Ratunda for the winter: recipes and top 3 ways to prepare blanks, storage

Ratunda for the winter: recipes and top 3 ways to prepare blanks, storage

Delicious recipes for making ratunda for the winter will interest everyone. Sweet pepper is not in vain considered a regular in many snacks. It contains vitamins, trace elements that the body needs all year round, and not just in summer. It remains to be learned how to properly prepare the pepper in order to preserve its taste, juiciness, and bright tones of the slices. And use the recipe.

Features of cooking round pepper for the winter

Bulgarian pepper is deservedly popular among housewives in fresh, canned form. Sweet, juicy, tasty - you can create quite a lot of different salads and preparations from it.The main thing is to select for conservation a clean, he althy pepper that is not spoiled by diseases and pests. And how to apply it later - cut into rings, slices, whole - it's up to you.

How to properly prepare the main ingredient

The central figure, the "main character" of our blanks is pepper. It should be moderately ripe, in no case sluggish, preferably fresh (not frozen). Fruits with traces of damage by pests, diseases are rejected immediately. You should also not use outwardly faded, deformed peppers. Best of all for conservation (especially whole) are large, approximately the same size, ripe rounds.

Pepper is washed in warm running water without the addition of synthetic products. We cut off the tail. If it is planned to harvest whole fruits, then the peppers are not peeled. For conservation in cutting the seeds, the stalk will have to be removed. It remains to pick up other ingredients, start preparing delicious peppers for the winter.

Clean, washed fruits are laid out on a dry cotton towel: this way the rounds will dry out faster. You will also need garlic, oil, granulated sugar, table s alt, table vinegar. All in the amount required by the recipe.

Recipes for winter preparations

Sweet pepper is good in the classic recipe, with butter. It is not bad to preserve fruits in honey, tomato. In winter, it will be especially pleasant to serve a savory appetizer marinated with other vegetables, ratunda ingredients.

Classic Butter Recipe

To begin with, we select peppercorns - he althy, ripe, without wormholes. The brighter, more spectacular they look, the more pleasant it will be to open, put a jar of preservation on the table. What you need (look at the table):

Number 3S alt10 grams 4 5 Garlic2 cloves Peppercorns Pure water Vegetable oil
1Rounda 600 grams
2Sugar60 grams
Acetic essence70 milliliters
4 pieces7
700 milliliters8
10 milliliters

The quantity can be adjusted according to your own needs. It is easy to count it. We start cooking by choosing a pan of a suitable volume. Pour water into it, put on fire, bringing to a boil. This is the basis for the marinade: s alt, sugar are successively added (with thorough mixing). They should dissolve completely.

Now we make the fire to a minimum, put peppercorns, pre-peeled, chopped garlic in a bowl. Almost at the end, pour oil, throw in allspice peas. Without increasing the flame, cover the pan with a lid, leave it in this form for 15 minutes. Now the final chord: pour vinegar, hold for another minute.

Next, while the pepper is standing (another 15 minutes), we will sterilize the container. It remains to shift the workpiece into a jar (tightly, without gaps), boil the marinade, pour the contents, roll up the lid. Ratunda is ready for the winter.

With honey

Pepper with honey will not be too sugary, you don't have to worry about that. Spicy lovers can change the flavor tone by adding garlic. But first - a recipe for ratunda in honey according to the standard version. What you will need:

  • ripe peppers (about 40-50 pieces);
  • honey bee;
  • vegetable oil;
  • acetic essence.

The most interesting thing is that there is no water at all! And vinegar, honey and oil are taken for the marinade in equal proportions. If the honey is thick, it must be carefully melted in a water bath. Then the components are mixed in a container of a suitable size. It does not hurt to add s alt there (1 tablespoon).

If the brew is too thick, it is allowed to dilute it with water. Peppers are washed, peeled, cut into strips.In the meantime, the marinade is brought to a boil. When the ratunda is poured into the pan, it is boiled for about 5 minutes. After that, the pepper is loaded into pre-washed, sterilized glass containers.

Pour preservation with the same composition in which the pepper was boiled. Cans are rolled up in the standard way.

To make honey pepper hotter, you need garlic. The complete list of components looks like this:

  • pepper - 2.5 kilograms;
  • garlic - 12-15 cloves (to taste);
  • bay leaf (1 piece per jar);
  • table s alt - 1 teaspoon;
  • bee honey - 4 tablespoons;
  • pure water - 500 milliliters;
  • vinegar essence - 1 tablespoon.

The combination of garlic and honey gives an explosive mixture, a unique spicy-spicy taste.Just what you need for the winter table. My pepper, clean, cut into strips, removing the core, partitions. The garlic is finely minced or minced. Meanwhile, over low heat, the marinade begins to cook: water, honey and vinegar with s alt. Next, garlic (2-3 cloves), 1 bay leaf is laid out in pre-prepared (clean and sterilized) jars. Then pepper is placed on top. It remains to fill the workpiece with hot marinade, soak the jars in a water bath for 5 minutes, roll up the lids.

In tomato marinade

Ratunda is delicious in tomato. Anyone who cooks peppers according to this recipe can be convinced of this. Needed:

  • pepper (6 kilograms);
  • tomato juice, homemade or store bought (4 liters);
  • granulated sugar (2 tablespoons);
  • sunflower oil (1 tablespoon);
  • s alt (4 tablespoons);
  • vinegar (1 tablespoon).

My pepper, clean, cut in half. The juice is heated to a boil, sugar, s alt, vinegar and oil are added there. You can also throw a couple of peas of allspice, bay leaf. In the composition, it is necessary to boil the round for 5 minutes.

Then the peppers are laid out in jars, filled with the same composition, rolled up.

Storage rules

If the recipe with vinegar is used, and the glass containers are sterilized according to all the rules, you can not worry about the safety of the pepper. It will also work perfectly outside the refrigerator, in the pantry or closet. It is advisable not to store preservation for longer than a year, use it as soon as possible. And then prepare a fresh appetizer, according to new recipes.

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