Passport of the apiary: how to get and the subtleties of registration, registration rules

Passport of the apiary: how to get and the subtleties of registration, registration rules

Beekeeping returns to its former popularity. Many people like this activity, which brings a good additional income. In order for a novice beekeeper not to have problems when consuming their own honey and trading beekeeping products, it is necessary to issue an apiary passport. Let's figure out what kind of document this is and why a beekeeper needs it.

What is an apiary veterinary passport

The veterinary-sanitary passport of an apiary is a document that reflects important information about beekeeping. Even if there are 1-2 hives on the site for the personal needs of a person, and he does not sell honey or other waste products of bees, a passport is required.

You can issue a document at the district department of sanitary control, at the location of the object. It has a single form and filling rules. The registration procedure is free for the beekeeper.

Basic data in it

The passport contains basic information and sections that mark the state of the apiary. The condition is assessed annually by a veterinary officer who travels to the site. Inspections are carried out in spring or autumn.

The document has the following information:

  • data about the owner of the beekeeping farm;
  • its location;
  • number of beehives on the plot;
  • information about object he alth checks;
  • about diseases of bee colonies.

The passport contains information about honey plants available in the district, the presence of industrial enterprises, the condition of the site (the presence of a fence, a cesspool, a toilet) and hives (coloring, the presence of insulating pillows, feeders inside the bee houses, the distances between them).Mandatory information about the condition of the overalls at the beekeeper, disinfectants and tools for disinfection, at the apiary.

Information is entered on serious illnesses of families, type of treatment, marks on the introduction of quarantine, information on tests performed and their results.

The passport has a section with recommendations for prevention (disinfection rules, recommended preparations, protection against rodents).

How to get it?

The document is issued at the district department of sanitary control, at the location of the facility.

It has a single form and filling rules. To issue it, you must personally come to the office with the following documents:

  • with your civil passport;
  • a statement of the established form addressed to the head of the district he alth service;
  • an extract from the household book confirming the existence of the object, it is issued by local governments;
  • documents on the presence of a personal subsidiary plot.

If the hives are located in the country, a document is required for the right to own the summer cottage. The application is accepted by employees of the veterinary service, the beekeeper is informed about the date of inspection of the apiary. Based on the examination by a specialist, a completed document is issued.

Vetpassport gives its owner the right to trade in honey and other bee products, buy and sell bee colonies and queens, and acquire foundation. A product certificate, which is obligatory when selling honey, propolis, wax and other types of bee activity, is issued on the basis of an apiary passport.

Before issuing an apiary passport, the owner should familiarize himself with the legislative acts regulating the activities of a beekeeper (the Law "On beekeeping", the Law "On personal subsidiary plots"), local and regional rules, and put things in order at the facility. In this case, the process of issuing a document will not be difficult and will allow you to do what you love legally.

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