How much honey can you eat per day: the rate of consumption without harm to he alth, how often to take

How much honey can you eat per day: the rate of consumption without harm to he alth, how often to take

Honey has long been used as a tasty and nutritious product, it also has medicinal properties. But, despite the undoubted benefits, you can’t eat honey as much as you want, you should know how much honey you can eat per day so as not to harm your body. What is the daily allowance for adults and children, how often can you eat honey with he alth benefits, is there an overdose.

Daily Value of Honey

It is best to stick to the norm and not exceed it. In this case, the product will be useful. The norm is set on the recommendations of doctors.

For adults

For an adult, a portion of 50 g or 2 tbsp is enough. spoons per day. But this is an average, the norm may vary slightly depending on weight and he alth status. The consumption rate also depends on age, the elderly should consume the product in moderation.

People who go in for sports or work physically can eat a little more than the limit for their age, since honey is high-calorie and is good for the body as a source of energy.

Men who have developed muscles can also increase volume slightly without harm to he alth. People need to consume a minimum amount or completely abandon honey if they are prone to allergies.

A daily allowance of honey is enough to give up sugar in drinks and replace it with a sweet product. Honey has less calories than sugar, but it surpasses it in sweetness. Obviously, the replacement will only benefit.


Children's body is more sensitive to honey than adults. It is not uncommon for children to develop allergies. Up to a year it is better not to give the child sweets, up to three - after consulting a doctor. Older children can safely eat 30 g of the product per day. If the child is unfamiliar with the product, it should be introduced gradually, starting with 0.5 teaspoon per day.

How often can I consume?

If a person is he althy and there are no contraindications, then you can eat every day, but do not exceed the norm. It is better to divide the daily amount into equal parts and eat during the day, and not at once. It will be he althier this way.

Is it possible to overdose with honey

If you eat the product too much or often, an overdose is possible. It contains a lot of carbohydrates that are quickly digested. According to the glycemic index, the product is equated to sugar, and is just as harmful if consumed more than necessary.Therefore, honey should be consumed carefully and in moderation, especially if there is sugar in the diet. Those who suffer from diabetes should not eat it, when consumed, it causes an increase in glucose levels.

The product is beneficial, as it contains a lot of vitamins, mineral elements. There is no overdose of these substances, even if the norm is exceeded. But it is not worth consuming it in large quantities just to get vitamins. Overeating will lead to an excess of carbohydrates, a constant excess intake of sugars in the body can lead to the development of diabetes, weight gain and diabetes.

Which honey to choose and how best to use

You need to choose a fresh liquid or properly crystallized product. When buying, you need to pay attention to whether it has a certificate that indicates the quality and that the product has been tested for harmful substances.

It is useful to combine honey with dairy products: not only milk, but also with casseroles, cheesecakes, cottage cheese. So it turns out to neutralize the action of fast carbohydrates and prevent glucose surges. With other food, it is worth taking the product 1.5-2 before or after a meal so that it is digested on its own. You can drink tea, add lemon, you can prepare a drink according to your own preferences.

Recommendations for use in diseases

To normalize the functioning of the digestive tract, you need to take 50-100 g in pure or dissolved form at a time. With an ulcer, dissolve in a glass of 30-60 g and drink in the morning and evening 2 hours before or after meals. The solution removes pain, nausea, fights heartburn.

With "sour" gastritis, dissolve in a glass of warm water 1 tbsp. l. Drink for 1.5-2 months before meals. With low acidity, cold water should be taken, the concentration and course of treatment is the same.With colitis and enterocolitis, you need to mix 0.5 liters of honey with 0.5 liters of plantain juice. Boil and drink chilled juice 1 tbsp. l. three times a day. Keep medicine in a cool place.

If there are problems with the spleen, gallbladder, liver, then you need to take 1 glass of black radish juice and honey. Drink half a glass three times a day. The mixture improves metabolism, prevents the formation of stones, increases hemoglobin, and normalizes digestion.

For honey to be useful, it must be consumed correctly, the norm established for children and adults should not be exceeded. Add it to drinks or milk, preferably drink it separately from other foods, especially heavy ones, so that they do not mix.

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