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Fasco fertilizer: instructions for use and composition, pros and cons

Fasco fertilizer: instructions for use and composition, pros and cons

Growing garden and horticultural crops is considered difficult. To improve the development of plants, increase their decorative properties and productivity, it is necessary to use various nutrient compositions. One of the most effective solutions is the Fasco line of drugs. The tool is universal, because it makes up for the lack of many elements. For the drug to work, the instructions for using Fasco fertilizers must be followed.

Description of fertilizer

Fasco preparations are a common line of products that are used to feed plants.She is respected by summer residents, flower growers and agronomists. The brand has many products in its arsenal. Each of them has its own peculiarities of use.

What it consists of

"Fasco" are considered combined minerals, which may include more than 10 components. For example, the most common all-purpose food includes the following:

  • potassium;
  • nitrogen;
  • phosphorus;
  • sulfur;
  • cob alt;
  • iron;
  • boron;
  • copper;
  • zinc;
  • manganese.

Types of fertilizer

All preparations "Fasco" can be divided into 3 large groups - organic, mineral and green manure. There is also a classification depending on the composition. On this basis, the following substances are distinguished:

  1. Monocomponent - they include only those types in which one main ingredient is used. Such substances are used to solve certain problems. These include urea, potassium nitrate and other substances that have a homogeneous composition.
  2. Ferker mixtures are multicomponent substances that can be used all year round. They are formed depending on the needs of cultures. With the help of such compounds, it is possible to maintain the optimal shape of plants throughout the growing season.
  3. Organic - this group primarily includes chicken manure, which is sold in convenient packages. For its preparation, the technology of accelerated drying is used and at the same time the product is disinfected. This helps to avoid infection of the soil and plants with bacteria.
  4. Organomineral complex - are universal formulations that are designed for specific groups. Such substances have a complex effect or help solve a specific problem.Drugs can stimulate flowering, improve fruit formation or taste, ripening rates.

For what purposes is used

The drug "Fasco" is used to increase the tone of the plant and eliminate its stress. With prolonged use, the substance helps to achieve the following results:

  • increase flowering time;
  • stimulate the formation of buds on the peduncle;
  • strengthen immunity and increase resistance to diseases and parasites;
  • accelerate adaptation when environmental conditions change;
  • accelerate growth and development;
  • strengthen the roots;
  • stimulate the formation of peduncles.


The distinctive features of Fasco fertilizers include the following:

  1. Composition developed at a research institute. All components and proportions are carefully chosen.
  2. Before production, the composition was tested. The product entered the market after detailed testing by agronomists and greenhouse or nursery owners.
  3. This product has been thoroughly tested for hazardous substances.
  4. There are many products in the assortment. The manufacturer offers liquid, granular, powder formulations.
  5. The substance is precisely divided into categories.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the funds include the following:

  • high quality product;
  • ideal proportions of nutrients that are readily available;
  • strengthening plant immunity;
  • improving the decorative properties of crops;
  • stimulate flower bud setting;
  • ensure abundant and long flowering;
  • stimulation of the development of the root system;
  • high efficiency, which is confirmed by tests.

At the same time, the fertilizer has some disadvantages. The main disadvantages include the following:

  • presence of nitrates;
  • need to use personal protective equipment;
  • Possibility of causing damage to the plant due to errors in the manufacture of the working fluid.


The rules for the use of Fasco fertilizers depend on the form in which the product is presented and its purpose. Therefore, it is important to carefully study the information on the package. The main release forms include:

  1. Liquid fertilizers. They are sold in containers in concentrate form and may be of mineral or organic origin. Before use, they must be mixed with water in certain proportions.
  2. Soluble substances. They are sold in the form of powdered formulations that are mixed with water. Usually 1 sachet is enough for 1 liter of solution. The composition is used for root and foliar dressings.
  3. Pills and suppositories. They are made in the form of a solid molded product. Such funds are intended for placement in the ground. They are designed for indoor and container growing of green plantings. When watered, these capsules produce useful substances.
  4. Granules. Such fertilizers are used in gardens and orchards. The granules should be scattered over the surface of the soil in the spring, after which they should be deepened when digging up the site and covered with mulch in the near-trunk circle. Also, many granular substances are used for dissolution in water with further application under the root.
  5. Decided. These products are sold in liquid form. They are designed to be sprayed or sprinkled on the leaf surface. Most often, such funds are used in indoor crop production. An example is "Flower Happiness". To apply top dressing, you need to mix 1 cap with 2 liters of water. Use the prepared composition in the morning and evening. When watering under the root, the fertilizer content is doubled.

Garden use

For the garden, you can use fertilizers "Spring" and "Autumn". They differ in seasonal division and composition. The "Spring" fertilizer includes nitrogen. It helps to activate the development of greenery. You need to apply the substance before planting.

"Autumn" is made on the basis of potassium and phosphorus. With its help, it is possible to prepare plants for winter. For fruit and berry crops, an average of 50-70 grams per 1 square meter is used.

Use for indoor plants

For indoor plants, you can use the "Flower Joy" top dressing. For root application, it is enough to mix 1 cap with 1 liter of water and water the flower. This must be done before the soil is saturated with moisture.

For foliar feeding, add 10 milligrams to 2 liters of water. The finished solution is recommended to carefully spray the foliage. It is best to carry out the procedure in the morning. At this time, the flower absorbs nutrients better.


Fasco fertilizers have a relatively safe composition. However, when using them, you still need to follow safety rules. When mixing the product, it is recommended to wear gloves. It is also worth protecting the skin and mucous membranes from the ingress of substances. Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited during operation.

Tips and answers to frequently asked questions

People who use Fasco fertilizers often have various questions:

  1. What is the drug combined with? It depends on the type of feed. In addition, the use of high quality complex mineral fertilizers avoids the need to use other top dressings. "Fasco" saturates plants with all the elements they require, which ensure normal development and growth.
  2. Does the drug have analogues? Today, there are many different dressings on the market, but it is quite difficult to find a composition comparable in quality.
  3. Does the product contain nitrates? Indeed, some drugs from the line include such components. Therefore, it is important to carefully study the composition before buying.

Fasco is considered a fairly popular brand that produces many different fertilizers. Thanks to this, each gardener or gardener can choose the optimal composition depending on their goals and needs. In this case, it is important to carefully study the instructions and strictly follow them.Compliance with safety regulations is of great importance. This will help avoid negative he alth effects.

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