Why bees don't take syrup in autumn: reasons for not feeding and what to do

Why bees don't take syrup in autumn: reasons for not feeding and what to do

Bees are often fed with sugar syrup in autumn. This is required to do in case of poor honey production, a significant amount of pumping or unsatisfactory quality of honey. It is recommended to feed insects at a specific time, strictly adhering to the technology for preparing the substance. However, sometimes this process is accompanied by problems. In this case, the actual question arises, why exactly the bees do not take syrup in the fall.

Possible causes

There are a number of factors that cause insects to take syrup poorly or refuse it altogether.

Common causes of problems include the following:

  1. The appearance of a strong bribe. With the advent of August, honeydew bees often switch to collecting honey and ignore additional food.
  2. Insect triggering and lots of brood. Weakened individuals will refuse to transfer top dressing, making a choice in favor of heating the children.
  3. The development of infections in the hive. Sick individuals will not stockpile.
  4. Using spoiled or fermented top dressing. Such a mass of individuals will not be taken.
  5. Late addition of additional nutrition. If the temperature is +10 degrees, the tricks stop.
  6. The appearance of foreign odors in the hive. If there is an odor from mice or food container material, the insects will not take food.

One of the main reasons for rejection is the behavior of the uterus.Before the end of the honey collection in bad weather, the uterus stops laying and does not resume it when sugar syrup is added. As a result, wear of worker bees is observed. At the same time, there are too few young insects to transfer and process top dressing.

Another factor is the age of the uterus. If her reproductive period is over, there is no new brood, old individuals wear out in the honey collection, the swarm weakens, and almost no one remains for the winter. Such a colony will not feed and most likely will not survive the winter. If, when the cause is identified and eliminated, the insects still do not take syrup, it is worth adding candy.

What if the bees don't take the syrup?

To fix a problem, it is important to determine the cause of the problem.If insects do not take sugar mass due to illness, it is recommended to spray the hive with a medicinal product. Sometimes the bees refuse to feed because the consistency is too thick. In such a situation, it is necessary to reduce the dosage of the concentrate in order to avoid fermentation processes in the feeders.

Bees refuse sugar syrup for various reasons. To deal with this problem, it is important to identify the causes of its occurrence and take immediate measures to eliminate them.

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