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Herbicide Oprichnik: instructions for use and composition, principle of operation

Herbicide Oprichnik: instructions for use and composition, principle of operation

"Oprichnik" is a post-emergence systemic herbicide that helps control various types of dicotyledonous weeds. With the help of this substance, it is possible to successfully get rid of chamomile and thistle, which often grow together with cereals. The effectiveness of the product is due to the content of two active components at the same time. To get the desired results, the instructions for using the herbicide "Oprichnik" must be clearly followed.

Composition of the product

Herbicide is considered a very effective remedy. Its properties are due to the content of 2 active substances.These include 2-ethylhexyl ether and florasulam. These ingredients complement each other well. In addition, the tool includes additional substances. They are used for a more even distribution of active ingredients.

The pesticide is produced in the form of a suspension emulsion. It dissolves in water without sediment. The composition is sold in canisters with a capacity of 5 liters.

Used for

The substance helps to cope with annual and biennial broadleaf weeds. The drug effectively eliminates thickets of bedstraw, mountaineer, cornflower. With its help, it is possible to destroy field thistle, ragweed, various types of chamomile and many other types of weeds.

Working principle

2-ethylhexyl ether, which is present in the herbicide, disrupts the biosynthesis of various types of proteins - enzymatic and structural. As a result, metabolic processes in weeds are disrupted.

Herbicide ingredients enter the weeds through ground fragments.

After that, they begin to actively spread in the stems, accumulate in the leaves and roots. As a result, affected plants turn yellow, crack and die.

The main advantages of the herbicide include the following:

  • wide spectrum of action - the product copes with a variety of weeds;
  • quick effect - the development of weeds stops a day after treatment;
  • efficiency in the fight against tenacious bedstraw and various types of sow thistle and chamomile;
  • possibility of application at a temperature of +8-25 degrees;
  • tolerance of treated crops to the drug, subject to the rules of use;
  • low risk of developing weed resistance;
  • no phytotoxicity;
  • low cost.

How to use

For the destruction of weeds, it is required to prepare a working solution based on the herbicide. Mix the suspension with water in the spray tank. The preparation of the solution should be done immediately before use, since it retains its properties for no more than 10 hours.

To make a working solution, you need to follow these steps:

  • Pour some water into the tank.
  • Add herbicide.
  • Stir until smooth.
  • Add remaining liquid.
  • Mix all ingredients again.

Spray plants with a herbicide solution during active weed growth. In annuals, this period falls on the appearance of 2-8 true leaves, in perennial plants, treatment is carried out at the stage of rosette formation.

It is recommended to apply the herbicide at temperatures from +8 to +25 degrees. Do not use the composition if frost is expected. Under the influence of negative temperatures, the effectiveness of the substance is significantly reduced. It is also not recommended to use the product in rainy and windy weather.

In order for the herbicide to work, when applying it, it is important to focus on the cultivated plants that are planned to be treated:

  • Spraying of wheat, rye and barley should be carried out at the stage of tillering, budding and formation of 5-7 leaves. This is also done at the initial stage of development of weeds. For 1 hectare it is worth using 200-400 liters of working fluid. The waiting period is 56 days.
  • Maize processing should be done at the stage of appearance of 3-5 leaves of the main plant and at the initial stage of weed growth. For 1 hectare it is worth using 200-400 liters of working solution - it all depends on the amount of weeds. The waiting period is 60 days.

How often to apply

During the season, the herbicide should be applied once. After spraying the substance, it is forbidden to loosen the soil for the next three days. Literally an hour after the application of the product, the development of weeds stops. After a day, you can see the first effect. It manifests itself in the yellowing of foliage and the development of chlorosis. Complete death occurs after 2-3 weeks.

Tips and precautions

When using the substance, the use of personal protective equipment is required. During the application of the herbicide, it is forbidden to drink, eat, smoke. In case of contact with the skin, wash the affected area with plenty of water.

"Oprichnik" is a fast-acting tool that helps to quickly get rid of weeds. To achieve the desired effect, it is important to adhere to the dosage and terms of treatment.

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