Kazakhstan yellow tomato: description and characteristics of the variety, yield with photo

Kazakhstan yellow tomato: description and characteristics of the variety, yield with photo

Along with red tomatoes, gardeners like to plant orange-colored vegetables. One of the most favorite is the Kazakhstani yellow tomato. The taste characteristics of fruits deserve special attention. Beautiful and bright color attracts professional gardeners and home growers.

Description of culture

A mature plant can reach a height of 2 m. Kazakhstani tomato has a powerful green stem with small leaves. Characterized by medium maturation. The culture is grown in two ways:

  • direct sowing of seeds in open ground;
  • seedling formation.

Kazakhstan yellow tomato variety differs in productivity.


The ovaries appear on the culture one after another. There are both ripe and green tomatoes on the bush at the same time. This allows you to enjoy vegetables throughout the growing season. Usually the fruits are large, but small tomatoes can also come across on the brushes.

One mature tomato reaches 600-650 g in weight. They have a flat round shape. Tomatoes are even, without flaws and defects. At the time of ripening, the fruits are covered with green strokes-shoulders. Completely disappear when the crop matures and turns yellow.

The fruits are fleshy, but strong. They have a thin skin and soft flesh. In the context, its sugar content is visible. There is a pink "tie" in the center of the tomato. This detail is typical for most varieties of tomatoes.

Inside the fruit has small chambers that contain small seeds. The Kazakh variety is considered salad. Because of its juiciness, the fruits are grown to collect and make sauce or tomato juice from them. Suitable for stewing, it forms the basis of many first and second courses. The ripe fruit has a very delicate taste that gives off sweetness.

Growing and care

Kazakhstan yellow tomato is not for nothing that gardeners and owners of large farms love to grow. Feels great in any climatic conditions. It is planted in open ground when it is warm outside and there is no threat of frost. Does not need whimsical care. It should be minimal but regular.

Likes to grow in nutrient-rich soil. Can easily survive drought and rainy weather. But this does not mean that a person should forget about watering. Regular soil moisture has a positive effect on the growth and development of crops.

Tomato needs weeding. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the area where the bushes grow clean. The tomato does not like "uninvited" neighbors, as they interfere with its growth. Removing weeds can be done with glanders or by hand.

Dignity of the tomato variety

Culture has a number of advantages over other varieties:

  1. Resistant to diseases. Practically resistant to pest parasitism.
  2. The bush has a strong structure.
  3. Suitable for growing in all climates.
  4. Used to make juices and tomato pastes as a further preparation of various dishes.

At the end of fruiting, some tomatoes have a pink cap. This does not affect the taste in any way and adds even more attractiveness to the fruit. Tomato Kazakhstani yellow has an incredible tomato taste. Every gardener should try it as it is worth it.

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