Angelia honey: useful properties and contraindications, how to use

Angelia honey: useful properties and contraindications, how to use

Diaghile honey is characterized by a high content of useful components. Because the product is often called elite. Its uniqueness is associated with miraculous healing properties. Therefore, this variety of bee nectar can be used to eliminate and prevent many pathologies. To get the desired effect, you must choose a natural product and strictly follow the instructions for its use.

Description and distinguishing features

This variety of honey is more typical for the northern regions of Russia. It is there that angelica grows, which is a two-year culture from the Umbelliferae family.During the flowering period, complex umbrellas of white-green color appear on this plant. This happens during the summer.

Angelica is concentrated in northern Europe and Asia. Large thickets of this culture are found in Western Siberia. She prefers damp places, therefore she often grows in thickets of bushes along reservoirs. In recent years, angelica has been cultivated as an ornamental plant.

This flower has pronounced medicinal properties and is considered an excellent honey plant. All the useful characteristics of the plant are inherent in honey from it. Angelica nectar has a pleasant taste and aroma. It is considered an elite variety. This is due to the following features:

  1. Color and fragrance. Angelica nectar is characterized by a beautiful rich shade. It can be different - from amber to dark brown. In addition, the product has a delicate and delicate aroma.
  2. Taste qualities. Nectar has a bright and rich taste. It has a slight bitterness and hints of caramel.
  3. Consistency and crystallization. This type of nectar is characterized by a viscous and thick texture. Angelica honey is not candied for a long time. After crystallization, it becomes viscous and fine-grained.

Composition and calorie content

Dyagilev honey not only has excellent taste, but is also considered very useful. It contains the following substances:

  • 80% carbs;
  • 34-39% glucose;
  • 38-45% fructose;
  • up to 28% protein;
  • up to 5% m altose.

The healing properties of this variety of honey are due to the presence of the following components in its composition:

  • beneficial plant enzymes;
  • a large number of vitamins - groups B, K, C;
  • ash substances;
  • natural biogenic stimulants;
  • amino acids;
  • tocopherol;
  • iron, calcium and other substances.

100 grams of the product contains about 330 kilocalories. Therefore, when using the product, it is important to remember the sense of proportion.

Useful properties

Altai angelica honey brings great benefits to the body. With it, you can get the following results:

  1. Strengthen the immune system.
  2. Get rid of fatigue, improve the functioning of the nervous system, increase body tone.
  3. Improve blood composition, normalize hemoglobin content, cleanse the body of toxic substances.
  4. To establish metabolic processes and strengthen muscles.
  5. Achieve a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect.
  6. Restore normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

In terms of medicinal properties, angelica honey surpasses many other varieties. This product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Traditional medicine

Today, angelica honey is used to combat many pathologies. Its effectiveness is directly related to the composition. During epidemics, it is enough to eat only 50 grams of honey in order to strengthen the immune system and resist viral infections. In case of infection, it is required to increase the dosage to 90-100 grams.

In folk medicine, moss product is used to combat such disorders:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system - bee nectar can be used for atherosclerosis, arterial hypertension, coronary disease;
  • bronchial asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia;
  • pathology of the upper respiratory tract - the product is effective for pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis;
  • ARVI;
  • oral diseases - the product successfully copes with the symptoms of stomatitis or gingivitis;
  • pathology of the urinary organs - bee nectar is good for cystitis and urethritis;
  • poisoning and intoxication of the body;
  • diseases of the digestive organs - the composition can be used for peptic ulcer, colitis, enteritis and other problems.

The use of this product helps to get rid of female diseases. With its help, it is possible to eliminate thrush and correct cycle disorders. The product also enhances lactation. However, before using it, a nursing mother should consult a doctor. This is due to the fact that honey is the strongest allergen.

Delicious and he althy recipes

There are quite a few good recipes based on angelica honey that help to cope with various problems:

  1. To prevent the development of a sore throat, it is worth gargling with a honey solution. To do this, take 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of s alt and soda for 250 milliliters of warm water.
  2. To get rid of boils, you need to cut a Kalanchoe leaf and put a little honey on it. Apply the resulting compress to the affected area and secure with a bandage.
  3. To cope with bronchitis, honey must be mixed with aloe juice and used in addition to the main therapy.

How to distinguish from a fake

Honey from Altai is quite expensive. Therefore, there are many fakes of this product on the market. To purchase a natural composition, it is recommended to consider the following:

  1. This strain can't be cheap. Therefore, too low a cost should arouse suspicion.
  2. Mature angelica honey may not be available before September.
  3. Fresh honey flows off the spoon rather quickly in a thin stream.
  4. When the composition is heated in a spoon, it will not burn, but will begin to melt and then boil.
  5. Too dark shade of the mass indicates the addition of burnt sugar.
  6. It is not recommended to buy honey from the refrigerator. Also, do not buy nectar that has stood in the sun.
  7. If the mass foams during transfusion, this indicates its immaturity.
  8. The composition should not be kept in copper, plastic or galvanized containers.
  9. The mass of 1 liter of honey must be at least 1.4 kilograms. If the weight is less, then the product is not ripe.

  • Don't buy a delaminated product.

Contraindications and harm

Angel's honey has a number of contraindications. It is not recommended to use it in such cases:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • obesity;
  • allergic to bee products;
  • hypersensitivity to product ingredients.

Storage rules

To use a high-quality and useful product, it needs to provide suitable storage conditions. In doing so, it is recommended to take into account the following:

  1. Store honey in a glass, ceramic or wooden container. At the same time, it should close tightly.
  2. The optimum temperature for storing the product is no more than +20 degrees.
  3. Nectar is best stored in a dark room without sudden temperature fluctuations.
  4. It is important to avoid contact of the mixture with metal objects. Oxidation will cause the product to spoil.

Angelia honey is a very valuable product that contains many unique components. Thanks to this, it can be used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

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