Pedigree Buckfast: characteristics and features of breeding, the pros and cons of bees

Pedigree Buckfast: characteristics and features of breeding, the pros and cons of bees

To increase the honey flow, it is important to choose the right breed of bees, taking into account the adaptability of insects to the natural conditions of the area. Thanks to the pedigry apis backfast system, it is easy to select lines of bees with the required performance characteristics. The system also reflects information about breed breeding programs, selection selection data, which is important when keeping bees for commercial purposes.

History of Creation

Beekeepers manage to breed promising breeds by selecting promising queen bees. The monk-beekeeper of Buckfast Abbey managed to breed a new breed by crossing the genomes of several species and subspecies (Greek, Anatolian, English, Macedonian, Egyptian).

The work process was carried out in three directions:

  • useful qualities of insects (productivity, ability to swarm, the amount of feed consumed when growing offspring, egg production, immunity);
  • working skills (ability to seek bribes, ability to self-defense, early spring start, food consumption during wintering);
  • behavioral characteristics (hive hygiene, peacefulness).

When evaluating the backfast, one must take into account the climatic conditions in which the bees were bred - the humid climate of the British Isles. In such natural conditions, it is comfortable for insects of this breed to live and develop.

Main characteristics of bees

Buckfast is a breed that is a hybrid of several species of bees. Therefore, the exterior shows signs of the Italian breed: a yellow-brown shade of a moderately furry abdomen, the average length of an elongated body. Biological features:

  • resistance to diseases (acarapidosis, nosematosis, ascopherosis);
  • maintaining flight activity in adverse weather conditions (rain, fog, wind);
  • endurance;
  • quick foundation build-up;
  • acute sense of smell, thanks to which insects quickly find new honey plants;
  • compliance with the hygiene of the hives, keeping the base clean;
  • quickly switch from the worst honey plants to the best.
Buckfast is popular with beekeepers due to a set of positive qualities, increased productivity.

Features of use

The maintenance and care of bees show some nuances that need to be taken into account.For a comfortable existence of insects, large hives are equipped, since bees form large families. The growth in the number is constant, which must be considered when choosing the size of the structure.

It is not recommended to restrain the growth of the number of families, as this may provoke a decrease in the productivity of insects.

In the summer season, the apiary requires minimal maintenance. Main works: expanding the space of the hives, pumping out honey. Since bees are painfully endure negative temperatures, it is important to consider careful insulation of hives when keeping insects.

Bees rationally use the space of the hive when filling stores and extensions. In the nesting part, a queen bee settles down, compactly placing the brood on the lower tiers of the hive. Laying takes place throughout the year. During the day, the uterus lays about 2 thousand eggs.

Pros and cons

When choosing a breed, the advantages and disadvantages of bees are always taken into account. Positive Qualities of Buckfast:

  • bees do not leave empty cells on combs - almost all are filled with honey or brood;
  • high fertility of queens;
  • since Buckfast individuals are non-aggressive, when examining families, you can not use a smoker and protective nets;
  • strong nepotism - adult individuals are engaged in rearing brood;
  • high performance. Insects, if necessary, fly long distances and easily switch from one honey plant to another;
  • strong immune system.

Disadvantages of the breed are few, but you need to be aware of them.To get a high honey yield, you need to ensure the purity of the breed, which is an expensive requirement. Since insects do not tolerate frosty weather, it is not recommended to breed bees in the northern regions. Even in the case of good insulation of the hives, the probability of death of individuals remains.

Difficulty of breeding

Ensuring the genetic purity of a breed is not easy. Since it must be borne in mind that Buckfast is a hybrid that inherits the characteristics of many species. And if drones of local populations and a non-purebred queen take part in the crossing, then the characteristics of the offspring will be difficult to predict. Therefore, to replace the queen, it is advisable to purchase a new individual in the nurseries of Germany.

All lines of breeding breeds of Buckfast bees show high working qualities, are distinguished by peaceful behavior and excellent productivity. Individuals also have strong immunity.

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