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Herbicide Status Max: instructions for use and composition, principle of action

Herbicide Status Max: instructions for use and composition, principle of action

"Status Max" is a three-component herbicide that protects cereal plants from dicotyledonous weeds. This drug is highly effective, which is associated with a combined composition. To achieve good results from the use of the Status Max herbicide, the instructions for its use should be clearly followed. In this case, you must follow the dosage and the rules for processing plantings.

What is used for

The drug is actively used for the destruction of annual dicotyledonous weeds and some perennials. When using the substance, its active components enter the weed through the leaves, are absorbed by them and move through the plant.As a result, acetolactate synthase is suppressed, which leads to a disruption in the production of important amino acids - leucine, valine and isoleucine.

As a result, weeds develop anthocyanin coloration. Also, the plants turn yellow, and their veins become discolored. Within a day after the product enters the structure of the grass, the development of shoots and the root system completely stops. Visible signs of damage appear after 5-7 days. At the same time, sensitive species die in 2-3 weeks - this does not depend on the weather and soil moisture.

Composition of the drug

The substance is produced in the form of water-dispersible granules. The composition of the drug includes several active components at the same time. In 1 kilogram of the product there are the following ingredients:

  • 500 grams of thifensulfuron-methyl;
  • 250 grams tribenuron-methyl;
  • 80 grams of florasulam.

Advantages over other substances

The main advantages of the Status Max herbicide include the following:

  • maximum content of active substances - due to this, low consumption rates are achieved;
  • possibility of effective destruction of the tenacious bedstraw;
  • the synergistic effect of all active ingredients - due to this, the range of application of the substance is significantly expanded;
  • destruction of carrion of previous crops, including resistant varieties to sulfonylurea and imidozolines;
  • presence of cross-spectrum, effectiveness against broomstick and sprouts of cereal weeds;
  • synergistic effect when applied simultaneously with anticereal herbicides;
  • wide window of use - composition can be applied up to the appearance of the second internode;
  • lack of aftereffect - this is due to the rapid decomposition of the remains of the substance;
  • high selectivity - the drug does not harm cultivated plants;
  • effect on enzymes that are exclusively found in plants - due to this, the product does not harm people, animals and insects;
  • compatibility with various fungicides, growth promoters and insecticides.

Use Tips

The drug is recommended for use in the morning or evening. This should be done at wind speeds up to 4-5 meters per second. The use of the substance in private households is prohibited. Also, it cannot be used with the help of aircraft. Another restriction on the use of herbicide is the treatment of cultivated plants located in the sanitary zone of fish farms.

In order for the use of the product to give results, it is worth sticking to the dosage.For the processing of cereals, it is recommended to focus on the information presented in the table:

Substance consumption rate, kilograms per hectare Processing method and timeWaiting period (number of treatments) Spraying plantings at the stage of entering the tube.
Spring and winter wheat and barleyDicotyledon weeds0.03-0 ,05

Treatment of plants at the stage of emergence of 2-3 leaves

60 (1)

To make the use of the product more effective, it is recommended to combine it with Bioton. At the same time, experts advise using 50-100 milliliters of this additive per 1 hectare.


Effective analogues of the remedy include:

  • "Cascade Premium";
  • "Trisil";
  • "Tribute".

"Status Max" is an effective herbicide that helps get rid of many types of weeds.In order for the use of the substance to give the desired result, it is important to strictly follow the instructions. Of great importance is the observance of safety precautions and the implementation of recommendations for the storage of the composition.

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