Black honey: 5 varieties, their benefits and harms, rules for use

Black honey: 5 varieties, their benefits and harms, rules for use

When you meet black honey on the counter, you will probably be surprised. But there is nothing strange in this: this variety of bee products has such a color for a reason. Its honey plants are special plants, and not just chestnuts or buckwheat - cultures, honey from which is also dark. Due to the black color, a potential consumer may doubt the quality of sweetness. Therefore, you need to figure out where honey has such a color, and how this unusual product is useful.

Why is honey black

It should be noted right away that black and dark honey are different products. The first one acquires its color due to the fact that bees, in addition to nectar, begin to collect honeydew and some other components from plants.For example, honeydew is a sweet substance left behind by herbivorous insects.

The black color of honey may indicate that not all combs were filled in the hive. The most common cause is an unfavorable year, characterized by a lack of nectar or pollen on the flowers. Therefore, insects, wanting to fill all the honeycombs without exception in the hive, were forced to collect additional components from the flowers.

But an unusual color is not a reason to consider a black bee product "not honey." It also has useful properties, although its composition is somewhat poorer.

Black grades

Unusual honey variety looks like black coffee or chocolate - it is so rich, and its color is deep and mysterious. The following varieties of bee products are considered the best.


There is no separate black variety of Egyptian honey. This is a whole group of sweet products, which includes cane and caraway varieties of bee products. More precisely, one of these types of honey is made by bees, but the other is not.


Nectar for him bees collect in the highlands of Egypt from the surface of black cumin. The bee product is characterized by a chocolate color, despite the fact that the color of the umbrella inflorescences of the plant is white. The secret is simple: it is only on the outside that the culture is light, but on the inside it is dark. Therefore, honey, after processing the collected raw materials by bees, immediately darkens.

Cane black honey is an amazing product. The Egyptians never use it just like that: they save the sweetness for a special occasion. They do not unreasonably consider it a valuable medicine, because the product has proven its usefulness and effectiveness in the fight against many diseases.


This kind of sweet substance also has an unusually deep dark color. But the mass is not honey, since it is not produced by bees.

The cane sweet product is the so-called Egyptian molasses.

It is obtained from cane juice, and in its composition it is more like an extract. In the original language, this "honey" is called molasses.

Special useful properties, when compared with a true bee product, sweetness does not have. It is simply a confectionery treat that is great for use in cooking.


Honeydew honey does not always resemble resin in color. Sometimes it can differ in chocolate or cognac tones - its palette depends on the specific honey plant from which honeydew or honeydew was collected. An important role is played by the place of collection of raw materials, the climatic zone, the color of honey flowers, tree species and many other factors.

The most common types of honeydew honey are the following bee products:

  • spruce;
  • fir;
  • pine;
  • larch.

As you can see, honeydew black honey is obtained mainly when bees collect honeydew from coniferous trees. The product has exquisite taste properties with a clear taste of pine needles. Additionally, greenish streaks can be seen in it, which are a hallmark of such sweetness.

Taiga black honey

This unusual product has not only a deep, rich black color, but also a red "shine". This range is given to it by coniferous honey plants growing in the taiga.

Interesting fact. The more nectar of mountain plants is contained in the composition of sweetness, the richer its shade.

And vice versa: an increased concentration of pollen from forbs makes the bee product lighter.

Useful and harmful properties

Of all the existing varieties of black honey, the Egyptian product obtained from cumin flowers is considered the most useful. It has an impressive list of healing properties thanks to:

  • antibacterial properties;
  • pain-killing abilities;
  • anti-inflammatory activity;
  • immunostimulating effect;
  • regenerating, wound healing actions;
  • the ability to tone the body.

Black honey is considered a remedy, if not for all, then definitely for many diseases. Recommended for:

  • gastric pain;
  • liver disease;
  • pathological lesions of the gallbladder;
  • colds;
  • intestinal disorders;
  • cardiovascular disorders;
  • dermatological diseases.

It is useful to use black honey at elevated body temperature, sore throat, eye pathologies. Complicated inflammations that occur in the body pass much faster under the influence of the sweetness component of this variety.

The bee product is also used in cosmetology. On its basis, masks are made for the skin of the face and body, hair, nails. It is dissolved in water for the purpose of further use for softening baths for dry corns, corns, rough skin of the feet or heels.

But, despite all the useful properties, such honey also has contraindications. It is not recommended to use it when available:

  • allergies to bee products;
  • overweight;
  • exacerbations of chronic diseases of the digestive tract;
  • oncological processes in the body;
  • diabetes.

Black honey varieties should not be included in the diet during pregnancy and lactation without the permission of a doctor.

How to use it correctly

Black honey varieties do not have to be taken daily. They are best used for a specific purpose: for example, to strengthen the immune system or treat certain diseases.

Take the product on an empty stomach, half an hour before meals. A single dosage of the product for an adult is 10 milliliters. You need to use sweet medicine for 2 months, and then you should take a break.

Before taking the substance must be stirred in a glass of warm tea or milk, and then immediately drink the resulting solution. Such a drink invigorates well, increases energy reserves, facilitates nasal breathing, and softens the throat.

When is black honey not honey?

The described variety of cane sweet product, as already known, is not considered a full-fledged honey. These are the remains of a sweet substance that remains after processing the cane. In fact, it is just boiled sugar syrup, although it has a pleasant taste. It is characterized by a caramel smell, a homogeneous consistency, as well as the absence of crystallization. The calorie content of the product is 290 kilocalories per 100 grams of sweet mass.

Black honey is an unusual but useful variety of bee products.Despite the low concentration of vitamins, it contains many minerals, amino acids, and phytohormones. But among several of the most popular varieties of treats, there is a fake sweet that has no special value other than a pleasant taste and aroma. Therefore, it is used only in cooking.

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