How to get honey from a three-liter jar: 6 ways to pour a candied product

How to get honey from a three-liter jar: 6 ways to pour a candied product
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When stored for a long time, honey crystallizes and turns into a solid mass. In this case, the bee product is almost impossible to remove from the storage tank. To give the delicacy a plastic, viscous consistency, it is dissolved by heating at a certain temperature. How to properly get candied honey from a three-liter jar without violating the structure of the healing product, we will figure it out further.

How to melt?

Crystallization of bee nectar takes place in several stages. Initially, a fresh natural gift acquires a thick consistency, and only then turns into a solid, candied product.

The crystallization rate depends on many factors:

  • bee nectar variety;
  • amount of moisture in the product;
  • sugar content;
  • under what conditions is the healing nectar stored.

Unscrupulous beekeepers dilute honey, which leads to an increased moisture content in the product. Such a delicacy is candied longer, but it also loses some of its beneficial properties.

If the nectar begins to crystallize from the middle of the container, it means that the honey was pumped out of the hive ahead of time, and is characterized by an insufficient amount of glucose. Storage conditions also affect the sugaring of the nectar. With a constant change in daily temperatures, sweetness crystallizes much faster.

The content of macro- and microelements also affects the hardness of the product. The more minerals and vitamins the bee gift contains, the slower it candied.

But, one way or another, the nectar still acquires a solid consistency, which makes it difficult to enjoy its taste and benefits. Therefore, the candied product must be heated at a certain temperature and carefully brought to a plastic, viscous state.

There are several ways to extract a solid treat from a tall jar or other container, while retaining all the beneficial properties and characteristics of healing sweets.

In order to obtain high-quality honey as a result of heating, the following requirements must be met:

  • only glass or ceramic dishes are used for work;
  • do not add hot liquid to the product;
  • heat sweetness to a temperature not higher than 40-45 degrees;
  • dissolve the amount of nectar required for consumption;
  • It is not recommended to mix different varieties of bee gift.

Important! The long process of sugaring honey warns of the presence of many impurities in the product.

How to melt honey in a glass jar in a water bath

The quickest, most affordable and easiest way to dissolve honey is to use a water bath.

For the procedure you will need:

  • hardened product jar;
  • two pans of different diameters;
  • Metal grid is used as a stand for the jar;
  • wooden spoon or spatula for stirring nectar;
  • thermometer or thermometer to measure water temperature.

Pour a little water into a larger pot, put a smaller pot on top and pour the liquid too. Next, a grate is installed on which a jar of candied bee nectar is placed.

The resulting design is put on a slow fire and left until the water temperature rises to 45 degrees. Next, the fire is turned off and the melted honey is gently stirred. If after 20-30 minutes the nectar is still solid, repeat the procedure.

After finishing work, the dissolved honey must be poured into a convenient container and tightly sealed.

Important! When kindling nectar, boiling and exceeding the temperature above 45 degrees should not be allowed. In this case, the healing product loses all useful properties and characteristics.

Heating near the battery

The candied product can be dissolved at the radiator. To do this, the jar is placed next to the radiator, and at some intervals it is turned over to evenly kindle the nectar.

If the radiators are very hot, a container of honey is placed at a short distance from them. As soon as the nectar reaches the required consistency, it is poured into a container convenient for storage.

The natural way

To preserve the maximum amount of useful and nutritious substances in the bee gift, candied nectar is dissolved in natural conditions.To do this, a container with honey is placed in a well-lit place where, under the influence of sunlight, the product heats up and acquires a liquid consistency.


In today's world there are many devices to facilitate cooking, and the microwave oven is one of them.

There is an opinion that when using such a device, microwave radiation can degrade the quality of the nectar. To avoid losing the properties of a healing product, you must follow simple rules:

  • use only glass or ceramic dishes;
  • cover the container with the product with the same lid;
  • select full power mode and turn on the oven for 1.5-2 minutes;
  • after the melting procedure is completed, the honey is mixed with a wooden spoon or spatula and left to cool completely.

If the nectar is still solid after cooling, repeat the procedure.

Important! It should be taken into account that the artificial effect of microwave radiation on a natural product violates its structure, which negatively affects the healing composition of the bee natural gift

In the oven

A quick and easy way to get loose nectar is to use a gas or electric oven.

To do this, a jar of candied product is placed in a container with water and placed in the oven at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees. After the honey acquires a plastic, viscous structure, the container is removed from the oven, and the nectar is poured into a convenient jar for storage and use.


Professional beekeepers use a special device to bloom honey, which evenly heats the candied nectar and gives it the necessary consistency and beautiful presentation.

Important! Unscrupulous beekeepers sometimes violate the rules for using this device, and then the healing product loses its useful properties.

Possible errors

It is not difficult to dissolve bee honey at home, but in order to preserve the value of the product, one should not make mistakes.

  1. Due to the difference in chemical composition, it is forbidden to mix different varieties of nectar.
  2. It is not allowed to dissolve the treat by pouring hot water into it.
  3. The melting temperature of honey should not exceed 40-45 degrees. On an industrial scale, honey is dissolved at a temperature of 36 degrees.
  4. Melt the product in small portions to quickly use it. Even after dissolving, the honey crystallizes quickly again.

If you clearly follow simple requirements, dissolved bee honey will retain the maximum amount of vitamins and other beneficial substances for the human body.

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