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How fast blue spruce grows: how many years and cm per year is added, how to speed up

How fast blue spruce grows: how many years and cm per year is added, how to speed up

Blue spruce is a common coniferous plant that is great for growing in garden plots. It is actively used in landscape design as a tapeworm or to create beautiful compositions. To get the desired result, it is important to understand how fast the blue spruce variety grows. It should be borne in mind that this crop has different growth rates, which depend on its variety and growing conditions.

What affects growth

The rate of crop growth directly depends on its variety. Also, this process is influenced by growing conditions.In order for the plant to develop normally, it is recommended to plant it in fertile and moderately moist soil. A suitable option would be loam, which is slightly acidic. If these recommendations are violated, there is a risk of slowing down or stopping growth, as well as worsening the development of the tree.

A weakened plant becomes an easy target for pests. In addition, it is subject to various diseases. This negatively affects the rate of height increase. In order for the tree to develop quickly, it needs to be watered in a timely manner and regularly fed.

When a tree stops growing

In the initial stages, the plant is characterized by slow growth. However, at 15-25 years old, the tree begins to rapidly increase in size. By the age of 30, growth slows down significantly. However, the blue spruce is able to grow shoots all its life.

Stages of development

Not everyone knows how long a culture lives and how it develops. During the first 10-15 years, the plant is characterized by slow growth. Gradually, its intensity increases. At the same time, the tree grows throughout its life.

Adult plant annually increases by 30 centimeters in height and 15 in diameter. An annual seedling usually does not exceed 4 centimeters. By the age of five, its height is already 50 centimeters, and the diameter of the crown is 30. By the age of 10, the tree increases to 2.4 meters. At the same time, its width is 1 meter.

By the age of 12, the culture reaches 4 meters in height, and at 40 years old, it is possible to get a 15-meter tree with a diameter of 3 meters. At 60 years old, the size of a spruce is 17 meters. In this case, the girth reaches 4 meters.

Growth rate

Blue Christmas trees vary in size and variety. Depending on this, their growth rates change significantly.

For dwarfs

Dwarf varieties grow for a long time. In addition, they rarely exceed 3-4 meters in height. Most of these plants belong to the bush forms.At the same time, their height is a maximum of 50-60 centimeters. In fast-growing varieties, growth reaches 5-6 centimeters per year. Other species increase by a maximum of 2.5 centimeters.

For average height

Such species can reach 10-20 meters in height. At the same time, their growth rate is 10-15 centimeters per year. Some varieties are characterized by more rapid growth. Their growth reaches 30 centimeters.

For commons

Immediately after planting, Norway spruce grows by 3-4 centimeters per year. Over the next 15 years, growth will reach 10-20 centimeters. Then the pace will increase slightly. As a result, the tree will grow up to 25-30 meters.

Is it possible to speed up or slow down this process

The pace of blue spruce development can be slightly adjusted. Moreover, this is done both in the direction of increase and in the direction of decrease. To stimulate development processes, it is recommended to use fertilizers and growth stimulants.The crop requires regular foliar fertilization. It is best to use conifer complexes for this purpose.

Growth stimulants will also be an excellent solution. When choosing a specific drug, it is worth giving preference to a product containing vitamins, polyamides and polysaccharides. Such substances stimulate the development of culture and saturate it with all the necessary elements.

To slow down the development of a tree, it needs to be pinched. This procedure helps to turn an ordinary spruce variety into a dwarf one. At the same time, this manipulation helps to adjust not only the height. With its help, it is possible to adjust the width of the tree and its shape.

Pinch out shoots required annually or at intervals of 12 months. The specific frequency depends on the growth rate. The procedure is important to carry out according to the rules. The tip is the fastest growing. Therefore, to begin with, it is worth breaking it off, after which it is necessary to find a neighboring side shoot, which is characterized by slow development, and direct it upwards.This branch certainly needs to be fixed vertically using a support.

The development of blue spruce depends on its variety and care. If necessary, the rate of growth of crop height can be changed. However, one should not expect rapid development from the plant. All coniferous crops develop rather slowly.

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