Accurate honey: useful properties and contraindications, how to distinguish a fake

Accurate honey: useful properties and contraindications, how to distinguish a fake

Akkuraev honey is a fairly valuable product that has a complex effect on the body. The composition is extremely rare, because it is often faked. At the same time, only a natural product brings benefits to the body. It contains a large number of vitamins and minerals. This allows the use of nectar for the treatment and prevention of many pathologies.

What is akura honey

Akkuray honey is a very rare beekeeping product from Bashkiria. The fact is that the plant from which the bees make this nectar has a limited habitat.

This variety differs from other varieties in its special taste, shade and aroma. Bees collect nectar from late spring to early summer. Immediately after pumping, the substance is a transparent mass. However, soon it crystallizes and acquires a creamy fine-grained consistency. Akkuray honey is characterized by a white color with a slight yellowish tint. The composition has a mild and delicate taste.

This honey does not leave a bitter-tart aftertaste and almost no smell. The composition of the product includes biologically active substances. They are easily absorbed by the human body and produce a therapeutic effect on it.

Composition and calorie content

The energy value of 100 grams of nectar is about 330 kilocalories. At the same time, approximately 400 different components are included in the composition of Akkuray honey.Most of them are complex carbohydrates, proteins, minerals. The composition includes sulfur, bromine, potassium, fluorine, lithium, magnesium.

Also, the product contains water-soluble acids - tartaric, lactic, citric. It also contains valuable vitamins - groups B, C, E, PP. In addition, the product includes a special component - furanocoumarin. Its compounds have a positive effect on metabolic processes.

Where does akkuray grow and how is the honey collected from it different?

This type of honey is obtained from Akkuray or Psoralea stone fruit. This plant belongs to the category of perennial medicinal crops. Its flowering lasts only 2 months a year - in May and June. This flower belongs to the legume family. It is most often found in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries.

Akkuray reaches a height of 1.5 meters. Its fruits and roots are often used in medicine. This is due to their special healing properties.

Some beekeepers even transport hives to flowering sites carefully to obtain a valuable and expensive product. This type of honey is extremely rare, and therefore has a high cost.

Benefits for the body for humans

Useful properties of akura honey have been known since ancient times. It contains vitamins, complex carbohydrates, minerals and phytoncides. Because honey is extremely beneficial for he alth. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

This product achieves a number of beneficial effects:

  1. Fructose and glucose, which are quickly absorbed, help strengthen the immune system, improve well-being, and increase appetite.
  2. High content of B vitamins helps eliminate signs of nervous overexcitation, depression, asthenia. Also, these components improve sleep and restore the functions of the nervous system.
  3. The benefit of the product is expressed in antimicrobial characteristics. This helps to use it to eliminate inflammation.
  4. The antiseptic properties of the product allow it to be used to treat damaged areas on the skin and mucous membranes of the oral cavity.
  5. Helps improve the appearance of hair and skin. With its help, you can get rid of age spots.

An important advantage of acura nectar is its ability to maintain healing properties for a long time. This is of great importance in the spring, when the supply of useful elements in the human body runs out.

Use in traditional medicine and cosmetology

Accurate honey is often used in folk medicine. It helps to get rid of such a complex disease as psoriasis. The remedy is often used as an additional ingredient in the treatment of skin cancer.

In addition, Akura honey is often called a female product. It helps to cope with many pathologies of the genital organs - primarily with thrush and cervical erosion.

Also, the remedy is used to treat such pathologies:

  1. Nasopharyngeal lesions. To facilitate the course of such ailments, it is recommended to perform rinsing with a special agent. To make it, you need to take 1 tablespoon of honey and lemon juice and mix with half a glass of beetroot juice. Then dilute the composition with 1 liter of warm water and use it to irrigate the pharynx 4 times a day.
  2. Cold pathologies. To increase the body's resistance and minimize the chance of complications, it is important to consume 1 small spoonful of bee nectar after each meal.
  3. Gynecological diseases. In this case, the product is combined with herbal decoctions. They are prepared from pharmacy chamomile, calendula, string. It is recommended to soak tampons with this solution and douching.
  4. Psoriasis, pathology of the scalp. In this case, it is required to prepare a composition based on honey, egg white and celandine. The resulting mixture is recommended to be added to the baby cream. With this tool, you need to treat the affected areas 2 times a day.
  5. Inflammation of the organ of vision. To get rid of conjunctivitis or blepharitis, the eyes should be washed with honey solution 2 times a day. To prepare a useful remedy, it is recommended to take 1 tablespoon of honey and 100 milliliters of warm water.

Moderate consumption of the product has a positive effect on intestinal motility. It helps to eliminate constipation. This is due to the high content of dietary fiber in the mass.

This product is often used in cosmetics. It is added to creams and masks for the face, body and hair. The composition helps to smooth the skin and has a rejuvenating effect on it.

The use of the product helps to eliminate pigmentation, get rid of wrinkles, make skin tone more natural. In addition, akura honey makes hair softer and stops hair loss.

Storage rules

It is important to properly store Akkurayevsky honey. Thanks to this, it will not deteriorate and will not lose its taste. It is believed that the product has an unlimited shelf life. It is best to keep the composition in a glass or clay container with a tightly closed lid. It is recommended to do this at a temperature of + 5-20 degrees. Honey should be in a dark place - it is important that it is not exposed to direct sunlight.

How to recognize a natural product?

Akkura honey is considered very useful, but is extremely rare. That is why it is often faked. In order not to run into counterfeit products, you should buy the product exclusively from trusted suppliers.

In any case, it is important to check the quality of the honey. First of all, the liquid consistency of the product should raise doubts. The mass remains liquid for only a few months, after which it certainly acquires a thick consistency. This means that it is almost impossible to buy a liquid product in winter.

To distinguish a fake, you should pay attention to the color of the treat. It is important that the honey is not completely white. This indicates the addition of sugar syrup. Too dark a shade or caramel flavor indicates a low quality product. It is likely that the nectar was heated or melted. Unequivocal fake is honey that has stratified, acquired an ugly structure or contains signs of fermentation.

Contraindications and harm

Since there are many biologically active components in Akkuray honey, it must be used very carefully. Serious contraindications to the use of this substance include the following:

  1. Allergic reactions. Before using the product, you should definitely do an allergy test.
  2. Diabetes. The product contains a lot of sugars. Therefore, it is forbidden for diabetics to use it.
  3. Overweight. The product is characterized by a very high calorie content, because it will slow down the process of losing weight.

Akkura honey is considered a valuable product that has almost no analogues. It has excellent taste and can be used for the treatment and prevention of various pathologies. Also, this product is often used in cosmetology.

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