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How much spruce grows: how fast and at what speed per year, which affects the pace

How much spruce grows: how fast and at what speed per year, which affects the pace

Growing fir trees in summer cottages is becoming more and more popular. These crops are showy evergreens that are often used in landscape design. At the same time, not every person knows exactly how much spruce grows. However, this information is considered very important, as it helps to plan the design of the site. This process depends on many factors - the type and variety of wood, growing conditions, care.

What influences tree growth

The development of fir trees depends on many factors. These include the following:

  1. Quality characteristics and growing conditions for seedlings.
  2. Soil quality. Spruce is able to develop even in poor soil, but it should not be stagnant moisture. During the rainy season, grooves are required near the plant to avoid rotting of the root system of the tree.
  3. Illumination. Spruce grows quickly in sunny areas. In addition, sufficient illumination makes the needles of the plant brighter. The lack of light will affect the shape. The tree will begin to stretch and lose its decorative properties.
  4. Water. Spruce seedlings do not tolerate excessive soil moisture. However, they still need metered watering.
  5. Wind. If it blows constantly in one direction, there is a risk of deforming the tree and exposing one of its sides.
  6. Fertilization. In the absence of top dressing, spruce begins to lag behind in development. In addition, the deficiency of fertilizers negatively affects the shape of the culture and the color of the needles. To avoid such problems, it is worth using specialized compositions for conifers.
  7. Treatment for fungal infections and insects. In order for a tree to fully develop, it needs to be regularly processed. For this, spraying with insecticides and fungicides is carried out.
  8. Use protective barriers made of wooden cones or metal mesh. Such structures protect the tree from damage by animals and protect young shoots from large amounts of snow in winter.

Growth rate

Young spruces are characterized by slow development. At the initial stage, they can only grow a few centimeters a year.

When the plant adapts well, spruce will grow faster. In this case, the growth is from 8 to 50 centimeters. Of course, these are average figures. For example, ornamental dwarf crops develop much more slowly.

For dwarf

Such plants are characterized by a low growth rate. Therefore, they are ideal for small areas. As a rule, dwarf spruces grow by a maximum of 3-5 centimeters per year.

For average height

For such varieties of spruce, the growth of shoots at the level of 30-50 centimeters is typical. At the same time, the trunk increases by 10-15 centimeters per year, and the crown - by 8-15.

For ordinary

In the first year after planting, Norway spruce grows a maximum of 2-3 centimeters. Up to 10-15 years, the plant develops slowly. In height, it grows by 5-7 centimeters, and in width - by 2.

Trees 15-20 years old are characterized by a moderate growth rate. At this time, the trunk increases in height by 8 centimeters, and the crown - by 3. Upon reaching the age of 20, the common spruce begins to develop rapidly. At this stage, it increases by 16 centimeters in height and 6 centimeters in width.

How many years can spruce grow

A mature tree reaches its maximum height by 40-60 years. At this age, he comes of age. In general, spruce usually grows for 250-300 years. However, some specimens even live up to 600 years. Their fruiting continues up to 60 years.

Can this process be accelerated

In order for the spruce to grow and develop quickly, it is important to choose the right site for planting it. Trees grow best in well-lit areas. Proper fertilization will also help speed up the pace of development.

Culture responds well to fertilizing with a minimum nitrogen content. To accelerate the growth rate in spring, it is recommended to feed the tree with preparations such as Uniflor-bud and Uniflor-cactus. In this case, it is required to use 2-3 milliliters of the substance per 1-5 liters of water.

In summer or autumn, Uniflor-micro should be applied to the soil. At the same time, it is recommended to use 0.5 milliliters of the substance per 1 plant. It is also permissible to use other drugs - for example, Florovit or Agricol.

Foliar top dressings are highly effective. Experts advise giving preference to chelating agents that are designed specifically for coniferous crops.These, in particular, include the preparations "Quantum", "Autumn", "Oracle". Brexil Combi is also considered an effective remedy. Coniferous plants can also be fed with growth stimulants. To do this, you should use tools such as Kendal and Megafol.

To avoid the development of pathologies that slow down growth processes, it is recommended to use only disinfected garden tools for pruning. After the haircut is completed, the damaged areas should be treated with garden pitch or a solution of copper sulfate.

The development of spruce is distinguished by certain features. The growth rate of a crop directly depends on its variety and compliance with agrotechnical recommendations. At the same time, there are many methods that help accelerate the development of a coniferous tree. This requires choosing the right place for planting, watering the plant regularly and fertilizing systematically.

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