There is no uterus in the hive: what to do if it is gone and there is no brood, solving the problem

There is no uterus in the hive: what to do if it is gone and there is no brood, solving the problem

The uterus is the main individual of the bee colony. Not surprisingly, she is called the mother of almost all bees. She is responsible for the work of the entire bee clan and is engaged in laying eggs. The life cycle of a queen is 4-9 years. At the same time, experienced beekeepers do not advise keeping one queen for more than 2 years. However, sometimes there is a situation that it does not exist at all. In this case, beekeepers are interested: there is no queen in the hive - what should be done?

Cause of the problem

The following reasons lead to the absence of the uterus in summer:

  • was eaten by insectivorous birds during their flight;
  • was damaged and died during careless inspection;
  • is old and does not give offspring.

The beekeeper himself can destroy the uterus. This most often happens with inaccurate trimming of honeycombs. Also, the queen bee can fall to the ground when taking out the combs. If during this period there is no young brood in the hive that is suitable for incubation of the queen, the family will be orphaned.

Like any other living being, the queen bee can die of natural causes due to illness or old age. If the legs are damaged, it may fall to the bottom of the nest and not get up.

Because the beekeeper needs to constantly monitor their bee colonies. If there is no brood in September, this is considered an alarm.

How to detect absence

In large apiaries it is not always possible to open the hive and inspect the family. The beekeeper must be able to detect the absence of a queen in a closed house.

The main signs of such problems include the following:

  • Loss of bee colony interest in collecting pollen. If there is no queen in the hive, the bees need less and less food for the brood every day. As a result, they use up old stocks and produce little or no new pollen. To verify the activity of flying bees, it is worth literally a minute to stand near the hive. If during a normal summer no pollen collectors are visible, this is considered an alarm. Such a family is definitely recommended to be examined for the presence of a uterus.
  • Restless behavior of bees when opening a hive with a queenless colony. They buzz anxiously and take certain poses. Insects can also flap their wings quickly.
  • No one-day sowing. If, according to the results of the inspection of the nest, it is revealed, you should not worry. This means that there is a queen, and she is performing her functions. The absence of a one-day sowing may indicate the death of the uterus.

What to do if the queen is missing in the family of bees

If visually it was not possible to identify the queen, a control frame with a one-day sowing is required in the family. It should be taken from another colony. If after a day the bowls for queen cells are stretched, this indicates that there is no queen bee.

Even if there is an infertile queen in the bee colony, the bees can kill it, and only then start breeding a new one.

That's why it's so important to make sure there is no queen bee.

If the queen cells began to rebuild, no action should be taken. After 3 weeks, the uterus will begin to function. It is also permissible to place a ready-made mother liquor in the family.This contributes to a faster restoration of the strength of the bee nest. If there is a ready-made queen, it is recommended to plant her in a bee colony.

The sooner it is possible to identify the absence of the main bee in the hive, establish the causes of the problem and take measures to change the situation for the better, the more likely it is to correct the bee colony. Otherwise, it will turn into a tinder family. Soon the bees that make up its composition will die.

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