How much honey in a 3-liter jar in kg: density and how much can fit

How much honey in a 3-liter jar in kg: density and how much can fit

Honey of different varieties is usually sold in glass jars of different capacities. In three-liter jars they take a product for a large family or for storage. It is convenient to buy in a large jar, but not everyone knows how much honey is in a 3-liter jar in kg, how weight depends on the quality of the product. How much of the sweet product is contained in jars of other sizes, which can also be found on sale.

The weight of honey and its quality - what's in common?

Natural aged sweet bee product has a certain weight, which indicates its quality. With an excess of moisture, the quality of the product decreases.This may be the case if it is immature, it was pumped out of the combs early, and the mass did not have time to fully form. The same thing happens if diluted (for example, with sugar syrup), which some unscrupulous sellers do. In any case, the weight of the liquid will be different from the norm.

Honey Density

The substance does not have a standard weight, the mass depends on the amount of liquid. Weight depends on density, which is also affected by temperature. Water is lighter than honey, therefore, the less it is, the greater the weight of the product. Good standard honey has a moisture content ranging from 15% to 21%. This corresponds to 1449 to 1409 kg/m3, assuming an ambient temperature of 20 degrees.

Well-aged can last for years. It gradually crystallizes, which is necessary for successful storage. Crystallization does not affect the quality, the properties remain the same. An immature or diluted product may turn sour or ferment just in a jar.Temperature affects weight and can change performance. The heated liquid increases the volume by 5%, in the cold, on the contrary, it decreases by 10%.

How much honey is in a jar of different sizes?

If you measure the weight of a jar filled with honey up to the neck, it turns out that in a half-liter it will be 0.75 kg, in a liter - 1.5 kg, in a two-liter - 3 kg and, finally, in a three-liter - 4.5 kg. As you can see, the difference with the mass of water is obvious and noticeable immediately. When weighing on a scale, you must also take into account the mass of the container itself.

A regular 1 liter glass jar weighs 400, this weight must be removed from the total figure to get a mass of pure honey.

If it turns out that the weight does not correspond to what should happen, then we can assume with a high probability that this is a fake. You do not need to buy, it is better to choose something else.

Honey weight chart

How many kilograms of honey are in the jar, it is easy to remember from the table.

Weight of honey0.5 l0.75 kg 1 l 2 l 3 l
Jar capacity
3 kg
4.5 kg

How to check the quality of honey

Fresh - relatively runny, flows freely but does not drip. It can be screwed onto a spoon. Then it crystallizes, becomes harder and compacted. Crystallization is the faster, the more dextrin is contained in the composition. At home, it is not difficult to check the quality of the product, for this there are such parameters: weight, it should not differ much from the norm, if it differs noticeably, then you should not take such honey.

Quality is easy to dissolve in water, it can be drunk as a sweet drink.A drop falling on a flat surface does not spread, but keeps its shape for a long time. You can check if there are inclusions of starch, which lovers of falsifying the product can add, if you add iodine to the spoon. If the hue changes to blue, starch is present.

You can determine the presence of water content by this method. Take paper and put a drop on it, if the paper does not get wet, then the honey is of high quality. If a halo forms around the drop, then this will indicate the unnaturalness of the product. The paper must remain dry.

Check for naturalness can be done with bread. It is necessary to lower a piece of bread into it for 10 minutes. After it is taken out, the bread will begin to harden. If softening occurs, then the product is most likely not natural.

Checking with a wire: take a red-hot wire, lower it into a spoon. The liquid must not stick to the wire. Naturalness can be checked by ignition. The real one will not burn, the unnatural one can change color, darken, start to melt, as it were, and even an unpleasant smell will appear. The smell of caramel when heated indicates that there is a lot of sugar in the composition, which also speaks not in favor of the tested product.

You can not think that a liter jar contains 1 kg of honey, as is true in the case of water. Weight depends on the density of the mass, which is heavier than water, and also on temperature. Knowing the normal indicator, we can assume how natural and high-quality the bee product is. By this indicator alone, you can check whether it is possible to buy honey in a jar or not.

By appearance and consistency, you can determine how aged or, conversely, unripe the delicacy is. All signs are easily determined by viscosity, density, color and weight. It is also useful to remember the standard weight that is included in a jar of a certain volume.

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