Hemp honey: description and composition, what is a butane product, contraindications

Hemp honey: description and composition, what is a butane product, contraindications

Hemp is not a honey plant, but the French beekeeper proved to the whole world that even in this case, you can get natural honey from the pollen and resin of the plant. Hemp bee honey is characterized by a light green hue and a pleasant herbal taste; it is actively used in traditional and folk medicine in different countries of the world. What is useful for an unusual beekeeping product, and how to use it correctly, we will look into the details further.


Natural hemp honey is not officially recognized in beekeeping, but it exists and helps to cope with many diseases.On the shelves of markets and shops, such a product is not found. The Dagestan national sweet urbech and hemp butane honey can replace it.

Dagestan urbech is not only tasty, but also a he althy delicacy. The product is made from natural flower nectar, butter and hemp seeds.

  1. The seeds are roasted and ground to a smooth, oily consistency.
  2. Next, nectar is mixed in equal proportions with butter and grated grains are added.
  3. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed and placed in small containers with a tight-fitting lid.

Sweetness is used to strengthen immunity, improve overall he alth and as a prevention of colds. Healing sweets contain substances that improve blood composition, help with anemia and beriberi.

Also, the healing mixture has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the heart, nervous and digestive systems, restores the he althy state of the skin and hairline of the body, helps with gynecological inflammatory processes, improves potency.

Hemp seed honey oil is obtained by treating the ingredients with purified butane gas. A plant for the production of a valuable and healing product has been built in North America.

Hemp is placed in a special device, where, under the influence of gas, chemical processes occur in the product, and moisture is released from the plant. Further, the resulting liquid is heated, and it turns into a thick, plastic sweetness of a yellowish-brownish hue, which is similar in taste and aroma to the popular bee nectar.

Due to its unique composition, butane honey is successfully used to treat alcoholism and drug addiction, has a strong analgesic effect.

Important! Butane is a combustible, explosive substance, therefore it is forbidden to make a hemp analogue of honey at home.

Composition and calorie content of hemp honey

Nectar obtained from hemp in natural conditions has not yet been studied, so it is too early to talk about its properties, composition and calorie content. But the affordable and he althy sweetness of urbech from honey and vegetable seeds surpasses many he althy foods in terms of the vitamins and nutrients it contains.

The composition of the plant includes many rare amino acids necessary for the human body, and a small handful of seeds is the supplier of the daily norm of proteins and fats. The calorie content of such a product is high, there are 560 energy units per 100 g.

Also includes:

  • vegetable protein that is easily absorbed by the human body;
  • many amino acids, among which are globulin and albumin, which contribute to the formation of various antibodies in the body and increase the resistance of immunity to various diseases;
  • useful fatty acids are represented by Omega 3 and Omega 6, protect the body from inflammation and the development of neoplasms;
  • large amount of vitamins represented by ascorbic acid, vitamin B line, nicotinic acid, vitamins A, E and F;
  • many macro- and micronutrients necessary for the smooth and proper functioning of the human body.

Important! The healing delicacy does not contain impurities, chemical additives, preservatives and dyes.

How is it obtained?

Natural hemp honey is obtained from the resinous secretions of the plant, which are collected by bees in the absence of flowering honey plants in the region.

The harvested bee product enters the hives, where it mixes with the already existing flower honey and pollen. Due to the resin, the product acquires a delicate emerald hue and a pleasant grassy aftertaste and aroma.

You can make your own hemp honey at home. To do this, hemp seeds are mixed with bee nectar, various nuts, sunflower or pumpkin seeds are added to taste. The learned sweetness is consumed fresh, added to drinks or pastries.

Contraindications and harm

Any beekeeping product, along with useful properties, has a number of contraindications. Hemp honey is considered a high-calorie product, therefore, if you are overweight and at the time of losing weight, it is not recommended to include a treat in your diet.

It is also forbidden to use the healing mixture for people prone to allergic reactions. With great care, vitamin nectar is introduced into the diet for urolithiasis and individual food intolerance.

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