The benefits of bees: why do people need these insects, what products do they give

The benefits of bees: why do people need these insects, what products do they give

Bees are considered unique insects. They play an important role in a person's daily life. At the same time, the benefits of bees are difficult to overestimate. These insects pollinate plants, which helps to increase crop yields. They also bring many valuable products for the human body. These include honey, bee bread, royal jelly, zabrus and much more.

Bee products

Bee products are very useful for humans. These include the following:

  • Honey - includes a valuable complex of nutrients.This product contains fructose, glucose, sucrose and many vitamins. Depending on the plants from which the bees collected nectar, the substance may differ in taste, aroma and color. This product successfully copes with inflammatory processes, pathologies of the nervous system and digestive organs. It also helps with poisoning and intoxication of the body.
  • Propolis is a sticky substance produced by bees to disinfect cells and cover cracks. In combination with honey, propolis is used to treat headaches, reduce weight, eliminate diseases of the digestive organs and gynecological pathologies. The composition of propolis includes proteins, aromatic acids, flavonoids. It also contains vitamins and trace elements.
  • Pollen is a very popular bee product. It has healing and tonic properties. The composition includes trace elements, carotenoids and vitamins.

Perga - is pollen, which is laid by bees in cells and filled with honey.

Perga is considered a sterile substance, because it is easily digestible. Also in the composition there are many vitamins, enzymes and nutrients.
  • Royal jelly - this bee product contains many nutrients. It contains proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, hormones. With the help of this substance, the composition of the blood improves, the work of the heart normalizes, and sleep is restored. Also, royal jelly has a beneficial effect on vision and memory.
  • Zabrus - this bee product consists of upper wax caps that close the honeycombs. Zabrus has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has a biostimulating effect and improves the functioning of the digestive organs.
  • Bee venom - has found wide application in folk medicine. The use of this substance helps to improve the functioning of the human body and achieve a rejuvenating effect. The substance helps to heal joints.


Flowers for bees serve as a source of nectar and pollen, and insects in return pollinate them. Scientists argue that the benefits of pollinating entomophilous plants are many times higher than the cost of all the honey that is collected in the world.

Thanks to cross-pollination, it is possible to increase the yield of seeds and fruits.

Besides, their sizes are increasing. The pollination work of honey bees helps to increase the yield of these crops:

  • buckwheat and sunflower - by 50%;
  • gourds - 100%;
  • fruit trees and shrubs - 10 times.

Bee Podmore

This term refers to dead bees that are used for medicinal purposes. Podmore sorted out and cleared of debris. After which it is dried. On the basis of the obtained raw materials, alcohol tinctures are made. Such funds are used to combat diseases of the joints and genitourinary organs. They are also used to prevent viral infections.

Bees are very useful insects that provide many valuable products - honey, pollen, pollen and others. In addition, they participate in the pollination of crops, thereby increasing their yield.

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