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Fungicide Optima: instructions for use, composition and form of release, analogues

Fungicide Optima: instructions for use, composition and form of release, analogues

Fungicide Optima is considered an innovative drug that has a contact effect. This tool has unique characteristics. The composition can be used for preventive purposes. It is also actively used when the first signs of infection appear. After treatment with the substance, plants acquire natural immunity and more easily cope with harmful bacteria.

Composition, purpose and release form

Product provides protection for sunflower, soybean and corn against a variety of diseases. The key indications for the use of the remedy include the following:

  • fusarium;
  • different types of rot;
  • ascochitosis;
  • Phomopsis;
  • peronosporosis;
  • helminthosporiasis;
  • bubble smut;
  • alternariosis.

Fungicide is produced as a concentrated emulsion. It is packaged in plastic bags. Their volume can be 5 or 10 liters. The liquid has a dark yellow tint and a slight aroma.

How does it work?

The active substance of the product is pyraclostrobin. Its concentration is 20%. This means that 200 grams of the active ingredient is present in 1 liter of emulsion. After spraying, 1 part of the fungicide enters the structure of the plants, evenly distributed over them. The second part is fixed on the surface, which helps to create a protective layer.

Pyraclostrobin leads to the suppression of the respiration of fungal microorganisms, stops their development and prevents the growth of mycelium. As a result, there is a violation of the functioning of microorganisms, and their death occurs. The protective action of the fungicide lasts 2 months.

Pros and cons

The main benefits of the tool include the following:

  • increasing the quality and quantity of the crop;
  • treat multiple fungal infections;
  • stimulating crop development;
  • reducing the susceptibility of plants to adverse conditions - the drug helps to withstand hot and dry weather;
  • improve photosynthesis and achieve greening effect;
  • no toxic effect on plants;
  • rainfall resistance;
  • increasing nitrogen uptake;
  • reduce the chance of lodging crops.

Although the fungicide is effective against many fungi, it is not suitable for all crops. The drug is effective in the processing of corn, sunflower and soybeans. The composition has a high price, which also refers to the disadvantages. The average cost of 1 liter of concentrate is 2-2.3 thousand rubles.

Consumption rate

To achieve tangible results, it is important to choose the right amount of funds. On average, it is recommended to use 0.5 liters of substance per 1 hectare of area.

The product is often sprayed using aviation technology.

Preparation of working solution

To get a working solution, the substance should be shaken in a container, then pour the required amount of the product into another container and mix with 1 liter of warm water.

Shake the resulting solution with a wooden stick and place in the sprayer tank. It should be 2/3 filled with water. Then pour in the rest of the water following the instructions.


In dry or wet weather, plantings can be infected with various diseases. As a result, there is a threat of losing half of the grains and 30-40% of the greenery of plants.

To avoid such problems, it is worth prophylaxis with Optima. For 10 liters of water, it is worth taking 15-20 milliliters of concentrate. This proportion is suitable for ground processing. If you plan to use aircraft, you need to take 100 milliliters of the substance in a bucket of water.

During the season, 1 treatment is enough. It is performed during the formation of internodes or during the formation of threads in the ears. When ground processing, 1 hectare of the field spends 300 liters of working fluid, when using aviation - 50 liters.


This culture often encounters various fungal infections. The substance helps to cope with peronosporosis and ascochitosis, which provoke damage to fruits and leaves. Weakened crops often face pest attacks. That is why it is so important to carry out preventive treatments.

Ground processing requires 18-20 milliliters of slurry per bucket of clean water. When using aviation technology, the dosage of the substance is increased by 5 times. During the season, 1 treatment is carried out.

Manipulation is performed during the growing season. It aims to prevent disease. Also, the procedure helps to cope with the first symptoms of infection. The consumption rate of the substance is from 50 to 300 liters.


This crop often encounters rust, gray mold and other fungal infections. Harmful microorganisms are often activated in warm and humid weather. In this case, the whole plant or some fragments suffer.

To preserve the crop, it is worth using a fungicide. To make a solution, you need to take 18-20 milliliters of the substance per 10 liters of water. The components are mixed until a homogeneous consistency.

Spray the plants 1-2 times with the finished composition. The first time the manipulation is carried out when symptoms of infection appear, the second - after 2-3 weeks. In the case of the use of aviation technology, the concentration of the solution is increased by 5 times. 500 milliliters of suspension is spent on 1 hectare of plantings.

How to use the product?

To achieve success in the use of the substance, the instructions for using the product must be clearly followed. It is recommended to carry out the processing of landings in calm and calm weather. It is recommended to do this in the morning and evening. First, thoroughly wash the sprayer, then pour the solution into it.

It is worth considering that it is permissible to start harvesting only 2 weeks after spraying. This will help avoid negative he alth effects.

Fungicide Handling Precautions

To prevent the negative consequences of using a fungicide, you should follow these rules:

  • when processing plantings, use goggles, gloves, a mask;
  • preparing the solution is recommended in the fresh air or in a well-ventilated area;
  • during the preparation of the substance it is forbidden to eat or drink, it is also worth quitting smoking;
  • it is important to take a shower and change after work is completed;
  • if the solution gets into the eyes or on the body, rinse them well;
  • when fumes enter the respiratory system, it is worth going outside;
  • if the solution enters the body, it is recommended to drink several glasses of water and consult a toxicologist - it is forbidden to provoke vomiting.

Drug toxicity

This fungicide belongs to the 3rd hazard class, therefore it does not pose a danger to humans and animals. The product is toxic to fish and other aquatic life.

Compatibility with other substances

Composition works well with other fungicides or insecticides. The substance must not be combined with powerful oxidants and acids. To increase the effectiveness of the product, it is alternated with other chemicals.

How and how much can be stored?

Product can be stored for 3 years from date of manufacture.

Are there any analogues?

Delit Pro is considered to be an analogue of the drug in terms of the active substance.

Fungicidal drug Optima is highly effective and provides reliable protection against fungal infections. To achieve success in the use of the substance, you should strictly follow the instructions.

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