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Fertilizer Good power: instructions for use and composition, pros and cons

Fertilizer Good power: instructions for use and composition, pros and cons

"Good Power" is a complex top dressing that suits almost all plants. After the introduction of the substance, active growth and development of crops begins. In addition, the composition improves the quality characteristics of the fruit. The drug can be used for seedlings and for adult crops. In order for the substance to give the desired effect, it is important to follow the instructions for using the Good Power fertilizer .


Fertilizer has a complex effect on plants. This is due to the combined composition of the product.


"Good power" is a universal top dressing that can be applied to any crop. This is due to the composition of the substance. It contains many different nutrients. The drug contains the following components:

  • 5% nitrogen;
  • 5% potassium;
  • 2.5% phosphorus.

In a smaller volume, "Good Power" contains magnesium, boron, iron. The substance also includes molybdenum, manganese, zinc. All elements, except for boron, are presented in the form of chelates. In addition, the drug contains a growth stimulator. Its functions are performed by succinic acid. In addition, it contains B vitamins and humic acid.

The drug is sold in liquid form. It is poured into plastic containers, which differ in volume. In particular, you can find containers of 250 milliliters and 3 liters. Unlike many similar substances, "Good Power" is already ready for use.If there is sediment in the top dressing, you should not worry. It does not reduce the effectiveness of the substance.

Reason to apply

Each of the components of the mixture performs its functions:

  1. Nitrogen - contributes to the growth of foliage and the growth of the root system.
  2. Potassium - strengthens plant branches.
  3. Phosphorus - ensures the formation and growth of fruits.
  4. Calcium - improves metabolic processes.
  5. Vitamins - strengthen the immunity of crops and increase resistance to many pathologies.
  6. Magnesium - stimulates photosynthesis.
  7. Humic and succinic acids - destroy toxins, stimulate growth processes, prevent the accumulation of harmful microorganisms in the soil. In addition, these substances protect plants from the effects of drought or high humidity.

Advantages and disadvantages

The drug "Good power" has many positive qualities. The main advantages of the funds include the following:

  • strengthening the roots and growing greenery;
  • complete nutrition of crops;
  • reducing fruit ripening time;
  • strengthening immunity;
  • improving the appearance of plants.

Among the minuses, gardeners note only the unpleasant smell of certain varieties of this top dressing.

Main species

There are many types of the drug on sale. This allows you to choose the optimal composition depending on the purpose of the application:

  1. "For seedlings" - the drug promotes the growth of roots and the development of strong shoots. At the same time, for 15 milliliters of funds, you need to take 1.5 liters of water. After preparing the working solution, you need to feed the seedlings 2-4 times.The composition is applied under the root. This is done every 10-15 days.
  2. "For tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and potatoes" - the composition contributes to the full development of crops and increase their productivity. At the same time, 10 liters of water are required for half a cap of the drug. It is recommended to fertilize plants every 10-15 days.
  3. "For cucumbers, zucchini, squash and pumpkins" - is a combined composition designed for watering plants. To make a useful solution, it is recommended to take 1 tablespoon of the product per 1.5 liters of water. Planting needs to be fed 2-3 times a month as crops develop.
  4. "For strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries and currants" - for these plants, you need to take 10 liters of water for half a cap. Plants need to be watered throughout the season. This is done at intervals of 2 weeks. 14 days before harvesting, the application of substances is stopped.
  5. "For shrubs and fruit trees" - treatment should be carried out in the same way as in the case of berry bushes.
  6. "Universal" - the composition is intended for vegetables, fruit and ornamental plants. To prepare the working fluid, use half a cap of the drug and a bucket of water. Vegetables are recommended to be fed at intervals of 2 weeks. The application of the substance should begin 15 days after planting the seedlings. Fruit and berry crops are fertilized with an interval of 2 weeks, and ornamental crops - with an interval of 1.5 weeks.

Instructions for use

The rules for using the product depend on the type of feeding. Before adding the substance, the container with the drug must be shaken. To perform root dressing, you need to mix 5 milliliters of the product with 2 liters of water. This solution is suitable for indoor and ornamental plants that are grown indoors.

For crops that are planted in open soil, you need to use a solution based on 10 milliliters and 10 liters of water. The resulting solution needs to be watered with crops.

For foliar application, use 5 milliliters of fertilizer per 4 liters of water. It is recommended to apply the composition by spraying the foliage. Outdoor plants should be sprayed with a mixture of 5 milliliters of the drug and 10 liters of water.


The drug must be used strictly according to the instructions in compliance with safety rules. Wash your hands and face with soap after work. If the substance comes into contact with the skin, it must be washed off with plenty of water.

Fertilizer "Good Power" is an effective drug that has many varieties. This allows you to use the composition for a variety of plants. In this case, you need to adhere to the dosage.

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