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Spruce Maxwelly: description, planting and care, application in landscape design

Spruce Maxwelly: description, planting and care, application in landscape design

Spruce Maxwelly is a dwarf variety with a cushion-shaped crown. This variety is distinguished by a large number of crowns, each of which has a dominant shoot. The culture is characterized by short branches and dense dense needles of an interesting yellow-green hue. The plant is characterized by slow growth, which allows it to be actively used in landscape design.


Maxwelly variety belongs to the ordinary. It is a dwarf variety, the height of which in adulthood usually does not exceed 1.5 meters.The culture is slow growing. For 1 year, it increases by a maximum of 5 centimeters in height and 10 centimeters in volume.

The tree is characterized by a wide cushion-shaped crown, strong shoots and a shallow root system. Thick needles are also considered an important feature of the culture. Thanks to shortened and dense branches, the crown becomes lush and reaches a diameter of 2 meters.

Spruce of this variety is characterized by strong and prickly needles, which are distinguished by a radial arrangement and have a length of 1-1.2 centimeters. The young growth is characterized by a light green tint. After some time, the needles acquire a brighter green color, in which a yellowish tint appears. This makes the tree look quite exotic.

The decorative properties of the culture improve during the period when small ovoid cones appear on the branches, the size of which is 6-12 centimeters. Immature specimens are distinguished by a cherry-red hue, which then turns green.Subsequently, the cones completely acquire a brownish-brown color. This creates the feeling that the fruits are hanging down and may even fall.

Advantages over other varieties

Maxwelly spruce has many advantages. She is able to refresh even the most unattractive part of the garden. The main advantages of the plant include the following:

  1. Resistant to frost. The tree easily withstands temperatures as low as -35 degrees.
  2. Quick adaptation to growing in the city. Spruce of this variety easily tolerates the influence of gas pollution, dust and soot.
  3. Easy maintenance.
  4. Sufficient level of shade tolerance.
  5. Resistant to a large number of infectious pathologies.
  6. Versatility of use. Culture is often used in landscape design.
  7. Long life cycle.

A coniferous plant has practically no serious disadvantages. However, when growing it, it is important to take into account certain rules. The culture is susceptible to high humidity and does not tolerate prolonged drought. Also, transplants and transportation are considered stressful for her.


Maxwelly spruce is often used in landscape design. It is permissible to decorate any personal plots with it. The culture perfectly complements the alpine slides, Japanese and rocky gardens. The plant is suitable for growing in containers, on balconies and terraces. The compact size of the culture allows it to be used to decorate small spaces.

This plant is perfect for topiary art. This term refers to the curly cutting of trees and shrubs to give them different shapes. Thanks to this, the plant will become a memorable representative of the conifer collection on the site.

How to grow a tree

Growing Maxwelly spruce has a number of features. In order for the culture to grow and develop normally, it needs to be properly looked after.


To plant a dwarf conifer, you need to choose a bright and sunny area. Cool water should not collect there and there should not be gusty winds. In the absence of a sufficient amount of sun, Maxwelly spruce will develop normally in partial shade. At the same time, it is important to take into account that in the sun a more regular pyramidal crown is formed near the tree, and in the shade it will have a chaotic placement of branches.

When choosing a soil, you should give preference to a breathable and nutritious substrate. It should be well-drained and moderately moist. It is also important to choose a soil that is not too acidic. Maxwelly spruce grows best in nutritious loam and sandstone.

The deepening for planting should be done 2 times more than the root system with an earthen clod. It is recommended to place drainage at the bottom of the pit. It is also important to use a potting mix with fertilizers.

When planting a crop, it is required to spread the root system well. In this case, the root collar should be at the same level with the ground. After carrying out planting work, the culture must be watered abundantly, and the near-stem circle must be covered with a mulch layer. When planting several fir trees, it is worth adhering to an interval of 2-2.5 meters.


When growing Maxwelly spruce, it needs to be properly looked after. At the same time, the culture needs to be watered, loosened and weeded in time. Of no small importance is the removal of dry and diseased branches, the introduction of high-quality fertilizers, and preventive spraying. In addition, spruce needs to be properly prepared for winter.

Spruce Maxwelly needs moderate moisture.Therefore, the soil must be maintained by systematic watering. Under normal conditions, the culture is recommended to be watered weekly. At the same time, in drought, the amount of soil moisture needs to be increased. In addition, it is permissible to carry out sprinkling in hot weather.

You can fertilize spruce 2 times a year. This should be done in spring and autumn. In this case, it is best to use special dressings for conifers.

Despite the high resistance of the crop to frost, some preparation is still required. It includes pruning dry, old and diseased branches. You can also mulch with wood chips or bark. The advantage of such materials is that they allow air to pass through. In windy and snowy weather, it is worth tying the tree with a rope. This will help keep the branches.

Pest control

Maxwelly spruce can suffer from a range of parasites. Most often, she encounters such pests:

  • spruce sawfly;
  • spruce-fir hermes;
  • spruce beetle leafworm.

To protect spruce from pests in spring and summer, it is worth carrying out preventive spraying with insecticidal preparations. For this, such means as "Match", "Aktara", "Engio" are suitable.

Maxwelly spruce is a beautiful plant that is often used to decorate garden plots. For a culture to develop normally, it is important to follow certain rules.

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