How much vinegar to add to syrup for bees: proportions for a regular and apple product

How much vinegar to add to syrup for bees: proportions for a regular and apple product

Winter period is considered a real test for bees. That is why they need more nutrition. This helps insects gain the required energy reserve. Thanks to this, it is possible to heat their bodies. Almost all beekeepers use sugar syrup during this period. It has high nutritional properties. It is very important to strictly follow the proportions and know how much vinegar to add to the bee syrup.

What does vinegar in sugar syrup affect

When making syrup for the winter, the proportions should be clearly followed. The use of the acetic component in the composition of the product makes it more useful and effective.The introduction of an acidic ingredient promotes sugar inversion, which is very popular with bees. They absorb such top dressing much faster. The use of malic acid in the feed contributes to the accumulation of fat on the body of insects and reduces the amount of food eaten, since satiety is reached faster.

In addition, it is possible to increase the number of brood. This figure is increased by 10% compared to brood from insects that ingest regular sugar syrup without additional ingredients. In addition, an acidic environment helps to reduce energy costs for the preparation and assimilation of food.

In addition, other substances can be added to insect food - thyme essential oil, wormwood, pine needles. Instead of acetic acid, it is allowed to use citric acid. In this case, 7 grams of the substance is required for 3.5 kilograms of sugar and 3 liters of water. The presence of acid in the sweet mass promotes the breakdown of glucose.Due to this, it is more quickly absorbed by the bees.

How much vinegar to add

Preparing a sweet mass for top dressing is quite easy. To do this, take soft water and bring it to a boil. After that, it is worth adding the required amount of sugar and mix the composition thoroughly so that all the crystals dissolve. Then vinegar should be added to the composition.


For 10 kilograms of white sugar, you need to use 4 milliliters of vinegar essence. It is also permissible to take 3 milliliters of acetic acid for this volume of sweet product. The substance is recommended to be added to a product that is ready and cooled to +40 degrees. For successful wintering of insects, they need to be fed from autumn.


In this case, it is recommended to take 10 kilograms of sugar and 10-20 liters of water. For this volume, it is worth using 4 milliliters of apple cider vinegar. It should be poured only after the sugar has completely dissolved. Before adding the sour component, it is required to cool the syrup to +40 degrees.

Using vinegar in bee food has a number of benefits. In order for the composition to be effective, it is important to strictly follow the proportions and adhere to the rules for using the substance.

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