Why do ducklings eyes stick together: causes and how to treat, preventive measures

Why do ducklings eyes stick together: causes and how to treat, preventive measures

Diseases that ducklings are susceptible to are numerous and dangerous. Eye pathologies are no exception. Ailments usually develop in unsanitary conditions, with non-compliance with elementary rules of detention. In addition, diseases often go unnoticed. Dust, conjunctivitis, vitamin deficiency and other problems can cause illness. After analyzing all the factors, you can understand why the eyes of ducklings stick together.

Why don't the duckling's eyes open and what to do about it

One of the most common causes of poor eye he alth is conjunctivitis. This is an acute viral illness, which is indicated by the following symptoms:

  • eye puffiness;
  • lacrimation;
  • reddening of the cornea;
  • swollen eyelid that is completely closed.

It is recommended to treat a duckling with topical antibiotics in the form of eye drops. Antibacterial lotions are also used. Another reason is ammonia blindness. Pathology is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye and respiratory tract. Lack of treatment leads to loss of vision. The disease develops against the background of excess ammonia in the duck. The following symptoms indicate a problem:

  • deceleration of the overall development of birds;
  • mucous discharge from the nose.

To improve the condition of the animal, feed is enriched with vitamin A. This component is found in large quantities in carrots. It is this product that is added to the daily diet of ducks. Another way to make up for the lack of a component is to give animals 2-3 drops of fish oil for two weeks.

If a duck closes its eye, it could be aspergillosis. This is a fungal disease that young mallards are more susceptible to. The fungus primarily affects the lungs. Signs of pathology are:

  1. Loss of appetite.
  2. Difficult, hoarse breathing.
  3. Weight loss.
  4. Inflammation of the eyes and beak.
  5. The presence of foam in the eyes, tearing.
  6. Paralysis of limbs.
  7. Stretched neck.

It is very difficult to treat pathology, so you need to try by all means to prevent its development. To stop the process of infection of the entire livestock, it is necessary to add a solution of copper sulfate to the water intended for drinking, and the antifungal drug "Nystatin" to the feed.It is also required to replace bedding and disinfect all surfaces.

If the duckling's eyes are festering, then the cause may be sawdust or other particles getting on the mucous surface. Jamming of foreign fragments leads to inflammation and the formation of pus. The eyes are washed with a solution of furacilin, and tetracycline ointment is placed under the eyelid.

If you have problems with your eyes, the first thing to do is rinse them with clean water or lightly brewed black tea. Then, for an accurate diagnosis, you need to contact your veterinarian.

Prevention measures

To prevent the development of eye diseases in ducklings, a number of preventive measures are observed:

  1. Monitor the ammonia content in the room.
  2. Enrich your diet with vitamins and minerals.
  3. Lay the bottom of the duckling with hay or straw.
  4. Young animals should be kept separate from adults.
  5. Reduce "communication" of ducks with other animals.
  6. Regularly clean and disinfect the duck house, change bedding.
  7. Get 2-3 hour walks daily.
  8. Avoid crowding in the enclosure.

Proper maintenance of ducklings, compliance with preventive measures will help to avoid various diseases in birds, including eye problems. If symptoms of pathology occur, contact your veterinarian immediately.

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