Beekeeping products and their human use: list and names, benefits and applications

Beekeeping products and their human use: list and names, benefits and applications

Bees are considered the only insects that have served people since ancient times and at the same time remain completely independent. Without them, it is difficult to imagine the life of modern people. Despite the rapid technological progress, it was not possible to obtain analogues of honey and other bee products artificially. Today, many useful bee products are known, and their use by humans is fully justified.


Natural honey is a product of the processing of honeydew and nectar. At the same time, insects collect nectar to a greater extent from flowers.Pad is a sugary product of the vital activity of various parasitic insects. Bees collect it from branches, leaves, tree bark. It takes 3-8 days for the honey to mature, after which the bees seal it. The collection of frames should begin at the moment when the number of cells with a mature mass does not reach 3/4.

Honey has pronounced beneficial properties, which are due to the unique composition of this product. In addition to carbohydrates, it contains many proteins. Also in honey there are vitamins, microelements, amino acids. The main function of the substance is the activation of biological processes in the human body.

Also, this bee product allows you to get the following effects:

  • achieve antimicrobial activity;
  • calm the nervous system;
  • improve the functions of the digestive organs;
  • neutralize the symptoms of cardiovascular pathologies;
  • achieve wound healing;
  • remove poisons and toxins from the body;
  • relieve joint pain.


Bees use this substance to seal cracks and damage in honeycombs. In addition, they use propolis to insulate housing for the winter. The substance is also called bee glue because it contains processed resinous substances collected from trees and has a sticky texture.

Propolis is characterized by pronounced anti-inflammatory and firming characteristics. In medicine, it is often used to treat colds and dental pathologies, eliminate stomach lesions, and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Based on propolis, you can make water and alcohol tinctures and homemade ointments. When resorption of propolis, you should not swallow it. The body does not digest this substance.

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is considered a very valuable product that has many useful properties. In fact, it is the secret of the pharyngeal and maxillary glands of young bees. In other words, this substance is a food that is intended for queen larvae and bees aged 4-5 days. It has a very specific aroma and sweet and sour taste.

The composition includes many nutrients that can strengthen the immune system, increase stamina, improve memory, vision and sleep. Also, the substance helps to normalize blood pressure and improve the functioning of the body.

Composition should be taken to recover from surgery and improve he alth. The product helps to strengthen the immune system. Royal jelly should be consumed by nursing mothers. It activates milk production.


This substance is widely used in folk and official medicine. Scientists have found that it is produced by young insects aged 10-20 days. Wax is a building material in bee dwellings.

To produce 1 kilogram of wax, insects need to process 3.5 kilograms of honey. It includes more than 300 different substances and elements. Wax is used in the following areas:

  • pharmaceutical industry;
  • dentistry;
  • chemical industry;
  • printing;
  • medicine;
  • optics.

In beekeeping, wax is used to make foundation. In medicine and cosmetology, this substance is used to make anti-inflammatory and wound healing ointments and care creams.

Bee venom

This substance is considered an important waste product of bees. It contains antibiotic substances. In fact, bee venom is a white liquid that has a honey aroma and a bitter taste. When it enters the human body, it activates its protective functions.

In addition, the substance promotes the expansion of small arteries and capillaries, helps reduce pain and increase the amount of hemoglobin. Also, the composition has a positive effect on metabolic processes and helps to reduce pressure.


This substance is the cut caps of sealed honeycombs. In fact, it is considered a kind of sealant that seals every cell in the honeycomb after the honey has matured. The composition of the zabrus includes the secrets of the salivary glands of bees. It also includes pollen, propolis and some honey.

For medicinal purposes, the composition is used as a chewing agent. In this case, the substance is used in such cases:

  • prevention and treatment of hay fever;
  • mild hay fever;
  • rhinitis and sinusitis;
  • mechanical cleaning of the oral cavity;
  • normalization of motor and secretory functions of the stomach;
  • restoration of intestinal microflora;
  • strengthening the immune system.

Zabrus has excellent antibacterial and antiviral properties. This substance can be used for applications in the development of sciatica or joint pathologies.


This term refers to flower pollen that has undergone a special treatment. The bees that return to the hive with nectar shake off pollen.At the same time, other insects process it with salivary glands and add a little nectar. Ready perga resembles small granules that have a pleasant taste and a slight smell of honey.

The bees themselves use this substance to feed young individuals and feed the queen. At the same time, people use bee bread in medicine and cosmetology. The substance helps to achieve the following results:

  • strengthen the immune system and reduce allergy symptoms;
  • restore blood vessels in case of severe circulatory disorders in the brain;
  • speed up recovery from heart attacks and strokes;
  • cure infertility;
  • eliminate anemia and vitamin deficiencies.


The substance called "merva" is not well known to people, because it is used mainly by beekeepers.This mass is obtained after reheating old honeycombs. It is a composition based on bee bread, wax and the remains of insect waste products. Merva has a black tint and is usually used for industrial wax production.

As an auxiliary product, a liquid can be obtained from the mass, which is often used as a vitamin supplement for livestock feeding.

Pollen pollen

This term refers to the flower pollen, which is collected and glued into granules under the influence of the secretion of the glands of honey bees. When insects fly between flowers, a lot of pollen sticks to their body. To prevent the substance from being lost, it rolls into lumps.

Granules can be 1-3 mm in size - it depends on the variety of crop. Pollen tastes sweet or bitter. Medicinal and cosmetic products are produced from bee pollen.It contains many valuable components. Therefore, the substance can be used for diseases of the heart, digestive organs, strengthening the immune system.


This term is called drone milk. In fact, the substance consists of drone larvae, crushed to the state of glands. The composition includes many vitamins and sex hormones. Therefore, the mass is often used to eliminate hormonal and endocrine disruptions.

Drone milk is used alone or in combination with honey. Moreover, in the second case, it must be mixed in a ratio of 1:100. The product improves reproductive functions and has a positive effect on the children's body.


This substance consists of dead bees. Oily extracts and water infusions are prepared from the subpestilence, which are used for compresses and rubbing. Also, the substance is used to prepare alcohol tinctures, which are also suitable for internal use.

Bee subpestilence contains a unique substance - chitosan. This component helps to remove toxins, heavy metals from the body. The composition also helps to restore reproductive functions and eliminates diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Bee products have unique properties. They can be used to treat and prevent many diseases. At the same time, it is important to clearly follow the instructions for using such funds.

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