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Spruce on the site: good or bad, can it be planted near the house, signs

Spruce on the site: good or bad, can it be planted near the house, signs

Perennial shrubs with decorative leaves, fruit trees, berry crops are often used for landscaping garden plots. Also, many gardeners prefer to grow evergreen conifers. At the same time, not everyone knows the answer to the question: planting spruce on the site - is it good or bad? To answer it, you need to carefully analyze all the pros and cons.

Reason not to plant a spruce

Many people plant spruce near the house. But at the same time, there are still a lot of skeptics who are sure that coniferous plants on the site promise trouble. Folklore is also fuel for fears.Superstitious people believe that spruce on the site can bring trouble, take away energy and even destroy the family.

Ancient beliefs

In the old days, when people knew little about the world, they drew information from observations of nature. Various conclusions were drawn from them. Some have survived to the present, while others have lost their relevance.

Fir-trees gained notoriety during the existence of Ancient Russia. In those days, people considered this plant a cult and even worshiped it. Since ancient times, spruce has served as the personification of the underworld. Because people believed that it is a symbol of death.

And today there is a custom to cover the path of the funeral ceremony with spruce branches. In addition, spruce branches were used to decorate the room with the deceased. In Russia, the word "tree" meant "goblin".

In addition, this concept was used to refer to an unreasonable and stupid person. Another tradition concerned suicides. It was customary to bury them between two fir trees, facing down.

People did not like planting fir trees in their plots. This was due to the following signs:

  1. If you place a spruce near the house, and the tree grows higher than the roof, it will cause the death of one of the inhabitants of the house. This sign was more relevant in small towns.
  2. If you plant a spruce and it grows taller than a man, he will die. Trees are distinguished by a massive trunk and dense branches. At the same time, the peasant houses were small. They had a stove and a chimney. If a tree falls on a structure and closes the chimney, people will suffocate to smoke or burn.
  3. Spruce is considered a single plant. Therefore, since ancient times, people believe that planting such a tree will interfere with family happiness. So, single people will not be able to find a soul mate, while a divorce will occur in married couples. In addition, experts say that a single tree in a thunderstorm attracts lightning.If it hits a tree, there will be a fire. If a person hides under a spruce, he will surely die.
  4. Spruce planted on the site is considered a bad sign. This is due to the fact that since ancient times, spruce branches have been used to pave the way to eternal rest. This was required so that the soul of the deceased could not find the way to the house and did not disturb living people. Experts note that such a sign was associated with the living conditions of people of those times. All houses were built of wood, and spruce can easily ignite even from a small spark. Therefore, they tried not to build houses near fir trees, so that the fire would not spread to the dwelling.
  5. Spruce was considered a bloodsucker tree. Many people were sure that this plant is able to absorb positive energy and take away life force from people. A person next to such a plant will be constantly depressed.
  6. It was believed that the tree can cause infertility. In addition, there was an opinion that it treats boys badly. Therefore, in families living near the spruce, only girls are born. Spruce does not belong to fruit trees. Therefore, it does not contribute to the emergence of offspring.

All these factors led to the fact that people in Russia were simply afraid to plant coniferous plants near their houses. After some time, these views gave rise to fears and beliefs.

At the same time, superstitions about Christmas trees were present not only in Russia, but also in Europe. For example, among the Finns it was customary to worship this plant. Representatives of this people were wary of his ferocity. In European countries, the Christmas tree was worshiped, considering it a symbol of good luck and harvest.

Expert Opinion

Many experts also do not recommend planting spruce near the house. But this is not due to beliefs, but to objective reasons. It is believed that spruce leads to soil oxidation, and its root system prevents the development of other crops. In addition, the needles create conditions for the appearance of ticks.

It is also not recommended to plant a Christmas tree near the house for the following reasons:

  1. Significant height. The tree can reach a height of 30 meters. During the first 2 years, the plant develops rather slowly. However, from the age of 4, it begins to develop rapidly. In large areas this will not cause problems, but in small cottages there is a risk of a significant shadow.
  2. Disruption of communications. A tall tree can hit wires.
  3. Deceleration of growth of other crops. Spruce has massive roots. It actively absorbs moisture and useful elements that are present in the soil. In addition, the culture leads to the oxidation of the soil with needles. Therefore, many seedlings should not be placed in the garden. Also, a tall tree casts a shadow on other crops, slowing down their growth. Lack of light leads to mold and dampness in the house.
  4. Flammability. Spruce wood is considered very combustible. The fire can easily spread to buildings and other crops.

Reason to plant a tree

Many gardeners still grow this plant on the site. Why do they do it? There are quite a few reasons. Spruce perfectly cleans the air and saturates it with a coniferous aroma. In addition, this culture is considered very undemanding to care for. It does not need special watering, it withstands drought well and is able to grow in soil with a low humus content.

Spruce is characterized by slow growth, so it does not require special care. It is generally not recommended to dig the soil around the crop, since the tree has a superficial root system. It can be easily damaged with a pitchfork or a shovel.

Another advantage of spruces is that their needles do not fall off as massively as foliage, and quickly rot. Because there are usually no problems with this in the garden.

If planting, then how

If you want to plant a spruce in the yard, you need to follow a number of rules and recommendations. The following must be taken into account:

  1. It is recommended to plant a tree at a distance of 5 meters from the nearest structures.
  2. It is best to give preference to dwarf varieties. In this case, you can be sure that they will not reach gigantic sizes.
  3. If you cannot choose a conifer, it is best to give preference to thujas or firs. Such plants can be cut and given the desired appearance.
  4. Juniper will be a great option for decorating a garden plot.
  5. When planting a spruce, you should always have a container of water nearby. The fact is that its wood easily ignites.

Spruce is an attractive coniferous crop that fits perfectly into the design of any site. Despite many signs and superstitions, more and more people prefer to grow spruce on their site. This is due to the decorative properties of the plant and its unpretentiousness.

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