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Chistogryad herbicide: instructions for use and composition, principle of action

Chistogryad herbicide: instructions for use and composition, principle of action

Cleanbed is a relatively new weed killer with excellent results. The substance is considered a continuous herbicide and desiccant. Instructions for use of the herbicide "Cleanbed" should be clearly followed. Only with strict adherence to dosages can you get good results and get rid of weeds.


This versatile herbicide has a general exterminating effect. Its action is aimed at the destruction of annual and perennial weeds - cereals and dicotyledons.The substance enters weeds through foliage or other green fragments and spreads to the rest of the organs, reaching the roots.

Herbicide inhibits the production of aromatic amino acids. This provokes the defeat of growth points and the death of underground and aboveground organs. Obvious signs of a herbicidal effect on annual weeds become visible after 4-5 days, on perennial weeds - after 7-10 days. First, the leaves turn yellow, then turn brown and dry. Later, the stems and root system die off. It takes 2-3 weeks for weeds to completely die off.

To make a working fluid, you need to combine a certain amount of product with 1 liter of water and mix thoroughly. Then add water to get the required volume. Specific dosages are shown in the table:

Treatment features Working solution costs 100 milliliters per 6 liters of waterSpraying vegetative weeds 10-20 days before planting potatoes, vegetables, flower plants.
Grass and dicot weeds

Autumn spraying of weeds after harvest.

3 liters per 100 square meters
Grain and dicotyledonous weeds, including malignant weeds100 milliliters per 4 liters of water

Composition of the product

The product is available as an aqueous solution. In 1 liter of the substance there are 360 grams of glyphosate acid. A variety of packages are on sale - ampoules of 10 or 25 milliliters, bottles in boxes of 50 or 100 milliliters. Larger bottles of 450, 500 or 900 milliliters are also available.

Why use

The drug "Chistogryad" is designed to combat annual and perennial weeds - cereals and dicotyledonous. It is used for spraying vegetative plants before planting potatoes, vegetables, flower plants. Also, the composition is used before planting the lawn.It can be used to kill unwanted vegetation after harvest.

How it affects weeds

The basis of the drug is the isopropylamine s alt of glyphosate. The substance enters the plant and disrupts the metabolism of weeds. In this case, the enzymatic synthesis of amino acids is delayed. Along with the movement of juices, glyphosate gets into every particle of the plant, including the roots.

The first symptoms of weed damage can be seen approximately 1.5 weeks after treatment. After 3 weeks, the herbs completely dry out and die. It is required to process plants from a spray bottle on the leaves. The fact is that the root system will not fully absorb toxic substances.


Processing should be carried out only in personal protective equipment. First of all, it is worth protecting your face and hands. Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited during work. Spilled parts of the working fluid should be immediately sprinkled with a layer of sand, earth or other sorbent.It is recommended to wash the packaging of the product immediately and dispose of it in specially designated places. It is forbidden to reuse washed containers.

In case of drug poisoning, a person needs timely assistance:

  1. If it gets on the skin, remove the solution with cotton wool and wash the area thoroughly with soap.
  2. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with clean running water.
  3. If a substance enters the respiratory tract, remove the person from the area of action and change clothes. You should also rinse your mouth with water.
  4. If the product enters the body, give a suspension of activated charcoal and plenty of water to drink.

Helpful tips

When using the tool, you must follow a number of important recommendations:

  1. In hot and dry weather, weed spraying is recommended in the morning and evening. In a severe drought, planting is not worth processing.
  2. If the foliage of weeds is covered with a layer of dust and the herbicide is difficult to penetrate into the plants, it is better to wait for rainfall and only then apply the substance.
  3. Do not spray if there is a risk of precipitation within 4-6 hours after spraying.
  4. It is not recommended to use the product if the wind speed exceeds 5 meters per second.
  5. It is important to avoid drift of the substance to crop plants and forest belts.
  6. For effective control of perennial plants, the soil may be cultivated not earlier than 2 weeks after treatment. Earlier soil treatment can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the product.
  7. Be sure to take into account the development phase of perennial weeds during spraying. It is best to carry out processing during the predominant outflow of plastic elements to the roots.

Possible analogues

The most effective analogues of a substance include the following:

  • Fighter;
  • "Typhoon";
  • Agrokiller;
  • "Strizh".

Cleanbed is an effective herbicide that helps control a range of weeds. In order for the product to give the desired result, it is important to strictly adhere to the rules for its use and observe the dosage when applying the composition.

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