Monofleur honey: what does it mean and its 12 varieties, which one is better to choose

Monofleur honey: what does it mean and its 12 varieties, which one is better to choose

Monofleur honey is considered the same type of product that bees collected from the same plants. Of course, it is impossible to get bee nectar from a single plant. Therefore, honey is called monofloral in the case of the predominance of pollen from one culture over others. Such a product is considered very valuable and contains many useful ingredients. At the same time, it is important to use it correctly, taking into account the main contraindications.

What does monofloral honey mean

Under monofloral honey is meant a product collected from the flowers of one variety of plants. Depending on this, acacia, buckwheat, linden species are distinguished.This means that nectar from one color of flowers prevails. Any monofloral will contain admixtures of other types of crops.

To get a pure product, you should follow these rules:

  • Locate the apiary in the central part or near the array of the main honey plant.
  • Place bee colonies in groups of 40-60 maximum.
  • Before the main melliferous plants begin to bloom, all honey must be pumped out of the hives. An exception is a product that is on an open brood frame.
  • Extract the product exclusively in clean honey extractors from the frames. This is required to be done without bee bread and brood.
  • When harvesting and purchasing, you should not combine types of honey that differ in botanical description.

Differences from polyfloral honey

Polyfloral honey is called bee nectar, which is collected from two or more plants.Also, this product is often referred to as mixed. Therefore, it is impossible to give an exact description of it. The composition can have different shades - from light amber to darker. Taste is also different. They can be intense or subtle.

This kind of honey can have different qualities. The fact is that its properties are influenced by many factors - the composition of the soil, climate, plants, the proportion of flower nectar in molasses.

Composition and characteristics

It is impossible to get pure monofloral honey. This is due to the fact that different plants are found in any of the sites. Therefore, bees collect nectar from many types of crops. Thus, the monofloral nature of the product is conditional. Honey is called such if the nectar of a certain culture predominates in its composition, and its share is 40-60%.

At the same time, each type of such a product contains valuable vitamins of groups B, C, K, E. In addition, the substances contain carbohydrates - sucrose, fructose, glucose. They also have water. In addition, the natural treat contains many other valuable substances.


Monofleur nectar can have a variety of varieties, each of which has certain characteristics.


This is a high-grade variety of honey that is considered one of the best. The product has excellent taste qualities, therefore it is appreciated by many people. Fresh linden honey has a fragrant aroma and a transparent texture. It is characterized by a yellow or greenish tint.


This is one of the most popular varieties, which is associated with the mass cultivation of buckwheat. This type of honey has a sharp taste and spicy aroma. After the first spoonful of the product, a characteristic tickle appears in the throat.

Buckwheat honey is characterized by faster crystallization than other varieties. It happens in just 1 month. As a result, the mass acquires the consistency of gruel. In this case, the crystals can be small or larger. Such honey is useful for beriberi, colds, rheumatism, diseases of the stomach and heart.


This honey is harvested by bees in late spring or early summer. Its properties directly depend on the origin. The product obtained from white locust is colorless. The mass that was collected from the yellow flowers is distinguished by a light yellow color.

This type of nectar is characterized by a pleasant mild taste without notes of bitterness.

It also has a subtle floral scent. The product is characterized by slow crystallization and remains liquid all year after harvest. The composition of such a substance contains a lot of fructose. Because it is suitable for feeding children. Acacia honey helps to strengthen the child's immunity. In addition, it practically does not cause allergies.


This quality flower honey has a rich aroma. It is characterized by a greenish, light yellow or pink tint. The product includes a lot of glucose and levulose. Because it has a sweet taste without bitter or tart notes. Since the mass contains a lot of fructose, people with diabetes can eat it.

In folk medicine, clover honey is used for vascular diseases. With its help, it is possible to restore metabolic processes. In addition, the product has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It has a stimulating effect when overtired.


This type of honey is characterized by a rich aroma and a pronounced aftertaste. The product is slightly bitter and contains tart notes. It is possible to determine heather honey by the abundance of air bubbles. Its distinctive feature is the absence of crystallization.

When stored for a long time, the product acquires a jelly-like consistency. However, when stirred, it becomes liquid again. Heather nectar includes more than 300 valuable trace elements, vitamins and minerals. With its help, it is possible to normalize the functions of the digestive organs, restore intestinal microflora and improve appetite. Also, the composition copes with colds and restores sleep.


This product has a pronounced lavender aroma and a pleasant taste without bitter notes. Lavender honey has a golden hue and contains many useful substances. It contains a large amount of iodine, potassium and organic acids. The product is also rich in amino acids.

This variety benefits people who suffer from thyroid disorders. Its use improves the functioning of the nervous system. The composition helps in recovery after depression, stress, surgical interventions. It also improves brain function.


This type of honey is characterized by many shades - from almost transparent to rich amber color. The product has a pronounced floral aroma and almost no bitterness. The use of the substance helps to cope with viral infections and prevents complications.

The composition is characterized by anti-inflammatory properties.

It facilitates the removal of sputum, reduces pressure, and normalizes blood flow. Also, the composition has a beneficial effect on the functions of the cardiovascular system.


This honey has a dark brown hue. It thickens within a month. In the process of crystallization, not only the density changes, but also the taste of honey. Such a product acquires a sharper aroma and tart taste. Sometimes bitter notes appear in it.


This substance is characterized by a white color and a creamy texture. Its structure contains large glucose crystals. The composition includes approximately 300 useful elements. These include boron, zinc, chromium and other substances. The composition is indicated for blood diseases. In addition, it improves the functioning of the heart. With the help of the tool, it is possible to remove s alts of heavy metals from the body.


This product has a pronounced floral aroma and a delicate taste with a slight bitterness. It also has a rich amber color. Such honey includes a lot of essential oils, tannins, alkaloids. It also contains bioflavonoids.

Due to the variety of useful components, honey is used for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the digestive organs, gallbladder lesions, inflammation of the genitourinary system. It can also be used for dermatitis, tonsillitis and other ailments.


This nectar is characterized by a light color and a barely noticeable citrus smell. There is a slight sourness in the taste. At the same time, honey does not have bitter or tart notes. The minerals that are present in the composition help to maintain normal electrolyte balance in the body.

The product has strong antioxidant properties. It helps slow down the aging process. In addition, the variety is characterized by high antibacterial activity and helps to cope with staphylococci.


This type is in high demand in many European countries. It has a light aroma and pleasant taste. The nectar has a liquid consistency and a light color. It may be transparent or have a greenish tint. The sainfoin variety is characterized by slow and fine crystallization.

Which is better to choose?

All types of monofloral honey contain useful substances. Choosing a specific variety is based on your personal preferences. At the same time, it is important to buy only a natural product, taking into account the following criteria:

  • mass consistency;
  • aroma;
  • taste.


Bee products contain many active ingredients, so they have many contraindications. The main restrictions include the following:

  • allergy;
  • diabetes - in this case, it is allowed to eat a maximum of 1-2 small spoons of nectar per day;
  • excess weight - in this situation, the product also needs to be dosed;
  • exacerbation of gastritis, pancreatitis, peptic ulcer;
  • Children under 2 years old.

Monofleur honey is a very valuable and useful product that contains many active ingredients. Thanks to this, the substance improves the functioning of the body and helps to cope with many diseases.

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