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How much cedar grows: when it begins to bear fruit after planting, the number of centimeters per year

How much cedar grows: when it begins to bear fruit after planting, the number of centimeters per year

Siberian cedar is a fairly common coniferous plant. It can reach a height of 44 meters. In this case, the diameter of the trunk is 2 meters. This tree has a significant life span, which can reach 500 years. At the same time, according to some sources, this period is 800 years. However, not every person knows how much exactly the cedar grows.

What determines growth

Cedar is a coniferous tree that belongs to the Pine family. There are several types of such cultures, each of which is characterized by certain features.It is noteworthy that in the fifteenth century there was a cedar grove near Yaroslavl. Individual trees from it still grow, although their age exceeds 400 years. It is impossible to set limits after so many years. The fact is that many trees are rotted from the inside.

Siberian cedar reaches a height of 44 meters. At the same time, its average life expectancy is 250 years. Today, however, undersized varieties are grown to a greater extent. The needles stay on the branches for 10 years, after which it is updated. Cones are placed on top of the tree.

Under natural conditions, the development of the cedar is extremely slow. A five-year-old seedling grows only 35 centimeters. From 15-25 years old, the tree grows by 35 centimeters during the year. When planting a crop in an open and well-lit area, its fruiting occurs after 15-30 years. If the plant competes with other trees, the first fruits appear only by the age of 40-50.

Cedar plants go through several main growth stages in their development:

  • initial phase - characterized by slow growth of culture and lasts for 5-10 years;
  • intensive phase - lasts 10-30 years;
  • final phase - culture gradually slows down its development.

The life span of cedar is approximately 500 years. At the same time, some varieties reach an age of 800 years. There are centenarians up to 3000 years old, but in nature they are extremely rare. Thus, while the tree reaches its maximum age, more than one generation of people has time to change.

The duration of the development of the cedar to the first cone is determined by many factors. Internal factors play a primary role in this. This concerns the features of the growth and development of a tree in its initial years of life.You should also take into account nutrition, external soil factors, location among other crops, the density of the forest.

Under natural conditions, cedars are in a state of constant struggle with other trees. Therefore, their fruiting begins later compared to their counterparts.

The pace and duration of development depend on the type and variety of cedar. The genus Pine includes Siberian and Korean varieties that are found in Russia. This also includes cedar elfin, which is a creeping culture. A tree that grows in wind-sheltered valleys reaches a height of 4-7 meters. By the age of 100, its trunk reaches 12 meters and has a thickness of 25 centimeters.

The dwarf pine is characterized by slow development. The average duration of her life is 300 years. The Korean cedar, which is listed in the Red Book, on the contrary, is a fast-growing species. It reaches a height of 40 meters. At the same time, by the age of 10, the plant has already increased to 1.7 meters.Fruiting culture begins at 20 years. However, in the early years, the young tree develops rather slowly. Its growth does not exceed 10-15 centimeters.

Often, pine cedars are characterized by early and intensive fruiting, but have a low growth rate. However, there are instances that differ in significant growth. For example, varieties Plantation, He-and-She add 50 centimeters per year. At the same time, the Subalpisky and Emerald varieties increase by 40 centimeters within 12 months.

Approximate periods of growth

Cedar has certain periods of growth and development. At the same time, the germination of seed material, the development of seedlings and mature trees have certain features.

How long do seeds germinate

To accelerate the rate of germination of seed material, they should be stratified before planting. This process needs to be done in stages:

  1. Pour hot water into a deep container and place nuts in it. Change the water to fresh water every day for 3 days. Floated nuts must be thrown away - they are empty.
  2. Treat the nuts with a solution with the addition of potassium permanganate and a fungicide. To do this, the composition must be diluted in a small container and the fruits should be placed there for several hours.
  3. Go to cold stratification. To do this, it is recommended to take fine sand and ignite it in the oven. After that, the nuts need to be mixed with sand in a ratio of 1: 3.
  4. Put the prepared compound into a cloth bag and put it in a wooden box with good ventilation.
  5. Remove the box on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator or in the cellar. For seed germination, a temperature of +4-6 degrees is required.

Every 2 weeks it is important to ventilate the bag to avoid rotting nuts. Germination of seed material will begin in 1-1.5 months.Planting seeds is required in open ground in the fall. In this case, sprouts can be expected in the spring. If the seeds are planted without pre-treatment, the cedar will begin to grow only after 1 year.

How long does it take for a seedling to grow

How fast seedlings grow depends on a number of factors. These include the following:

  • plant quality;
  • presence of damage to the root system and their size;
  • climatic conditions and weather conditions at the time of landing;
  • characteristics of the soil and parameters of its fertility;
  • quality of care;
  • air humidity parameters;
  • presence of other plants nearby;
  • exposure to rodents and harmful insects.

In the first year of life, the plant usually reaches 3 centimeters. The following year, the crop doubles or even more. On average, the growth of cedar is 3-5 centimeters per year. By the age of 4, seedlings reach a height of 20-30 centimeters.

When the first buds appear

The appearance of the first cones directly depends on the place where the crop is grown. In dense forests, cedar begins to bear fruit after a long time - after 60-70 years. If the culture grows in an open place, the fruits appear much earlier - at about 15-20 years of age. On average, the fruiting of a crop occurs at 25-30 years.

Growth rate of adult cedar

During the first 5 years, the cedar develops rather slowly. In this case, the culture can reach a height of 25-35 centimeters. By the age of 10, the tree grows up to 1.5 meters. However, from the age of 15, the growth rate is activated. At the same time, in 1 year the tree increases by 15-35 centimeters. With proper care during this time, the culture begins to bear fruit.

The development of the cedar has a number of features. The rate and duration of its growth depend on many factors - the variety and variety of the crop, climatic factors, proximity to other plants.Equally important is the composition of the soil and the implementation of agrotechnical rules when growing a tree in a summer cottage.

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