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Lunar sowing calendar for the gardener and gardener for October 2022: table and tips

Lunar sowing calendar for the gardener and gardener for October 2022: table and tips

It is better to carry out agricultural activities with an eye on the lunar sowing calendar of a professional gardener and gardener for October 2022. With its help, it will be possible to avoid many mistakes during important agricultural work. Knowing the favorable dates of the month, you can correctly calculate the preferred dates for planting, and later - to harvest an excellent harvest.

Moon phases in October 2022

The moon, being an earthly satellite, affects the movement of juices inside plants. The state and development of many garden and horticultural crops depends on its location relative to the Earth.

Lunar phases of October:

  • Growing (1… 13);
  • Full Moon (14);
  • Descending (15…27);
  • New Moon (28).

How the signs of the Zodiac affect plants

In October, the Moon stops in each of the 12 zodiac signs. The position of this satellite relative to other planets and relative to the Earth affects the vegetation. The location of the Moon determines the condition of the plants and the indicators of the future harvest.

When the Moon is in fertile signs, it is recommended to plant crops on such dates. There are signs that have a negative effect on various plants. Fertile are: Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, Libra, Capricorn. Relatively productive: Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini. Barren: Aries, Leo, Aquarius.

What agricultural activities can be done in October:

  • fruit picking: Scorpio (1.2), Sagittarius (3.4), Capricorn (5.6), Pisces (10.11), Sagittarius (30.31).
  • gathering root crops, planting tree seedlings: Taurus (15.16), Gemini (17.18.19), Cancer (20.21), Virgo (24.25), Libra (26.27).

Favorable calendar days for successful planting

Table of agricultural work for October:

10… 11Sub-winter sowing of greens13… 15 days of Full Moonsanitary cleaning16… 21winter planting of onions, garlic, carrots, radishes, beets ; planting seedlings, transplanting shrubs, planting bulb flowers 24… 26 27… 29 days of the New Moon sanitary measures, pruning30… 31 winter sowing of dill, parsley and lettuce
Numbers of the monthTypes of work
1… 6winter sowing of parsley, dill, various salads, sorrel, arugula
7… 9leaf cleaning, area cleaning
winter planting of bulb flowers and root crops

What plants are recommended to plant during the waning moon

Warm planting of onions, garlic, carrots, radishes, beets. From the 15th to the 27th, bulbs of tulips, hazel grouse, daffodils, lilies are planted. Trees and young shrubs are planted in the second decade of October.

What plants to plant on the Growing Moon

From the 1st to the 13th, seeds of parsley, lettuce, spinach are sown. These crops will sprout only next season. The first greenery will appear in early spring.

Wrong time to land

On the days of the Full Moon (13… 15) and New Moon (27… 29) they try not to do anything on the field. It is undesirable to engage in agricultural work when the Month is in Aquarius (7 … 9), Aries (12 … 14), Leo (22-23).

Plant Care Calendar October 2022

In October, agricultural activities are carried out depending on the location of the moon. In autumn, they dig up the soil, remove weeds, apply fertilizers, and sanitize the soil. In October, they take care of trees, shrubs, insulate perennial flowers that remain to winter in the ground. True, the above-ground part needs to be cut off.

Wilted annual flowers should be removed from the flower bed.

Bad days

On the New Moon (27… 29) and Full Moon (13… 15) it is better to do garbage collection, destruction of weeds, insect pests. On such days, it is recommended to dig up the soil, collect fallen leaves, twigs.

Good days for gardening and gardening

In the first decade of October, they are engaged in winter planting of greenery, composting. From the 15th, corms are planted.

At the end of October, they carry out moisture charging, top dressing of perennials, pruning of branches.

When to plant and repot garden crops and houseplants in October 2022

From the 1st to the 14th, late fruits and vegetables are harvested, bearing fruit in the aerial parts. From the 15th to the 27th, all root crops in the soil are dug up, annual flowers are transplanted from flower beds into indoor pots.

In addition to harvesting, in October, winter planting of radishes, beets, onions, garlic and carrots is carried out. These crops are planted in the waning phase, that is, from the 15th to the 27th. The ground temperature should be +2… +5 degrees Celsius (no higher).

In the same period, in regions with a warm long autumn (with a soil temperature of +10 degrees), seedlings are planted. Before the onset of cold weather, young trees should take root in a new place and have time to adapt to new conditions.From October 15 to 27, you can start propagating flowers and shrubs by dividing a bush or rhizome.

In the second half of October corms of tulips, hazel grouses, hyacinths, daffodils, lilies, crocuses are buried in the ground. Late planting is carried out only in those regions where at the time of planting the soil temperature is 10 degrees Celsius, and at least 20 days before the onset of frost.

In late autumn it is better not to sow the seeds of indoor plants. This event is recommended to be rescheduled for the spring. But from October 15 to October 27, you can start transplanting indoor flowers. Usually plants are transplanted into large containers or pots if they have grown too much and there is not enough space for them in an old pot.

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