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Herbicide Terrastar: instructions for use and composition, principle of action

Herbicide Terrastar: instructions for use and composition, principle of action

Terrastar is a systemic herbicide that is used to kill many dangerous weeds. With its help, it is possible to get rid of the field bug. Also, the drug successfully copes with dicotyledonous weeds that grow among crops. To achieve good results, the instructions for using the herbicide "Terrastar" should be strictly followed.

Medication description

The drug includes a special active substance - tribenuron-methyl, which belongs to the chemical class of sulfonylurea. This component penetrates into plants through the root system and foliage, after which it begins to spread through them.

As a result of these processes, acetolactate synthase is blocked. This leads to suppression of the production of amino acids, which leads to a violation of mitosis and the synthesis of substances that are required for the formation of DNA. As a result, cell division slows down, which leads to the suppression of weed growth.


The drug belongs to selective herbicides. It is produced in the form of water-dispersible granules. The active ingredient of the drug is tribenuron-methyl. 1 liter contains 750 grams of active ingredient.

How to apply

In order for the use of the product to be effective, it is important to strictly adhere to the dosage. The main recommendations for the use of the substance are given in the table:

Weeds Treatment method Annual dicotyledonous weedsCrops are recommended to be processed at the stage of tillering before going into the tube.The cost of the working solution is 100-300 liters per 1 hectare. 60 (1)- (3)1-1,3Winter wheat, barley and rye Processing is carried out at the tillering stage. This is done before going to the tube. Processing of winter crops is carried out in the spring. 100-300 liters of working solution is required per 1 hectare. 60 (1)- (3)1.3-1.6Winter wheat, barley and ryeAnnual and some perennial dicotyledonous weeds - selected varieties of sow thistleProcessing of plantings is carried out at the stage of tillering of the crop before it goes into the tube. Winter varieties should be processed in the spring. 100-300 liters of working fluid is needed per 1 hectare. 60 (1)- (3)
Waiting period (number of treatments)Exit times for manual works0.5-1Spring wheat and barley, oats

Means Benefits

The advantages of the drug include the following:

  1. High efficiency. The product has a selective effect on cereal plants.
  2. Wide spectrum of action on weeds that are resistant to herbicides of hormonal action 2,4-D. Because the composition can be used against many types of weeds.
  3. Possibility of cold spring application. Unlike hormonal substances, the composition does not cause toxicity.
  4. Fast decomposition in the ground. Because the substance has no restrictions on crop rotation.
  5. Significant reduction in herbicide load on the soil. During the protective period, the product reliably protects the culture.

Danger to humans

When working with herbicide, standard safety rules must be followed. Prepare a working solution and spray plantings with the use of personal protective equipment. To do this, use gloves, a mask, goggles. Do not drink, eat or talk while processing crops.If the substance gets on the hands or other parts of the body, they should be washed with water.

Usage Tips

When using the herbicide "Terrastar" it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Apply in dry weather. Do not apply to wet crops. It is also not recommended if rain is expected within 3 hours of treatment.
  2. The drug is considered non-volatile, but during processing it is important to avoid drift of the substance to adjacent crops.
  3. In case of severe clogging, it is recommended to apply the maximum amount of solution.
  4. When weeds that are hard to eradicate or have a lot of unwanted vegetation, a surfactant should be used. It improves the wetting of weeds with the working fluid and increases the herbicidal effect of the drug.

"Terrastar" is an effective herbicide that helps get rid of a wide range of weeds. The tool has a complex effect. For its use to give results, it is important to follow the instructions clearly.

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