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El Formanek: description, planting and care, application in landscape design

El Formanek: description, planting and care, application in landscape design

Spruce Formanek is a dwarf shrub that has frequent branches hanging down. It can also crawl along the ground. The appearance of the culture depends on the height of the graft. Due to its excellent decorative properties, this culture is often used in landscape design. It fits perfectly into coniferous compositions and is used to decorate rocky gardens.

History and description of the variety

Today it is known that Norway spruce Formanek is a spontaneous natural culture, which was discovered several decades ago in Czechoslovakia.Since then, breeders have systematically experimented with this plant. Today it is only propagated by grafting.

Spruce Formanek has high decorative properties. Moreover, the height of this dwarf plant depends on the location of the graft. However, on average, it is 40-45 centimeters. In diameter, the culture grows up to 1.5 meters. Spruce of this variety is characterized by slow development. For a year, it increases by a maximum of 5 centimeters.

This shrub is characterized by a wide and sprawling crown, which is formed from dense branches. They grow down and give the culture a weeping shape. The bark of this spruce is distinguished by a gray or gray-green hue.

This variety is characterized by dense short needles, which has a rich dark green color. In combination with creeping or hanging shoots, needles give the shrub an unusual appearance. Another feature of spruce is considered to be a closed surface root system.

Advantages over other trees

Spruce Formanek has many advantages. The main advantages of the plant include the following:

  • high frost resistance;
  • easy maintenance;
  • no need to use top dressings;
  • resistance to pathologies and parasites;
  • no need for shaping pruning.

Also, the indisputable advantage of the culture is the unusual shape of the crown, which gives it a decorative appearance. Another advantage of the plant is its high life expectancy.


Due to the decorative properties of the plant, it is actively used in landscape design. El Formanek retains its attractiveness throughout the year. With its help, it is possible to create beautiful compositions near ponds and among stones.It is also permissible to use the culture in coniferous mixborders.

The plant looks impressive as a tapeworm. In summer, it goes well with green gas, and in winter it contrasts expressively with white snow. Another advantage of the shrub is the release of fungicides into the air. Thanks to this, the culture is able to purify the air of pathogens.

Planting and care

Spruce of this variety can be planted in well-lit areas or in partial shade. It is important to choose places protected from drafts. It is also important to ensure that there is no high groundwater on the site. When planting multiple crops, it is important to maintain a spacing of 2 meters.

The Formanek variety is demanding on the composition of the soil. This plant is recommended to be planted in sandy or loamy soil. It must also be well-drained. After planting, the soil around the spruce must be compacted and covered with a mulch layer.

Growing a Formanek spruce is easy. This variety is considered undemanding to care for. In order for the shrub to grow and develop normally, it needs to be moderately watered. In the heat, it is additionally recommended to carry out sprinkling of the crown. If necessary, it is worth performing sanitary pruning of the plant. It is recommended to do this in late autumn.

Preparing for winter

Culture is highly resistant to frost. Variety Formanek is able to withstand temperatures down to -40 degrees. Therefore, seedlings can not be insulated. This applies to both young and adult plants.

Spruce Formanek is an ornamental dwarf plant that looks very unusual. In order for the culture to always remain attractive, it is important to properly plant and strictly follow agrotechnical recommendations. At the same time, it is important to regularly water the shrub and perform sprinkling of the crown.

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