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Herbicide Pixel: instructions for use and composition, principle of action

Herbicide Pixel: instructions for use and composition, principle of action

"Pixel" is a fairly powerful herbicide that provides extra-soft protection for wheat and barley crops. The agent acts even at the later stages of development of cultivated plants. With its help, it is possible to control sensitive weeds throughout the growing season. To get a tangible effect, the instructions for using the herbicide "Pixel" should be clearly followed.

What is this

Pixel is an effective herbicide. It belongs to the chemical classes of sulfonylurea and triazolpyrimidines. The tool has a wide spectrum of action and does not have a phytotoxic effect on cultivated plants.

Looks like

The substance is available as an oil dispersion. On sale it can be found in packages of 5 and 10 liters.


The product is characterized by a combined composition. It includes several active components at once. The following ingredients are present in 1 liter of the substance:

  • 90 grams of thifensulfuron-methyl;
  • 24 grams of flumetsulam;
  • 18 grams of florasulam.

What is used for

The drug is used for the destruction of annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds. The tool has a pronounced effect on the blue cornflower, different types of highlander, ragweed. It also successfully destroys field forget-me-not, field mustard, self-seed poppy and many other weeds.

Mechanism of action

The effectiveness of the herbicide is due to the combined composition. Each of the components of the tool has a unique effect:

  1. Thifensulfuron-methyl enters weeds through foliage and root systems. It easily moves through the phloem and xylem. The composition inhibits the activity of the acetolactate synthase enzyme, provokes a violation of cell division, causes a cessation of growth and further death of weeds.
  2. Florasulam has a systemic effect. It enters plants through the foliage and root system. In this case, the substance does not penetrate into the grains. The principle of action of this component is to suppress acetolactate synthase. This enzyme is thought to be central to the formation of leucine, valine, and isoleucine.
  3. Flumetsulam inhibits the activity of acetolactate synthase. Due to the content of florasulam and flumetsulam, the drug has a wide range of applications. It can be used from the beginning of tillering until the appearance of the flag leaf.Also, the substance is able to control dicotyledonous weeds in the last stages of development. "Pixel" acts even on products that are resistant to other substances. At the same time, aftereffect on subsequent plants is not typical for him.

Drug Benefits

The main advantages of the drug "Pixel" include the following:

  • high efficiency and speed - this is due to the innovative form of release and the presence of a synergistic effect of active components;
  • control sensitive weeds throughout the growing season;
  • quick effect - complete death of plants occurs 2-3 weeks after treatment;
  • lack of phytotoxicity - this is true subject to regulations;
  • soft effect on crops - the use of the product does not create herbicide stress and does not provoke a decrease in yield;
  • low usage rates;
  • modern release form.

Tips for beginners

In order for the remedy to give the desired effect, it is important to strictly adhere to the dosage. In this case, it is recommended to focus on the information presented in the table: Crops

Weeds Processing rulesWaiting period (number of treatments) Spray plantings from the tillering stage to the formation of the second internode. 200-300 liters of working substance are required per 1 hectare.
0.25-0.3Wheat and barleyDicotyledonous weeds, including various types of thistle and thistle
60 (1)

"Pixel" is an effective herbicide that helps to get rid of different types of weeds. In order for the substance to give the desired result, it is important to strictly follow the instructions.

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