has a dense arrangement of branches. Because the pine looks pretty neat and has a compact shape. The width of an adult tree is almost twice the height. This is due to the creeping form of the plant.

Distribution area

Pumilio Pine belongs to dwarf varieties and has a small height. This plant is native to Central and Southeastern Europe.There, this species forms almost impenetrable thickets and thereby prevents avalanches and soil erosion. The culture is characterized by a developed root system, which reliably strengthens the soil. As a result, Pumilio has a high degree of wind resistance.

Pine is considered undemanding to development conditions. It easily withstands the lack of moisture, exposure to high temperatures and cold. In urban conditions, the plant absorbs atmospheric impurities, helps purify the air and saturates it with oxygen.

Planting and care instructions

Pumilio mountain pine is characterized by a widely spread root system. The ideal soil for this species is considered to be a sandy or sandy loam substrate. However, the culture develops well in less permeable soil. Although Pumilio is an undemanding variety, it is best to plant it in areas with a slightly acidic reaction.

The plant develops well in the city. Due to this, the ephedra is often used to decorate parks and squares. For planting a plant, it is best to use turf mixed with sand or clay. The ratio of components should be 2:1. Too heavy soil needs to be drained. At the same time, a layer of fine gravel or sand should be poured at the bottom of the pit. Its thickness should be 20 centimeters.

Pine is recommended to be planted in the soil from late April to early May. Autumn planting is also acceptable - from late August to mid-September. The minimum size of the interval between low conifers is 1.5 meters. It is impossible to shake off a lump of soil from plants, as there is a risk of damage to small roots.

It is important that after planting, the root collar is on the same level with the ground. When planting large-sized plants, it is worth considering the features of shrinkage. The root neck should be set a few centimeters higher.Due to this, when shrinking, it will take a zero position.

Then the recess should be filled up, and the near-trunk circle should be watered abundantly and covered with a mulch layer. Thanks to this, it will be possible to retain moisture and achieve the natural formation of humus.

Pumilio mountain pine is highly drought tolerant. It needs to be watered regularly only within a month after planting, if it was carried out in the autumn, and until the end of the season, when working in the spring.

Moisture-charging irrigation is of no small importance. In order for the plant to overwinter normally, and frost holes do not form on the bark, the mountain pine must be watered several times in the fall. At the same time, the soil will be saturated with moisture to a considerable depth.

Pine naturally grows in very poor soil. Therefore, the Pumilio variety does not need systematic fertilization. Sometimes he is fed in the first years - until he is fully adapted.

If the mountain pine develops normally, it is recommended to feed it only up to 10 years. After that, nutrients can not be added. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that conscientious nurseries do not sell seedlings younger than 4-5 years old.

Pumilio mountain pine responds well to foliar feeding. To do this, experienced gardeners spray plantings with chelate complexes every 2 weeks. Since this variety has green needles, it is useful to fertilize it with magnesium sulfate.

In the first time after planting, the soil should be loosened. After 1-2 years, the manipulation is replaced by mulching. Thanks to this, the pine root system is not injured and a favorable microclimate is created. At the same time, the topsoil is protected from drying out.

The plant does not require formative pruning. In this case, the sanitary procedure is carried out before the opening of the kidneys. In this case, it is required to get rid of dry and broken branches. Particular attention should be paid to the inner part of the crown so that dead shoots do not accumulate there.

Pumilio variety is highly resistant to frost. It is able to withstand temperatures down to -46 degrees. However, this applies to mature plants that are well rooted.

In the first year after planting, mountain pine must be covered with white agrofiber or spruce branches. In this case, the soil should be insulated with mulch. The thickness of this layer should be 7-10 centimeters. In cold areas, covering the pine tree is also required in the second year. In addition, in winter, the shrub should be tied into a bundle. This will help prevent it from deforming when there is a lot of snow or ice.


Pumilio variety can be propagated by seed or cuttings. In the first case, it is important to create special conditions. To do this, you need to prepare boxes for seedlings and fill them with loose and light soil. Before planting, the seeds must be soaked in a solution of "Fitosporin" or "Fundazol".

After that, you can start sowing them. To do this, each seed needs to be deepened by a maximum of half a centimeter. In this case, the interval between the grains should be 5 centimeters. Then it is recommended to spray the soil with a spray bottle, cover with a film and place in a greenhouse.

Rostkov should be expected in 2-3 weeks. At this stage, the film must be removed. To maintain moisture, the soil must be sprayed from a spray bottle. Seedlings can be moved to open soil after 2 years.

Cuttings are considered to be a simpler and more effective method. It helps to preserve all varietal characteristics of the culture. It is worth carrying out the manipulation in the spring. To select cuttings, you need to choose a he althy tree. The length of the blanks should be about 10 centimeters. They need to be cut along with part of the bark of the mother culture.

Prepared branches should be placed in a weak solution of potassium permanganate and soaked in a growth stimulator for 12 hours. For planting, you need to prepare the substrate by mixing the same amount of sand and turf. Drainage must be poured at the bottom, and the prepared mixture on top.

Cuttings are recommended to be planted at a depth of 4-5 centimeters with an interval of 10 centimeters. Rooting takes place throughout the year. If the cuttings were carried out in the spring, the seedlings are moved to a permanent place next fall.

Possible diseases

Most often Pumilio mountain pine suffers from resin cancer. The cause of problems most often becomes excessive watering and locking soil. In this case, rot appears, which are difficult to treat. At the first signs of the disease, the plant must be treated with a fungicidal substance. Of no small importance are preventive treatments and a systematic inspection of the bushes.

Application in design

Pumilio Pine has excellent decorative qualities, so it is often used in landscape design. When compiling a flower bed, rockery or rock garden, the conifer must be made the main focus of the composition.Mountain pine can be planted in the background and surrounded by beautiful ground cover plants and trailing roses.

This plant is perfect for planting in rocky gardens, parterre or terraces. It is important to consider that it should not be used as a tapeworm. The beauty of coniferous culture should be emphasized by other plants. If planted alone, the green needles will merge with the lawn.

Mountain pine Pumilio is a wonderful ornamental culture that fits perfectly into a variety of compositions. The plant does not require complex care and develops well even in difficult conditions. However, to preserve its decorative effect, you still need to follow some rules.

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