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El Aurea: variety description and characteristics, rules for planting and caring for a tree

El Aurea: variety description and characteristics, rules for planting and caring for a tree

Aurea spruce is a beautiful ornamental culture that fits well into a variety of ensembles. A distinctive feature of the plant is lemon-yellow needles, which turn pale when grown in shady places. Spruce is characterized by a high degree of resistance to frost, which allows it to be grown in regions with different climates. Due to this culture is often used in landscape design.

What kind of tree is this

El Aureya has significant differences from the ordinary variety. The main feature of the culture is its golden needles. However, this color is typical only for young needles. By the middle of the season they turn pale, and at the end they become gray-green.

By 10 years, the Aurea variety grows up to 1.5-3 meters. At 30, it is already 10-12 meters. In this case, the diameter of the crown reaches 5 meters. For a year, a spruce grows by 15-30 centimeters.

The needles reach 2 centimeters in length and have a fairly rigid structure. Old needles have a dark green color. They are silvery underneath. Another characteristic of the plant is the close arrangement of branches that form a dense cone. A tall adult plant acquires a looser structure.

In order for the needles to retain their golden color, Aurea spruce is recommended to be planted in the sun. In addition, in this case, the branches are placed denser. When the tree is located in partial shade, the yellow color becomes paler, and the crown acquires a more sparse structure. Without access to light, Aurea loses its original color.


In order for the Aurey spruce to look decorative, it is important to carry out planting work correctly. At the same time, it is required to choose a suitable site and strictly follow agrotechnical recommendations.

Choosing a suitable location

Young spruce must be protected from direct sunlight. Subsequently, she becomes more light-loving. Sun deficiency reduces the decorative characteristics of the plant.

The level of groundwater is of great importance. They should be at a level of 1.5 meters from the ground. It is also possible to provide a drainage layer of brick or expanded clay. It must be at least 20 centimeters.

When choosing soil, it is recommended to give preference to fertile sandy loams and slightly acidic loams. High-moor peat should be added to alkaline soil types.

Step by step instructions

Planting work should be carried out in the autumn season. The recess must be dug in advance. It should be 1 meter in diameter and 60 centimeters wide.

For the correct planting of Aurea spruce, it is required to make a special substrate from soddy soil, clay and sand. In neutral soil, acidic peat must be added immediately. Also, fertilizer for conifers must be applied to each recess.

To plant a plant, you need to pull out part of the soil from the hole. In this case, the root collar should be at the same level with the ground. Then the hole must be covered with the prepared substrate and gently compacted. After that, water the culture abundantly. For 1 seedling, you need to use at least 2 buckets of water. At the end, the trunk circle should be mulched with sour peat. The thickness of such a layer should be at least 5 centimeters.

Proper care

Aurea spruce does not tolerate increased dryness of the soil. Young trees are considered the most demanding for watering. The ground around them needs to be systematically moistened. For 1 plant, it is worth using 10-12 liters of water.

Dry air can also harm the plant. It is best to install a fogging installation on the site. In its absence, the plant must be watered at least once a week with water from a hose. This should be done in the evening.

If you apply enough fertilizer in the first 2-3 years, you do not need to feed the tree. Subsequently, they should be brought under the root. It is best to use special products for coniferous crops for this.

The loosening of the soil is carried out shallowly - a maximum of 5-7 centimeters. Subsequently, instead of this procedure, the trunk circle is mulched with sour peat. It is also permissible to use the bark of coniferous plants for this purpose.

Crop cutting is recommended at a young age. By the age of 10, a radical haircut of spruce is no longer needed. At this stage, it is enough to maintain the shape of the tree that was given to it earlier.


Spruce of this variety can be propagated by seeds, which are characterized by good germination. However, in this case, the tree does not inherit varietal characteristics. Garden forms are usually propagated by cuttings or grafting.

Before planting in a cold greenhouse, spruce seeds need to be stratified. This will help to significantly increase their germination. Seed material germinates in the year of planting. For the first 3-4 years, Oriental Aurea spruce does not form whorls from which side shoots grow.

It is permissible to propagate a tree by cuttings throughout the season. However, it is best to do this in the spring. Such cuttings take root in 4-5 months. Autumn shoots will take twice as long to root. Treatment with a growth stimulator will help improve rooting.

Pest Protection

Culture has strong immunity, so it rarely suffers from pest attacks. However, this is true with regular care, watering and fertilization. If sprinkling is not carried out, spruce can suffer from spider mite attacks.

If you moisten the needles in the late evening, it does not have time to dry. In this case, there is a risk of damage to the shoots by the mealybug. Other parasites may be introduced from infected plants. Insecticides help to cope with pests.

Reasons to plant such a spruce

Aurea spruce has a lot of advantages. These include unpretentiousness to growing conditions and a high degree of endurance. Also, the main reason for planting a crop is its decorative properties.

Spruce Aurea is a fairly attractive culture that fits well into various landscape compositions. In order for the plant to retain its decorative effect, it is required to take good care of it.

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